Free Food in London | Our Favourite Free Food Apps, Free Restaurants, and Free Markets

free food in London

Content Last Updated on April 28, 2021

How to get Free Food in London?

With all the spending on Pret a Manger sandwiches, Starbucks lattes, and jagerbombs, student budgets in London can be stretched. Free food in London is not easy to come by, but here at Freshers Festival we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of free food apps, markets, and even free restaurants in London!

Free Food London: Our List

1. Free food through downloading apps

free food app

One of the most popular places offering free food for downloading their app is KFC. When you download their app and register, they immediately give you 3 ‘stamps’ on their app – enough to buy you any side, such as 2 hot wings! Then you can just go into KFC, show them your stamps, and get free food! Whilst this only works once, it also sets you up for more free chicken once you collect more stamps. It’s a Finger Lickin’ Good deal!

2. Free doughnut by signing up to loyalty scheme.

free food in London

Krispy Kreme give you a free doughnut just for signing up to their scheme. The scheme also gives you nice deals and treats on your birthday. If you having a sweet tooth and are looking for some free sugar, then this is definitely the deal for you. Access the scheme here: https://friends.krispykremerewards.co.uk/Friends/Welcome/Welcome.aspx

3. Food markets

free food in London

Food markets are a great place for free food in London. Camden Market offers a range of tasters, including free pieces of fried chicken if you walk past one of the Asian food stands. Once you are in Camden you should also check out the ‘Cheese Bar’ (it is amazing, but not free). Spitalfields market is also an excellent place for food giveaways, and free naan bread tasters are given out at the Indian stand towards the back of the market.

4. Pay-what-you-want restaurants

London is home to certain pay-what-you-want restaurants and cafes, which offer food with no fixed price. One of these is The Brixton Pound Café, which offers a range of surplus food for their vegan and veggie menu. Whilst these are officially “free”, you are expected to give something small for your experience. However, this does not HAVE to be money, and people have been known to offer volunteer services or free marketing for the restaurant in exchange for their food. Here is the website for The Brixton Pound: http://brixtonpound.org/cafe

5. London Student Events

Student events, hosted regularly across London, are well-known for their freebies. This is particularly common in September and October during the ‘freshers’ period, where universities and other companies organise events offering free food and drink to all attendees. Our very own Freshers Festival in London, for example, offers free Dominos pizza slices, jagermeister, and sweet treats! Sign up for Freshers Festivals in London, Sheffield, and Glasgow on our website!

Freshers Festival London 2018 – Free Dominos Pizza!

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