5 Small Things People Often Forget to Take to University Accommodation

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Whether you’re moving into your university halls for the first time, or have just sorted out your accommodation for second or third year, there is one question everyone always seems to have: What should I take to my accommodation? Whilst the basics are usually pretty obvious, there are some pretty useful things that people will forget to take! Here are our top 5…

Picture Frames

Without pictures, your uni room can look a little dull! Be sure to print some nice photos of your family/friends, and have them framed. These can then be placed around your room or on your bedside table. Not only do these make some brilliant decorations, but can cheer you up if you’re ever feeling homesick or missing your hometown!


Laundry Basket

You would be surprised how many students forget these! You will need somewhere to put your dirty laundry before you wash it, and a basket is great for this! You can get fun ones in the shape of a pineapple or animal, and they are great additions to any student room. Many student accommodations have laundry rooms on-site, so it should be easy to transport your laundry from the basket to the laundry room!


Wok/Large Pan

Even if you don’t like Asian food (really?!), then a wok is still super useful. It’s basically just a giant frying pan that you can cook anything in. A great way to save money at university is to cook in bulk, then store some of the extra food to reheat in a few days time. A wok lets you do that easily! Also, noodles and stir fry are student classics, and a wok is perfect for those!


Extension Lead

Whilst many accommodations will have a number of plugs in useful places, others may not. With an extension lead, you can make sure you’ll be able to charge your devices wherever you need them! It’s pretty obvious, but many students will forget this when they go to university for the first time.


Bottle Opener

A wine/bottle opener combo is a student staple, and should not be forgotten! Whatever your drink of choice, having one of these on hand will be sure you are ready for all the parties. Even if you don’t drink, having one of these handy is a great way to become popular with your drinking friends!


That’s all for today, but if you have any suggestions on what else people often forget to take to their uni accommodation, be sure to let us know over on our Instagram.

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