6 Spooky & Cheap Student Halloween Costumes to Wear This Year

Looking for something to really freak your flat-mates out this halloween? Want to find a cheap halloween costume that will deliver in time for Saturday?

Here are 6 of our favourite student halloween costumes you can find this year.

Plague Doctor

If you haven’t had enough of diseases this year, you could dress as the halloween classic ‘plague doctor’. It has serious ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’ vibes, and the mask is adjustable to fit any head size.

Get it now for just £10.99

LED ‘Purge’ Mask

This LED light-up mask will be sure to give someone a fright in the dark. It comes with 3 different lighting modes, and can be worn with some amazing outfits to make you look like the perfect ‘Purge’ enthusiast.

Get it now on Amazon for £13.

Tiger King Costume

Ok, it might not be the scariest costume, but it is one the funniest & most complete costumes you can get this halloween! Complete with moustache, top, hat, hair, and cuddly toy, this will be sure to impress anyone.

Check it out on Amazon. 

Jigsaw Mask

For lovers of the ‘Saw’ franchise, what could be better than a Jigsaw mask to terrify your mates this halloween. You’ll just need to perfect your ‘let’s play a game’ voice…

Get it now on Amazon.

Hairy Relative

A full body of hair, what could be better? Dress in style this halloween as a hairy relative… You won’t even have to bother choosing an outfit to go with your mask, as this literally coves your whole body! 

It is quite expensive, but check it out if you fancy making a statement…

Donald Trump

It’s a classic, but with the US election coming up, now is as good a time as any to dress as The Donald. This freakily realistic face-mask is actually surprisingly good value…

Get it now on Amazon for just £15.