Allegra Interview | Songs to Cheer you Up

Interested in getting into the music industry? Here is an interview we recently did with Allegra, an upcoming artist. Her new single, All About Us, is out now!

Tell us a little bit about you

Well I am a 17 years old girl who just wants to sing! I just want to make music that will make people want to dance in their room as if no one is watching ! Music is my life and that’s what I want to share with people ! 

How did you start your music career and do you have any tips for young people looking to make it in the industry?

Well I’ve always been singing since I can remember. I think I would just say that if music is your passion then go for it ! You will always feel as if there  is someone better than you but you can’t focus on that ! You have to focus on yourself and be as determined as possible to make your passion your dream.

Do you have any exciting news to share?

Well I will have a new single coming out this year ! So keep an eye out ! 

During self-isolation, a lot of people are using music to stay positive. Do you have a song of the week that people can use as a pick-me-up?

Rita Ora just came out with a new song called ‘How To Be Lonely’, so you should check that out !  I’m just making a lot of playlists and I’m obsessed with country music at the moment.

Where can people find you? (Social media, Spotify etc.)

Well my single came out called ‘All About Us’ and I am on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Instagram is allegraworld and Twitter is allegraworld_.




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