Delena Interview | Songs to Cheer you Up

Interested in getting into the music industry? Here is an interview we recently did with Delena, an upcoming artist whose new single – SOS – releases this Friday!

Tell us a little bit about you

From the time I was a child all I found myself doing is singing and performing in front of my family back in my home city – Kiev, Ukraine. I was also a little bit of a rebel at school. Instead of studying hard to become a doctor like my father I loved only one thing – music. 

How did you start your music career and do you have any tips for young people looking to make it in the industry?

To be honest I wanted to do this all my life! Since I can remember myself I would always perform in front of family and close friends. One day I recorded a single called “Nothing can stop us now” and it took off from there. Soon I started to work with musical producers and songwriters to release more songs. It’s like a snowball, as you write new music you just get better each day. My main tip is to keep pushing and believing in your talent.  

Do you have any exciting news to share?

Soon I am releasing a new single, S.O.S, and I am also writing new songs which I can’t wait to share with everyone this year. I would really love to do a live show so I really want to surprise everyone with some live performances (when its allowed of course) 😉

During self-isolation, a lot of people are using music to stay positive. Do you have a song of the week that people can use as a pick-me-up?

Generally I listen to different genres of music but right now I would say something uplifting like the new Dua Lipa album. It’s can help brighten up the day during self-isolation. 

Where can people find you? (Social media, Spotify etc.)

I mainly use Instagram which is _delenaofficial_.  I also have Facebook – Delenamusic and my Spotify is Delena. But I would say if you want to reach out it’s definitely through my Instagram:
Instagram: _Delenaofficial_
Spotify: Delena




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