How to Fake the Look of 8 Hours Sleep with Lottie London

We’ve all been there. Stayed up way too late, snoozed the alarm, and then panic hits – you’ve got to fake looking like you’ve had 8 hours sleep that you definitely didn’t have. As a student, we know being able to fake it ‘til you make it is always the name of the game.  

In this blog, Lottie London brings you skin awakening, face brightening, high impact products that’ll leave you looking fresh faced and ready to take on the day!

Spritz ‘n’ Go

When you’re tired, your skin will grass you up by looking dull and lifeless. Wake yourself and your skin up with a quick hydration boost to leave it looking plump and dewy. The Skin Proud Refresher – Hydrating Pineapple Mist instantly refreshes and hydrates tired skin. Blended with super hydrating Japanese rose water, refreshing aloe vera and refining witch hazel, the ultra-fine mist will give you the wake up boost you need. Top Tip – keep it in your fridge so that the super cooling mist will also tighten pores and leave skin looking more awake. Looking for more? Lock in hydration with an ultra-lightweight, sorbet-like gel like  Skin Proud Sorbet  that delivers skin-loving goodness on a major scale, quickly absorbs and makes for the perfect pre-makeup step. 

Glow Get It

Tired skin = dull skin. Fake that ‘I’ve slept for hours’ glowy skin look with an illuminating primer that smooths skin and blurs imperfections, redness and dark circles caused by lack of sleep. The Lottie London Coconut Primer is infused with coconut extract + vitamin B5 + micro-pearls that add a nourishing soft, natural shimmer to give you all the dewy skin vibes that can be worn alone or under makeup.  

Blush in a Rush

When you’re tired, skin becomes sallow and dull – a touch of blush is your answer here to give your face back some much needed life! Meet Lottie London’s Ombré Blushes – lightweight and smooth, these blushers leave a healthy flush and sheen in an instant which leave you looking like you’ve not only slept all night, but that you’ve even managed to fit in a morning gym session – winning! 

Freckle Fun

Nothing says ‘I woke up like this’ like a sprinkling of freckles. But with Summer being stolen from us, sometimes, you’ve just got to fake it. Freckle Tint is a temporary skin tint that adds instant freshness to any look. To use, simply dot onto the face and set with translucent powder for a natural look, or go bold and create a look with ALL the freckles you’ve always dreamt of babe! Plus, the more freckles, the more distraction from any other signs of tiredness 😉

Brow Wow

We all know good brows, with the right shape and definition can lift the eye area and give you that wide awake look. Cheat your way to the same flawless finish of Microbladed Brows for a fraction of the price with Lottie London’s  Arch Rival: Microblade – the ultra-fine precision 4-pronged tip allows you to create the smallest of strokes to mimic your natural brow hair for brows that look straight-from-the-salon fresh. 

Glossy Lips

Lack of sleep often comes hand in hand with parched lips. Hydrate your pout and finish your look with instantly juicy lips with absolutely no tackiness with Lottie London’s Oil Slick. Infused with almond oil for instant hydration, plus nourishing cherry or vanilla extracts for the sweetest lips around! 

All that’s left to do is Pout and go out… nobody will ever know you’ve not slept a wink!

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