Good things happen when you share smart money


Welcome to the future of money


“Zumo gives financial power back to the people and unlocks safe smart money for everyone.” Zumo Co-Founder Paul Roach

We know that the notion of cryptocurrency can feel scary and unknown. That’s why we’ve created our Refer and Share rewards, so you can safely own and explore digital currency without having to spend a single penny.

Whenever someone joins Zumo using your referral code, you will both be sent 0.02ETH within 7 days*. 

That’s worth approximately £5* each, with an extra £5+* every 6th referral. Invite friends and watch your balance grow, because good things happen when you share smart money. 

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Our computer scientists, experts and designers have spent years developing our simple and intuitive app to allow you to safely buy, sell and store Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Sterling (GBP). 

We’re not a load of bankers. Zumo never takes ownership over your cryptocurrency.  We can’t invest it, loan it, or lose it. It is always 100% owned and accessible only by you. 

Sadly this also means we can never recover any lost wallet passwords, so please remember to safely write down and store your unique Backup phrase (also known as a seed phrase) during Account Creation

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Cryptocurrencies are not regulated. Please click here for regulatory and risk information.