Pet Puma | Songs to Cheer you Up

Interested in getting into the music industry or joining a band? Here is an interview we recently did with John from Pet Puma. Their new single, Spaceship, is out now!

Tell us a little bit about you

I’m John, from Birmingham, done various playing/writing/session work over the years and I now play in my own band Pet Puma. 

How did you start your music career and do you have any tips for young people looking to make it in the industry?

Have patience, do a good job when given it and be as low maintenance as possible. When you finally work on a full production tour and actually see all the wheels that drive it, you realise the gig bit is a tiny percent of what it’s actually all about. Decent social skills and humility in your role will take you a lot further than musical ability any day of the week. 

Do you have any exciting news to share?

We have a lot in the pipeline but all has been quite rightly postponed for now with the current situation we’re all in. Once the skies clear we will get back out again playing shows, releasing music and continuing where we left off for sure.

During self-isolation, a lot of people are using music to stay positive. Do you have a song of the week that people can use as a pick-me-up?

Thunder Bay – Hudson Mohawke. Isolate with intent!

Where can people find you? (Social media, Spotify etc.)

@PetPumaMusic across all the usual platforms, come thru and say hi!




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