5 Student Deals Every Student Should Be Using | Best Student Deals 2021

One of the best parts about being a student is, of course, cheap stuff! Brands know that money is often tight on a student budget, and some companies offer amazing discounts for students to take advantage of. Here are some of the best student deals in 2021 that you need to be using!

Amazon Prime Student 

Most people already know about Prime Student, but if not then where have you been?! As a student, you can get Amazon Prime FREE for 6 months. As long as you cancel before the 6 months is up, you won’t be charged anything. Even after that, you are only charged 50% of the price that everyone else pays. That means Amazon Prime Video, next day delivery, Amazon Music, and more can all be yours!

10% off Co-op – Every single time you shop!

Students can get 10% off every Co-op shop you do, all you need is a Totum card (they are super cheap). 10% might not seem like a lot, but if you have a £50 shop every week, that’s £5 saved. If you do that for a year, that’s £250 saved! Totum also have some amazing discounts with other brands, so it is well worth investing in a Totum card.

33% off ALL Train & Tube Journeys

The 16-25 Railcard is awesome. It costs £30 / year or £70 / 3 years, and saves an average person around £200 / year! You can even attach it to an Oyster card and use it on the tube for even more savings! 

If you are 16-17, you could also get the 16-17 Saver card which gives you a huge 50% off train journeys instead!

10-20% off Big Clothes Brands with Unidays

Once you have your Totum card, you should also look at getting the Unidays app. This gives you so many amazing discounts for FREE, including 10% off TopShop, 21% off New Look, and more. The restaurant deals are also amazing, so don’t miss out!

Cheap Cinema Tickets

Big cinema chains such as Odeon always offer cheaper ‘student’ tickets when you purchase, so you should be getting that anyway! However some chains offer even greater discounts with the student discount apps such as Totum. In fact Totum members can get 25% off Odeon, so don’t forget to check your discounts and cards before booking a cinema ticket!


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