The Antidote to Isolation Newsletter | Week 7

We recently sent out the seventh of our series of weekly emails offering help, advice, messages of inspiration, deals, freebies and a chance to smile during this tough time. We will turn the email into a blog post each week for those people who prefer blog content.


The Antidote to Isolation | Fakeaways, Freebies and Food Boxes


1.  Fun & Frivolous


Are you missing your usual trips to Nando’s or a pizza with pals? Professor Green is on hand to help create takeway delights from home through Instagram Live. He has already tackled donner kebabs, Big Macs, chicken katsu curry and a few more. Tonight he’s having a go at Domino’s stuffed crust pizza. Check out his Instagram account at 7pm sharp. 

Harry Potter Virtual Escape Room

Created by American librarian Sydney Krawiec, this is the perfect lockdown boredom buster. Experience the life of a Hogwarts student from your sofa. Solve puzzles and riddles based on the famous books. You can play as a group or on your own. Why not compete against a group of friends and see who can escape first. The game begins with you starting your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You have a team-building activity where you all lock yourselves in rooms and have to answer puzzles to get out – no magic at all! Next thing you know, the room is completely dark and you hear a door slam… Check it out here.


2.  You’ve Got This

30 Days Free with Peleton

We miss going to the gym, it can be hard to keep the momentum going when you’re working out alone in your bedroom. So if you’re feeling that you need a bit of support, Peleton are offering 30 days free on their app. Access thousands of live and on-demand classes from your phone, tablet, TV and more and the community aspect might just give you the boost you need. Have a peek on their website for more info.

In the Right Headspace

On the subject of free, we love Headspace, especially as they have a lot of content which you can access at no cost. The free “Weathering the Storm” collection includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling.  Have a look-see


3.  Show me the Money


Do you like tea? Do you like freebies? Well, be sure to sign up for The Pukka Collective to receive 8 free tea sachets, a chance to discover your unique Ayurvedic mind-body type with their dosha quiz as well as weekly personalised emails based on your wellbeing goals. You can sign up here. 🧘

£30 Food Boxes

Asda has announced the launch of a food box featuring a selection of cupboard filling favourites and essential items to help people obtain important everyday items during these unprecedented times. Available now on foodboxes.asda.com the box will typically contain 31 store cupboard staples for just £30 (price includes delivery).


Meme that made us laugh

See you on the other side…

Quote that made us think


“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day…” A. A. Milne.

We can relate.


Music that made us dance


Moments that made us smile

Britain’s largest bird of prey has returned to UK skies for the first time in 240 years. White-tailed eagles, which have a wingspan up to 2.5 metres, were once a common sight across southern England until the 18th century when they were wiped out by illegal killing.

But thanks to Forestry England and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation this lost species is making a comeback. 

Check out the full story here.

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