Become a Content Creator for Freshers Festival

Freshers Festival Student Writers

Freshers Festival is looking for student blog contributions. This is a great opportunity to have your writing featured on a website which serves thousands of people every month. It will be a fantastic addition to your CV, and you will also have the opportunity to win some great prizes.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for pieces of writing (around 400-1000 words) on a student topic. Potential topics include:


  • How to decorate your student room
  • The best things about living in student halls / student house
  • How to find good value accommodation
  • Any other interesting accommodation topic


  • Cheap places to eat in Sheffield / Glasgow / London
  • How to save money as a student
  • 10 Things to do in Sheffield / Glasgow for a tenner or less
  • Any other interesting finance topic


  • Best student fashion brands
  • Best Autumn / Winter outfits
  • How to stay healthy at university
  • Mental Health student guide
  • How to cook cheaply at uni
  • Best student deals at UK restaurant chains
  • Any other fashion/food/health topics

Study Tips:

  • How to revise at uni
  • Best places to work at uni
  • Our favourite study resources
  • Any other study skills topic

City Guides:

  • Talk about anything of interest in any city, particularly in Sheffield / London / Glasgow.
  • Talk about the best student club nights in your city.
  • Discuss the best restaurants / bars in your city.
  • Or anything else you might find interesting.

What Format?

Please submit your writing as a word document, aroud 400-1000 words in length, with subtitles within your work. For example, if you are writing a blog about the top student fashion brands, please split up each paragraph with a subtitle that has the brand’s name in.

Video Content

Are you an aspiring Vlogger / YouTuber? We would love to receive some video content from you to be put on our YouTube / website. This would help you gain exposure for your own vlogging / influencer channels, and we could help you grow your followers. 

How to Submit?

Please submit your work to: [email protected]m

Not all work will be accepted, and most pieces will be altered to match with our website’s feel. If your work is chosen to be published, we will contact you and let you know!

We look forward to receiving your submissions.