Freshers Festival

The Ultimate Student Guide

Content Last Updated on September 3, 2020

Welcome to our Ultimate Student Guide for university students! We have combined our decades of experience in the student sector, as well as our hundreds of student-focused blogs and articles, to bring you a complete guide to university life.


From picking your student accommodation to decorating your room, here are our top tips for making the most out of your student accommodation.

Freshers Week

Once you’ve sorted your student accommodation and arrived at university, you will be entering Freshers Week! Here are our tips and tricks for surviving Freshers Week.


What is Student Finance? How can I save money at University? Here we answer all the finance related questions you may have as a university student.


How do you cook at university? What equipment do I need? Even if you have never cooked before, this food guide will help you master the art of student cooking.


With so many different pressures facing you at university, keeping on top of your mental and physical health can be hard. But here are some of our favourite tips for keeping fit and happy whilst at university.

Study Tips

University is not just about partying, you need to do some studying as well! Here are some suggestions for how to organise your work, revise better, and ace those exams!

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