3 Movies Every Student Should See Before They Graduate

There are some films that every student simply HAS to see. These films are iconic, generational, and can totally change your perspective on life for the better! Nowadays, with Netflix, Apple + or Amazon Prime there are so many ways to watch great films, and you’ll be able to find all these films on there.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013)’

Leo, Leo, Leo!!! Who doesn’t love Leonardo Dicaprio. However, it is not just Leo who makes this film what it is. This is an epic film with a plethora of talented actors, directors, producers etc. The Wolf of Wall Street is a very personal biopic centred around ‘Jordan Belfort’ and showcases his ‘rags to riches’ story. The film is brought to us by Martin Scorsese, a director who also brought us the opulent and acclaimed ‘Goodfellas (1990)’. The film is not for the faint hearted, featuring a range of adult themes from prositution to hard drug use. However, it primarily centers around money and the impact (good and bad) it can have on people’s lives. Like Belfort famously said in the movie: “The one drug he loves the most, however, is the one that can make man conquer the world: money”.

Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions“.

Jordan Belfort

What lessons can we learn from this movie? The main one, it seems, is to never let money change the way you treat people. Money is not permanent, but traits like respect and compassion last forever.

‘Molly’s Game (2017)’

Are you noticing a trend…money, power, greed? Let’s be honest if there is anything that would motivate a young person in todays society it is one of the above. The film features a female lead Jessica Chastain and London raised supporting actor Idris Elba . The writer of ‘The Social Network’, Aaron Sorkin, makes his directorial debut with Molly’s Game which went on to be nominated for best adapted screenplay at 90th Academy Awards.  The movie follows the story of Molly Bloom who was an Olympic-class skier who had to stop due to a freak accident. She moves to LA and coincidentally meets a Hollywood producer who employs her as an assistant at a high stake poker game. Here she bumps into business moguls and famous actors who tip her thousands of dollars.

“It was as if being rich filtered out the inconveniences of life and left you with only the best parts.”

Molly Bloom

As Molly falls deeper into a life of wealth, drugs, and high-stakes, she soon finds out the true costs of her lifestyle. This is an interesting film, similar to Wolf of Wall Street in many regards, and if you are a fan of that film you should love this one too.

‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)’

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is about a high school kid that plans on skipping school by tricking his parents into believing that he is sick. It is set in beautiful sunny suburban Chicago and written and directed by John Hughes, who also directed 1985 ‘The Breakfast Club’. Accolades aside, this Golden Globe nominated motion picture is very pivotal to every student’s life. Ferris (Protagonist) successfully tricks his parents by convincing them he is ill, charms his way into persuading his uptight best friend to skip school with him and takes his friends dad Ferrari for a ride and Ferris girlfriend comes along too. They spend the day exploring Chicago with the constant threat of almost running into his dad, his jealous sister trying to sabotage his plan, and the Dean of Students (Ed Rooney) played by Jeffery Jones.

This is a more relaxed film than the others, but is an absolute classic that should be enjoyed by every student at least once.

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