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How to Decorate your Uni Room Without Damaging the Walls

Sometimes we feel like we need a change, like we want to update, refresh, or revitalise our lives. A great way to do this is by decorating your room! A well-decorated and homely room can often help you feel more positive, particularly if you are studying away from home at university.

However, decorating university rooms can be difficult, particularly as you cannot usually drill / nail / leave marks on the walls. Here are 5 ways you can decorate your uni room without any damage:

Command Hooks

One of the best things to do a uni is to have some pictures / portraits of your family / friends framed and put up on your wall. Annoyingly, most unis don’t let you hang things on the wall for fear of damaging them, unless of course you have Command Hooks.

These are awesome life-savers for any student looking to decorate their room. Simply remove the layer of tape, wack them on your wall, and place your picture frame/clock on the hook! When you move out, you can just carefully pull the command hook from the wall, and there will be no stain or markings!

Get Command Hooks on Amazon.

Fairy Lights

You might call them cheesy or ‘basic’, but there is no denying that fairy lights have an awesome charm that can quite literally light up any student room.

Simply attach them with bluetack, or weave them around the headboard of your bed, and get a brightly coloured room without any permanent damage done!

Get Fairy Lights on Amazon.


One of the simplest, but also most satisfying, changes you can make to a uni room is simply by adding more pillows! Most accommodation only gives you one pillow (or 2 at a push). However, by adding more pillows, it adds a whole lot more comfort, and could help turn your prison-like room into a pillow-y paradise.

Get comfy pillows on Amazon.

Plant Terrarium

House plants are supposed to be positive for your mental health & wellness. Whether that’s true or not, they certainly do help to spice up the vibe of your room.

For a modern twist, put the plant in a terrarium and create your own mini garden!

Get a plant Terrarium on Amazon.

Photo Wall

If you don’t have any photo frames, but still want to add a personal touch to your room, think about having a photo wall! This is simply a section of your room with photos stuck on, a bit like a collage. All you really need is a basic photo printer and you are good to go!

Get a photo printer on Amazon.

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Red Bull Basement | A Platform for Student Entrepreneurs

We have been working with Red Bull Basement over the last few weeks to help student innovators bring their ideas to life. In this article, we explain a little about Red Bull Basement and how you can apply:

What is Red Bull Basement?

Red Bull Basement are looking student innovators to submit an idea to drive positive change using tech solutions.

What does this mean? Any idea that you think could benefit students or the wider community, that uses some sort of technology, will be relevant here. 

Simply create a video that explains your idea, and submit it on the Red Bull Basement website by 25th October. 

How does Red Bull Basement work?


Firstly you need to decide whether you want to enter alone, or with another person as a 2-person team. The only restrictions are that you are at least 18 years old, a student, and can speak English. 

Then you need to come up with an idea. If you are looking for inspiration, here are a few examples of previous Red Bull Basement ideas from last year. 

Once you have your idea, you need to film it in a max. 60-second video, and upload the video and your application on this website.

This is not a competition for your film-making abilities, so it doesn’t matter if you are not the best video editor. The main thing to think about is your idea. Despite this, the public will be voting for their favourite idea, so having a good quality video will definitely help!

What Happens Next?

Once the public vote for their favourite ideas, a team of judges will then examine these ideas to come up with the national winner.

The UK national winner will be supported in bringing their idea to life through the development phase until finally they will attend a global workshop where they will have the chance to pitch their idea to a team of industry experts.

This is an incredible opportunity to build your network, develop your skills, and come up with an idea that could help change the lives of millions. It could also help you build your own start-up business! 

Deadline closes soon, so make sure you don’t miss out! Apply now.

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5 Phrases All International Students Should Learn Before Going to Uni

As an international student who moved to the UK for the first time to go to university, I was surprised by the *interesting* phrases my flatmates liked to use…

If you are an international student, you might be confident in your English speaking skills, but believe me, student life always has surprises. Here are 5 phrases you need to know to blend in with the British lads.


Mate vs. love








You might be left wondering about how much someone actually likes you after you went from “mate” to “love” in the course of a day. Do they want to be friends? Best friends? Do they fancy you? Don’t waste your time. There is absolutely no consistency in British people calling you mate, love, bruv, honeyboo or babes. Maybe be a little worried if they call you by your actual name though..


Allow it






Nothing can ever be so bad that you can’t just “allow it”. It’s basically another way of saying “whatever”. There’s no limit to “allowing it”, the extent to which it applies is probably best described as scary. You ate two bars of chocolates after your cheeky Nando’s? Allow it. You slept in and missed a whole day of lectures? Allow it? You dropped out of uni? Allow it.


Peng ting









Being called a peng ting was probably not what you had in mind when you were dreaming about your uni romance, but it’ll have to do. When you go on a lit sesh with the squad and spend way too long in the smoking area freezing to death, it’s only a matter of time until someone comes up to you and tells you you’re a peng ting. I mean if he shouted it loud enough for you to make out these words, you should at least appreciate the effort.







You’ve probably heard the phrase “innit” before, but I don’t think it occurred to you that you can finish any sentence with it, without any exaggeration. First you might feel like you need to reply, like when someone says “That was a good movie, innit”. So far so good, but soon you’ll get in a situation when there’s simply nothing to say. “I’ve just had breakfast, innit.” “Yes, you did Adam, I saw you eating it, I hope you enjoyed it.” Ummm… might be better to stay quiet.








There are two rules with the word banter: 1. Say it under any circumstances and it’s going to be okay. 2. Always shout it with all your energy, as if you just cracked the code to time travel.

You accidentally hurt Karen with a joke? That’s not too wise on your first week of uni. Quickly shout BANTER and even Karen will appreciate it was a joke. Other situations to use in: when you have nothing to say, but want to add to the conversation and sound cool.



By Alexandra Falcsik

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All the Student Deals from Virtual Freshers Festival

Missed out on some of the top deals from Virtual Freshers Festival? Don’t worry, you can still access all of the content here. If you just want a quick summary of the deals & giveaways, we’ve got you covered here:




We are running multiple giveaways on our Instagram, including 200 bottles of Skinny Lager beer, so make sure you follow us on Instagram to enter!


Student Roost

Get 20 days of giveaways with Student Roost, including a £3000 holiday and PS4. Sign up here to enter. 



Get £5 free cryptocurrency by downloading their app – see more here. 



Win a pair of IOLLA glasses or sunglasses via Virtual Try On, click here to find out more!



Win a £1000 Student Thrival pack including a laptop & Forty outfits, enter on our Instagram here. 


Tonic Health

Get free samples of tonic delivered to your door – Find out how to enter here.


Student Deals


Lottie London

Get 25% off when you spend £25 with Lottie London. Code = FRESHERS25



Learn & Earn. Make money during term time. Download now. 



Get 50% off Domino’s in participating cities. Click here to find your deal. 


German Doner Kebab

Get 2-4-1 on German Doner Kebab here. 



Buy one get one free on Plenaire Remedy Kits. Code = SELFCARE



Want to find a job/internship in the UK? Get 60% off the Intern-UK training course. Code = vff60


Mighty Small

10% off food & drink. Watch the video to find the code!


Mockingbird Spirit

Love mocktails? Get 20% off. Code = FRESHERS20


Remember, keep an eye on your emails & on Instagram for more deals & giveaways throughout the rest of the year!

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How to Fake the Look of 8 Hours Sleep with Lottie London

We’ve all been there. Stayed up way too late, snoozed the alarm, and then panic hits – you’ve got to fake looking like you’ve had 8 hours sleep that you definitely didn’t have. As a student, we know being able to fake it ‘til you make it is always the name of the game.  

In this blog, Lottie London brings you skin awakening, face brightening, high impact products that’ll leave you looking fresh faced and ready to take on the day!

Spritz ‘n’ Go

When you’re tired, your skin will grass you up by looking dull and lifeless. Wake yourself and your skin up with a quick hydration boost to leave it looking plump and dewy. The Skin Proud Refresher – Hydrating Pineapple Mist instantly refreshes and hydrates tired skin. Blended with super hydrating Japanese rose water, refreshing aloe vera and refining witch hazel, the ultra-fine mist will give you the wake up boost you need. Top Tip – keep it in your fridge so that the super cooling mist will also tighten pores and leave skin looking more awake. Looking for more? Lock in hydration with an ultra-lightweight, sorbet-like gel like  Skin Proud Sorbet  that delivers skin-loving goodness on a major scale, quickly absorbs and makes for the perfect pre-makeup step. 

Glow Get It

Tired skin = dull skin. Fake that ‘I’ve slept for hours’ glowy skin look with an illuminating primer that smooths skin and blurs imperfections, redness and dark circles caused by lack of sleep. The Lottie London Coconut Primer is infused with coconut extract + vitamin B5 + micro-pearls that add a nourishing soft, natural shimmer to give you all the dewy skin vibes that can be worn alone or under makeup.  

Blush in a Rush

When you’re tired, skin becomes sallow and dull – a touch of blush is your answer here to give your face back some much needed life! Meet Lottie London’s Ombré Blushes – lightweight and smooth, these blushers leave a healthy flush and sheen in an instant which leave you looking like you’ve not only slept all night, but that you’ve even managed to fit in a morning gym session – winning! 

Freckle Fun

Nothing says ‘I woke up like this’ like a sprinkling of freckles. But with Summer being stolen from us, sometimes, you’ve just got to fake it. Freckle Tint is a temporary skin tint that adds instant freshness to any look. To use, simply dot onto the face and set with translucent powder for a natural look, or go bold and create a look with ALL the freckles you’ve always dreamt of babe! Plus, the more freckles, the more distraction from any other signs of tiredness 😉

Brow Wow

We all know good brows, with the right shape and definition can lift the eye area and give you that wide awake look. Cheat your way to the same flawless finish of Microbladed Brows for a fraction of the price with Lottie London’s  Arch Rival: Microblade – the ultra-fine precision 4-pronged tip allows you to create the smallest of strokes to mimic your natural brow hair for brows that look straight-from-the-salon fresh. 

Glossy Lips

Lack of sleep often comes hand in hand with parched lips. Hydrate your pout and finish your look with instantly juicy lips with absolutely no tackiness with Lottie London’s Oil Slick. Infused with almond oil for instant hydration, plus nourishing cherry or vanilla extracts for the sweetest lips around! 

All that’s left to do is Pout and go out… nobody will ever know you’ve not slept a wink!

Save 25% when you spend over £25 on the Lottie London website – Simply use code FRESHERS25 at checkout. Shop now!

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Virtual Freshers Festival: A Free Online Student Event

Virtual Freshers Festival takes place on 29th September – 1st October. Get free tickets here.


Most students are returning to university this year facing a rather strange scenario. No ‘back to uni’ parties, no real freshers week, and no chance to experience ‘normal’ university life. Here at Freshers Festival we want to make sure nobody misses out on their university experience.

What is Virtual Freshers?

Introducing Virtual Freshers Festival: The free online event open to all students aged 16+ in the UK. The event takes place on our online platform, and has some awesome features:


  • Freebies & content from brands such as Domino’s, Disney, Google & Red Bull
  • Internship & employment opportunities with some large recruiters
  • Content from the biggest student influencers, including Megan Short & Caitlin
  • Dedicated music sessions with some top upcoming artists
  • A free CV clinic & workshop
  • Networking & social opportunities with thousands of students
  • Interactive events such as treasure hunts, fashion shows, and more
  • Competitions & giveaways worth £1000s 
  • Live content, Q&A’s, and virtual meet-ups
  • Virtual after parties

Virtual Freshers Festival is also working with some of the biggest universities & colleges in the UK to help deliver the VIrtual Freshers Festival for their students.

How do I get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved with Virtual Freshers Festival.

You can get tickets for the event here.

If you want to get involved with our ambassador program to win big prizes, please email [email protected]

To enter some of our giveaways, please follow us on Instagram and TikTok.


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Best UK Student Discounts Right Now

With shops and restaurants slowly starting to re-open following lockdown, there are plenty of student deals to be found right now. Here are some of our favourite discounts right now.



There are some ridiculous discounts you can get right now.

Nasty Gal is doing 50% off everything, Pretty Little thing are offering between 10-80% on all items, and ASOS are doing up to 50% off Summer styles.

In terms of student specific discounts, Nike do 10% off (as always), I Saw It First do 15% off (with Student Beans), and New Look do 10% off (with UniDays).



Get ready for the Summer with your Spotify playlist, and Spotify now offer 3 months of Premium Student for free. Amazon music also do a free trial for students.

Speaking of Amazon, you can still join Prime Student free for 6 months with a valid university or college email address.

Also, rather than paying £70 / year for Microsoft Office, you can probably get it for free using your academic email address. Free Microsoft Word is something every student needs.

For more tech deals, including 10% off Apple and 10% off Dell, check out the Unidays technology page.



We’ve all been guilty of a little too many takeaways recently. Uber Eats runs one of our favourites, with each customer getting a £15 off a £20 order code to give to a friend/family member who doesn’t have an Uber Eats account.

Dominos do a 35% student discount, but it may be better to use one of their on-site codes, such as 50% off pizza orders over £30.



Many restaurants currently operate with a ‘click & collect’ ordering system, and Pizza Express have a great discount you can use. Unidays offer a 30% off Pizza Express (at select locations).

What about when restaurants re-open next week? Ask do a 40% Student discount on Mondays and Tuesdays, Chiquitos do 25% off with a valid Student ID, and Byron do 30% off everything with a Unidays account.


We hope you enjoyed our short guide. Of course, the best way to save money on food is to cook yourself, so check out our student cooking guide for some top tips and tricks. 

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Protected: Virtual Freshers Festival Pack

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


Virtual Freshers Festival, Giveaways, and Caterpillars | Student Newsletter #1

We recently revamped our weekly email newsletter, where we share the latest student news, opportunities, and giveaways. We will turn the email newsletter  into a blog post each week for those people who prefer blog content.


Virtual Freshers Festival, Giveaways, and Caterpillars

Welcome back to our weekly student newsletter, a chance to stay up to date with the latest student news, discounts, opportunities, and memes. 

This week we have an exciting announcement: Virtual Freshers Festival is coming this September!

What is Virtual Freshers? It is just like any other Freshers Festival event, but online! There will be freebies, video content, games, networking, job opportunities, and much more. 

VIsit our website and stay tuned to our Instagram for more information. 


News & Opportunities

4th July Reopenings

Freedom! (sort of)… As many of you will know, this Saturday sees a significant change in the Covid-19 restrictions, with restaurants, bars, and cinemas re-opening for the first time in months. You are also able to officially meet another family inside, and you are even able to travel within the UK and stay the night in hotels. 

For students, libraries are re-opening, and youth clubs and outdoor sports facilities will be accessible. For a full breakdown of all the new changes, please see the official government statement here

Student Influencers

Virtual Freshers Festival will offer the chance for student influencers / content creators (of any size) to share their content with the UKs student audience. In particular, we are looking for content creators who make videos (YouTube/Instagram/Tik Tok), although all influencers will be considered.

If you think you have some content you want to share, please get in touch with us via our form.


Deals & Giveaways

2kg Sweet Giveaway on Instagram

There is still time to enter the 2kg sweet hamper giveaway on our Instagram. We teamed up with @thatlondonduo to bring you a pretty sweet giveaway! Remember, we run giveaways on our Instagram every week, so be sure to follow us for your chance to win some great prizes

Best Deals Right Now

With the shops re-opening, brands are starting to launch huge deals for both their online and physical stores. We have compiled a list of some of the best student deals for clothes, restaurants, takeaways, and technology. Check out our guide here.


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Meme of the Week

Should have gone to Specsavers…

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Funny News of the Week

The story of Tesco, caterpillars, and more caterpillars that we are sure will turn into a Netflix documentary one day…

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Video of the Week

Ok, we might be a bit biased with this one, but we wanted you all to check out our Virtual Freshers Festival trailer!

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5 Useful Skills To Learn During Lockdown

With lockdown restrictions, most of us have a lot more time than usual to spend by ourselves. Whilst this can be boring, it also provides a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills. But sort of things should you be learning? Here are 4 extremely useful skills that you could easily learn during lockdown.

One of the best places to learn new skills is Skillshare, and you can get 2 months Skillshare completely free by clicking this link.



Cooking is a skill that everyone should know, but we know that lots of students haven’t yet had the time to truly master the kitchen. Well now is a better time than any! On our website, we have multiple cooking blogs with some easy student recipes. However, if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, check out Recipe_tin on Instagram. YouTube is also a great place for learning new cooking skills, with some incredible cooking channels for you to get inspiration from.



Photography is often considered a fairly niche area, something that only people with £500 cameras should consider learning. However, we all take photos, and as such we would all benefit from learning a bit more about how to take a better picture. Whether you want to spice up your Instagram, enter a photography competition, or simply create some amazing Snapchat stories, photography courses are great. We have seen some fantastic iPhone camera courses on Skillshare, which is great for any amateur photographer. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, there are some amazing YouTube photographers who teach you everything from lighting to editing, so make sure to check them out!



Coding is something that many people believe is difficult, but there are some very easy coding options that can be extremely useful. Simple HTML, for example, is an easy form of code that is used in many websites, blogs, and online shopping platforms. It can be something easy to learn and put on your CV, and could be the small difference that helps you beat out other candidates for a job. Similarly, IT skills related to coding, such as SEO (search engine optimisation), are also hugely beneficial skills to learn, and are used by every company to try and improve their online presence. Learning these skills is not overly difficult, yet they can be extremely useful additions to your knowledge base.



This is an obvious one, and one that probably can’t be completed during lockdown, but starting to learn a language is an amazing thing to do. Languages are not only useful for visiting other countries, but learning them has a huge range of other benefits, from improving mental health to building confidence. They also look great on your CV, and can open up a range of additional employment opportunities. One of the best platforms to use is DuoLingo, providing a range of learning methods to suit whatever works for you. You can also take a more traditional route, finding a pen-pal or exchange partner who can help build your language confidence. Whilst languages are a fantastic thing to learn anyway, the time we all have given the current lockdown measures means now is a better time than any.


CV Writing

We have spoken a lot about improving CVs in this article, but a great skill to learn is exactly how you can write the perfect CV to impress any employer. Any student in lockdown should be thinking about their future careers, and the CV is the best possible place to start. Intern-UK offers professional CV help and advice for those who want it. If don’t know where to start, check out their basic guide here.