5 Useful Skills To Learn During Lockdown

With lockdown restrictions, most of us have a lot more time than usual to spend by ourselves. Whilst this can be boring, it also provides a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills. But sort of things should you be learning? Here are 4 extremely useful skills that you could easily learn during lockdown.

One of the best places to learn new skills is Skillshare, and you can get 2 months Skillshare completely free by clicking this link.



Cooking is a skill that everyone should know, but we know that lots of students haven’t yet had the time to truly master the kitchen. Well now is a better time than any! On our website, we have multiple cooking blogs with some easy student recipes. However, if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, check out Recipe_tin on Instagram. YouTube is also a great place for learning new cooking skills, with some incredible cooking channels for you to get inspiration from.



Photography is often considered a fairly niche area, something that only people with £500 cameras should consider learning. However, we all take photos, and as such we would all benefit from learning a bit more about how to take a better picture. Whether you want to spice up your Instagram, enter a photography competition, or simply create some amazing Snapchat stories, photography courses are great. We have seen some fantastic iPhone camera courses on Skillshare, which is great for any amateur photographer. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, there are some amazing YouTube photographers who teach you everything from lighting to editing, so make sure to check them out!



Coding is something that many people believe is difficult, but there are some very easy coding options that can be extremely useful. Simple HTML, for example, is an easy form of code that is used in many websites, blogs, and online shopping platforms. It can be something easy to learn and put on your CV, and could be the small difference that helps you beat out other candidates for a job. Similarly, IT skills related to coding, such as SEO (search engine optimisation), are also hugely beneficial skills to learn, and are used by every company to try and improve their online presence. Learning these skills is not overly difficult, yet they can be extremely useful additions to your knowledge base.



This is an obvious one, and one that probably can’t be completed during lockdown, but starting to learn a language is an amazing thing to do. Languages are not only useful for visiting other countries, but learning them has a huge range of other benefits, from improving mental health to building confidence. They also look great on your CV, and can open up a range of additional employment opportunities. One of the best platforms to use is DuoLingo, providing a range of learning methods to suit whatever works for you. You can also take a more traditional route, finding a pen-pal or exchange partner who can help build your language confidence. Whilst languages are a fantastic thing to learn anyway, the time we all have given the current lockdown measures means now is a better time than any.


CV Writing

We have spoken a lot about improving CVs in this article, but a great skill to learn is exactly how you can write the perfect CV to impress any employer. Any student in lockdown should be thinking about their future careers, and the CV is the best possible place to start. Intern-UK offers professional CV help and advice for those who want it. If don’t know where to start, check out their basic guide here.


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