7 Easy Student Recipes

By Mina Green

Raking through your cupboards at 1.03am frantically searching for something to shove in your gob – we’ve all been there. Microwave meals tend to be an easy option. But if your microwave explodes during your umpteenth ‘personal nacho night’ it’s probably time to give your oven some attention. If you’re looking to cook some cheap, good quality nosh then check out these recipes, guaranteed to ignite your appetite.

Ham and cheese omelette

An omelette is French and we all know French = classy. This easy to make ham and cheese omelette is ideal for lunchtime grub or a light dinner. Throw in some fresh salad or new potatoes and you’re guaranteed a dose of health to ease your otherwise Greggs filled belly. And if you’re veggie, substitute the ham for some peppers or mushrooms.


You will need: Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Butter, Black pepper and salt (optional)

Meal price: £4

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Veggie Chilli

Warm, comforting and with a spicy kick this meal is a veggie alternative to the classic chilli con carne. As good quality meat can be expensive, this option is healthy, filling and affordable. A great meal to have after a long day at uni.


You will need: Frozen chopped vegetables, onions, garlic, kidney beans, tin of tomatoes, chilli and cumin

Meal price: £5

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Risotto with bacon and peas

Risotto is a much-loved Italian dish and contrary to popular belief, is very easy to make. As a wheat-free, dairy-free option for a dinner or lunch, this risotto is delicious and creamy and when made in bulk can last a few days for extra munchies. It’s a simple, cheap meal to make for friends.


You will need: Onion, garlic, bacon, frozen peas, risotto rice, stock, parmesan (optional)

Meal Price: £6

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Traybake chicken

There’s nothing better than roast chicken. It’s succulent, tasty and scrumptious accompanied with some greens or hefty roast potatoes. You can’t go wrong with this tray bake chicken, even if you consider yourself a crap cook. As long as you can turn on an oven, you’re golden! Bathing in tomato juices and tangy pesto, this recipe is perfect for a summer’s day.


You will need: Chicken breasts, cherry tomatoes, pesto, olive oil

Meal Price: £5

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Tomato and basil pasta

If you’re looking for something quick, fresh and simple for dinner this tomato and basil pasta will give you the ultimate taste of Italy. Fresh fragrant basil, juicy cherry tomatoes and steamy spaghetti with a sprinkle of parmesan makes for a beautiful meal combined with a sumptuous glass of red. Also a great dish for dinner with your bae.


You will need: Spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan

Meal price: £5

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Haddock, new potatoes and green beans

Fish is a great source of protein, and since most supermarket fish counters sell individual fish at affordable prices, this dish is healthy and a superb alternative to most stodgy ready meals. Accompanied with steamy new potatoes and crunchy green beans this meal is simple, low-fat and low-sugar.

You will need: Haddock, new potatoes, green beans, lemon, olive oil

Meal price: £4.50

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Stuffed peppers

Another delicious veggie recipe. Stuffed peppers are great because you can stuff them with pretty much anything (within reason). Whether cheese, rice, couscous or veggies, most fillings are tasty and filling and compliment the sweetness and crunch of fresh peppers. Ideal alongside some sweet potato mash or crusty buttery bread.


You will need: Large peppers, black olives, goats cheese, tomato rice

Meal Price: £5

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