8 Reasons Why Student Accommodation Rules

This article is in collaboration with Student Roost

From meeting making new friends, to helping you ease into living independently, there are many good reasons to live in a student accommodation for your first year of uni. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of living in student accommodation, and ultimately why student accommodation rules.


  1. Easier renting

Paying rent when you’re living in a house can often mean larger deposits and rent is usually paid for the whole year, rather than the academic year. If you’re living in student accommodation however, you only have to pay for the academic year and deposits tend to be smaller. Rent can seem a bit more expensive in student accomodation, but with utilities and facilities often included in the price, it’s usually worth it.

  1. All inclusive bills

Electricity, gas and water bills are paid as part of your overall rent price, so no chasing down housemates to pay their share. Phew.

  1. Better response to maintenance and repairs

Shower not working? Boiler broken down? Student accommodations are great at having a quick response time to maintenance issues. For instance, Student Roost have a 24 hour response rate. This can be a lifesaver in emergency situations, whereas living in a house may be more time consuming if you have to wait for your landlord or lettings agency to respond.


  1. Staying over the summer isn’t a problem

While you’re away for the summer to visit family or enjoy a holiday, you can still expect to pay rent if you’re living in a house. With a student accomodation like Student Roost you get a more flexible contract where you can choose to stay or go home.

  1. It’s safer

Student accommodations are usually on point when it comes to ensuring security. Student Roost properties are staffed 24/7 in all of their locations with CCTV and secure access to their halls. This makes student accommodation a relatively safer place to live versus a house, where your safety is mainly your responsibility.

  1. Locked out? No problem

If you get locked out or lose your house keys, a replacement while living in a house could result in a costly payment. While some student accommodations charge you for a key replacement, others like Student Roost give you a new set of keys for free.

  1. All those extra perks

Student accommodation often gives you access to free facilities like recreation areas, a common area, a study area and laundry room. Make sure to look for properties with a focus on resident events and perks like cinema rooms and barista style coffee,Student Roost do all of this for free!

  1. The People

Finally, living in a student accommodation is a priceless experience because of all the friends you make on the way. You get to meet dozens of other students just like you and you never know, you might make a friend for life.

Check out Student Roost’s property pages for more information on what they offer!