A Massive Freshers’ Festival Thank You From Scotcampus

We’d just like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who contributed towards making this year’s Freshers’ Festival our best yet.

From our amazing exhibitors and their never-ending supply of freebies, to the DJs, security staff and our volunteers from City of Glasgow College, we couldn’t be more grateful for the hard work demonstrated across the event.

Most importantly, we’d like to thank those of you who came into town on your day off, ran down from uni at lunchtime or ditched classes altogether (not that we’re condoning truancy…) to come to our Freshers’ Festival. Over 12,000 of you helped consume more than forty kilos of Pinto’s spicy beef, demanded more free pizza than Pizza Hut and Di Maggios put together could possibly make, kept Rainbow Room International scissor happy for two days straight and expressed your love of vodka with those crazy cats from Revolution.

Having finally recovered from our Red Bull hangovers, we’re hard at work planning our next major event, the Futures Fest. Until then, a massive thank you from everyone at Scotcampus, and we’ll see you next year!

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