Apps to Help You Save Money as a Student in 2020

Written by Mirren Harvey

With Christmas fast approaching, many students will be feeling the need to save money more than ever. However, with such a wide variety of apps and tools available to you in 2020, it is becoming easier than ever to save money as a student. Here are some of our top mobile apps for saving money as a student in 2020.


Smart Banking

Monzo will be your new best friend in the banking world. Monzo is an online banking app which allows you to really keep track of your spending in a fun and easy way. You download the app and are given a new bank account. When you’re all set up you can use the budgeting tool where you can decide how much of your income you want to spend on expenses such as transport, shopping, bills, eating out and more! It’ll tell you when you’re almost at your budget, or if you have some wiggle room for another late night Maccies. It also has a really handy optional savings tool which rounds up every transaction you make to the nearest pound and puts the leftover money from that transaction into a savings pot! This means all your transactions are even and you save every time you spend! The savings pot is completely accessible for whenever you want to take the saved money up, or you can leave it in there and let it build up until you have enough for that big purchase you’ve had your eye on. Ultimately, Monzo is a much easier and aesthetically pleasing bank account than most out there and gives you a sense of control over your money, not to mention the cute neon bank card they give you!


Smart Spending

Now that we’re keeping our spending and budgeting in check with Monzo, why not spend and save even further with the Swipii app! Swipii is an app that connects with your bank card so every time you spend in selected restaurants, cafes and stores, it registers your spend and gives you either points towards freebies or cashback! This app is another way we can go about our daily lives but save and make the most of our spending in the background. For example, today I bought a coffee and muffin in my University Library café, and this let me collect 50 points. This, combined with my previous spends here, means I have enough points for either a free large coffee, or soup and a roll! It’ll also tell you what restaurants or cafes will have Swipii deals in the week to come. For example, my friends and I are going to go to ‘Catch Fish and Chip Shop’ this weekend because on Saturday they are offering 15% cashback when we eat there! When you’re in uni, you’ll most likely be going to the same spots everyday for quick coffees or snacks, and Swipii can reward you for doing this. Easy money!


Smart Selling

Get on the Depop hype if you have piles of clothes you no longer wear and want to sell. On Depop you can list and sell your clothes on your own page, and its super easy to get money and clear some closet space. Also, there’s loads of bargains you can find on Depop, and it will save you much more money compared to buying direct from fast fashion or big brand websites/stores. My go-to shopping tip is to look online for things I want for the weekend or an event coming up, then go to Depop and buy said items for a cheaper price! They’re second hand so you’re doing your bit for the planet and saving a little too! A win-win in my eyes.


These are just 3 small apps to help you save money as a student in 2020 without dramatically changing your lifestyle. By sorting your finances out and spending smarter, your mind can be put at ease, and the stress of university can be lessened (even if only by a little)!


Thanks to Mirren Harvey for this guest-written article. If you want to write for Freshers Festival, visit our student writer page for more information

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