Student and Millennial Marketing Strategies

Why Event Marketing Is A Smart Choice For Winning Student Customers

Ever wondered why so many of the world’s most powerful brands spend their time and budget engaging with students through event marketing.

The answer is simple.

Students have tremendous buying power and will be more influential on the future of your brand than any other generation.

But that’s not all…

The Profit Power of the Student Audience

  • There are almost 5 million students in the UK (UCAS). More importantly however…
  • They have an annual spending power set to top £30bn per annum (UCAS). Imagine capturing your share of this market, what could that mean to your bottom line?
  • 42% of Millennials are interested in helping companies develop future products or services. (Forbes x Elite Daily). This audience are currently making or breaking brands and will be the driving force behind success or failure of companies in the future.
  • 60% are often or always loyal to brands that they currently purchase from. (Forbes x Elite Daily). Entice a customer in their late teens or early twenties? Think of the lifetime value of that individual.

Students and millennials pack some serious punch. They have cash to spend, share your brand with their friends on social media and are fiercely loyal customers.

You can get a full lowdown on the power of the market through our infographic.

Event Marketing to Students and Millennials

So you’re probably beginning to wonder how you can win more Millennial or student customers for your business, right?

Here’s the good news: it’s actually not that difficult.

Last year we attracted 10,409 Millennials (aged 17-24) to our live event in Glasgow…

…And if we can do it, then so can you. 

How? We use these F2F marketing techniques, that when perfected, can double or triple your profit margins overnight.

Don’t worry. This isn’t another cringe worthy “how to article” or fluff piece to seduce search engines; this is a REAL tested and proven tutorial that attracts students Millennials to your business.

Sound good to you? Great! Let’s get started.

So What is F2F?

Huge changes in tech and available media channels will have inevitably changed the way you speak to your potential customers.

Regardless of the power of digital in the marketing mix, huge power still exists in connection on a personal, one-to-one level.

By talking to someone face to face (F2F), or through event marketing, you can show them who you are and what your brands stands for. You can also gauge their response and alleviate any objections immediately.

Rob Murphy, CMO of MC2 said “face-to-face engagement creates a personal connection and builds trust between a company and its target audience.”

So it’s about building deep and long lasting relationships through the ability to give your brand a real personality.

Let me give you an example. In 2016 we wanted to know more about our audiences’ living situation – did they live in Student Halls, at home with parents, in private rented property etc.?

We sent out an email to 18,022 relevant students on our database to ask a single multiple choice question. 5843 opened the email and 1603 responded, a 8.9% click through response rate. Pretty decent and well above industry average for questionnaires.

We then decided to ask the same question to those who were attending the Freshers Festival that year.

We had a quick chat with each student (or the group they came in), asked them if they would mind answering the question and handed them a tablet to do so if they wished. From this process we received 6771 responses, a 60%+ reply rate.

By asking face to face we were able to build rapport and give a reason as to why we were asking the question (check out Ellen Langer’s famous 1978 experiment on why that happens here). However, the fact remains, the level of feedback we got from asking in person (60%+) isn’t likely through any other channel including email and social media.

How To Master Face to Face and Event Marketing to Students

There are four simple steps to create successful Student and Millennial face to face campaigns (in fact these steps apply to face to face campaigns for any audience).

Set Your Event Marketing Objectives

Our Playbook on Face to Face Marketing goes into deep detail on how to do this (including a shiny worksheet, exciting right?) but in essence it’s simple planning.

We ask the following five questions each and every time we launch a face to face campaign whether it be a small single on-campus event or a massive multi venue Festival. By answering these questions you can build out a robust marketing plan:

  1. What would success look like post-event? Start with the end goal in mind, what do you want your campaign to achieve?
  2. How would you know that you’ve achieved this? Have clear targets and KPIs which can be measured by management and the team on the ground.
  3. To achieve this, what messages will you have communicated? What will your team be saying to those they interact with?
  4. Which tactics will help you communicate those messages effectively? What is your Call to Action and how can you maximise the number of people taking action? Are you signing up customers to a landing page, asking them to Like your Page or driving purchase intent through voucher codes?
  5. What do you need to deliver your campaign? Do you have the team and tools needed to deliver those core messages? Are your staff briefed? Do they understand their targets?

Finally while not a planning question always remember – you’re creating an event, so put on a show

Create an Engaging Story But Stay True To Your Brand

We often find that brands think they have to change their messaging to target the student and Millennial audience. On the contrary, what we see is that the brands who remain consistent, true to their values and avoid the cliché marketing tactics synonymous with student and Millennial marketing efforts, reap the rewards.

Focus your time and energy on thinking creatively and creating engaging key messages not changing your whole brand strategy.

Hire Great Brand Ambassadors – Your People Can Make Or Break It

Time and budget investment is needed for any face to face campaign so make sure that you spend enough time on creating the perfect team to deliver your activity and achieve the results you need.

You can have the most appealing brand campaign but if your team aren’t engaging, your target customers will walk away. Make sure your team are passionate and educated on your brand.

To help with this we have created a post on how to create a great brand ambassador team but in short the key points are:

  • Define Your Vision. Your Brand Ambassadors also need to buy into the campaign to deliver. Plan, set your goals and set objectives clearly.
  • Hire Well. Always be on the look out for great team members for your Brand Ambassador teams or hire through a trusted and experienced Agency.
  • Don’t Pay Peanuts. You are investing your time and budget into face to face campaigns so don’t fall at the last hurdle by attracting the wrong team through a poorly thought out pay structure. Like any form of marketing, you get what you pay for.
  • Make Use of Internal Incentives. Do your team have a motivation to go above and beyond. Can your brand offer products or experiences which incentivise your team to go that extra mile without it taking away from your valuable marketing budget?
  • Educate Your Team. They need to know who you are as a brand, what you stand for and what you’re trying to communicate through the campaign. Knowledge is power.
  • Tap into your team. Quite often your brand ambassadors will be your target market so ask them what they think about your product, your campaign, your incentives and Calls to Action. You have free feedback on tap so why not take advantage of it.


Influence the Influencers

Working with key Influencers is paramount in us creating engaging and successful face to face campaigns.

This is the type of Influencer that pre-dates Social Media. For us great Influencers include the likes of Student Accommodations, University Unions and the Academic Institutions themselves.

So think about who has access to your market. Who has an email database that would create the perfect invite list for your events?

Then work out what you can do to offer more value to them than they can offer you.

We work with a lot of Student Accommodation providers so have long standing, strong relationships with them but our goal is always to work out what we can bring to the table that would create a great experience for their students and add value to their service.

This year that will include “Move In Days” where our Brand Ambassadors will be at the properties on the days when students move in to their room. We help them carry their gear, answer questions they might have about the city, tell them the best places to go and of course inform them about the Freshers Festivals.

Everyone wins. The property managers offer a valuable service to students, students get help and a friendly face on a stressful and often scary day and we get to engage with thousands of new students.

There can be a lot to think about when creating a great face to face or event marketing campaign but get it right and it’s an extremely rewarding component to the marketing mix. Get it right and your customers will not just love you for the moment but for a long, long time.

Make sure to download our Playbook to help master Face to Face and Event Marketing to students, and if we can help you plan your events or if you need someone to take the weight of booking your on-campus campaigns, be sure to let us know.

Of course we’d love to see you at the London and Glasgow Freshers Festivals, the UK’s largest student and Millennial exhibitions so get in touch for more info.

Student and Millennial Marketing Strategies

Event, Print & Digital: A Guide To Student and Millennial Marketing

Eager to make the grade when it comes to student and millennial marketing but not sure how? You’re in luck. 

Believe it or not, there are a whopping five million students in the UK (UCAS) – that’s a pretty big demographic. And since Forbes and Elite Daily found that 42% of millennials are interested in helping companies develop future products and services, you’d be mad not to take advantage of the growing student market.

Last year we attracted 10,409 students to our live event in Glasgow. And if we can tap into the student market and garner thousands of customers and brand followers – so can you.

In 2015 alone, students spent an estimated £30 billion in the UK, that’s roughly £13,000 per student per academic year.

Richard Jenkings, Senior Consultant at Experian Marketing Services says, “student spending power has increased considerably in recent years and is set to increase a further seven billion pounds by 2020”.

PLUS, according to new research commissioned by the Higher Education Policy Institute, international students in the UK contribute £23 billion to the economy. Check out our handy infographic explaining the power and statistics of student spending.

I mean the market’s practically a gold mine.

And although creating marketing campaigns that resonate with such a large student audience may seem tricky, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help your business score a slice of millennial pie.


1: Create Memories Through Student and Millennial Event Marketing

 After a decade of sharpening our millennial marketing tools, we’re experts when it comes to event marketing for students. Why? Because we know the value of experiential marketing.

 But what is experiential marketing and how can it secure a student customer base?

Experiential marketing forges a bond between student and brand by providing positive, memorable experiences – experiences that can be crafted through awesome events.

It’s all in the psychology.

Why Event Marketing Is A Smart Choice For Winning Student and Millennial Customers

You don’t need to specialise in Freudian theory to understand the power of emotions, and events are the best way to determine an instant, emotional response to your brand.

But what the heck do emotions have to do with your business?

According to Forbes, 60% of millennials said they are loyal to a brand especially if they have built a relationship with them through positive experiences.

Emotions will therefore influence not only instant and future purchasing decisions but also brand awareness and loyalty, crafting a long-lasting relationship with a consumer base that has the possibility of producing a hefty profit.

So how do we create a successful student event?

  • Collaborate with student ambassadors to spread the word among peers
  • Use student social media influences
  • Consider your pricing and tailor to student budgets
  • Use face-to-face marketing (F2F)

Each of these steps will ensure an authentic student experience, while making the most of both digital and physical interactions. Learn more about why event marketing is a smart choice for winning student and millennial customers or download our Playbook to make the most of F2F and event marketing.


2: Reaching Students and Millennials Through Innovate Print Media

Student demographics of 16-25 experience and prefer most brand marketing through the digital sphere. Elite Daily states that 87% of millennials use between two and three tech devices at least once on a daily basis. Print media may therefore seem like a doomed cause.

But fret not; though traditional media is not always the go-to marketing medium for millennial audiences, a recent study by Tech Times says that millennials and print media are making a comeback with 92% of school students saying they prefer reading paper books over E-Books.

Plus there are advantages of innovating the interaction and engagement of print media for digitally oriented student markets who respond to just that.

Don’t believe us?

David Arabrov, CEO and Founder of Elite Daily says millennials “develop strong brand loyalty when presented with quality products and actively engaged by brands”.

Interactive print ads could transform traditional media that is otherwise lagging behind its digital peers.

A couple of examples would be this Nivea ad that won the Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes in 2014 and this Kontor Records advert. Both create a fusion between print and digital that will feel appealing and accessible to digital savvy student audiences.

Another way of marrying print with digital is through QR codes and NFC technology, catering to smart phones and the interactivity of print media.

Personalised print media – which is often lacking in this traditional medium, is also a sure-fire way to get your brand noticed. Personalised emails are ten a penny, but personalised print implies exclusivity built on time and care, triggering an emotional response and positive brand experience that we know millennials favour.

QR Code - Event, Print & Digital: A Guide To Student and Millennial Marketing


3: Harness The Digital Sphere – Engaging Millennials and Students Online

According to a recent Freshers Marketing Report by The Beans Group, 33% of students say they spend more than 20 hours a week online while at university and Elite Daily discovered that 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer, making technology an undeniably essential cog in the marketing machine.

Digital - Event, Print & Digital: A Guide To Student and Millennial Marketing

Here are a few reasons why digital marketing is a vital tool in reaching student audiences:

  • It’s a time and money efficient means of targeting specific student demographics, allowing access to a wider pool of potential customers through social media. In their post “10 New Findings About the Millennial Consumer” Business Insider discusses the benefits of social media marketing.
  • Websites offer real-time editing and publishing; web design is cheaper than print and websites provide the possibility of creative, interactive brand engagement. 
  • Data analytics also allow you to refine your target audience and therefore tailor your marketing methods to the interests of your student audience. You can quickly see which landing pages they respond to. What content they are most interested in. Where they find your site and most importantly the products they are buying. 
  • Young people are more likely to trust a brand if it has an online presence, since most of their interaction with brand and business is through digital platforms. According to Elite Daily and Millennial Branding 58% of millennials expect brands to publish content online and want to see that content rank authenticity before they make a purchase .

Keen to find out more about how marketing to students will benefit your business?

Learn more about our Glasgow and London Freshers Festival events and our philosophy of student and Millennial event marketing here.

Festival Blog

Scotland’s 6 Best Millennial Bloggers & Vloggers

Home to the likes of J.K Rowling, Irvine Welsh and Robert Louis Stevenson, Scotland is a pioneer in the wizardry of the wordsmith and the landscape of global literature.

And since the digital age has brought with it the Kindle, iBooks and heaps of online access to poetry and short story archives, it’s time to turn to the writers governing the tummies, shoe collections and minds of the nation’s young folk.

So whether you’re keen on recipes and nutritional advice or ways to style your beard, we give you Scotland’s six of our favourite (and in our opinion best) millennial bloggers and vloggers.

Scottish Food Blogger

Girl Versus Food


Offering detailed and relatable reviews, tasty recipes and commentary on Scotland’s food and drink scene, Girl Versus Food encapsulates the nation’s love for a good munch, passionately exploring eateries and events from the perspective of a self-proclaimed former fussy eater. A great read if you’re unsure about forking out a chunk of your SAAS to visit a new local restaurant and want some trusted opinions.

Lifestyle Blogger

Little Blog of Horrors  

Having been featured widely across the press since the blog’s birth seven years ago, Little Blog of Horrors is an endearing and inspiring celebration of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Scotland, with must-try DIY’s, travel features, fashion advice and make-up and tattoo tips, peppered with anecdotes and a heavy dose of banter.

 Scottish Makeup Influencer

Jamie Genevieve 

As a full time Social Media Influencer, with nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube and over 800 thousand followers on Instagram, Jamie is a leading beauty icon around the world, focussing on make-up tutorials and skin care advice with a Scottish twang.

Scottish Music Blog

Rave Child

Founded by Iain Dawson, Rave Child dissects the nation’s music scene to uncover raw talent beneath the mainstream surface, with live reviews and gig recommendations. The ideal read for discovering fresh talent and keeping up with the unique and eclectic corners of Scotland’s soundscapes.

 Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber

Man for Himself


Since fashion blogs for men aren’t as prevalent as those run by female fashionistas, Man for Himself is a refreshing take on male fashion, showcasing advice on grooming and style, from accessories footwear and fragrances to outfits and even underwear. Robin James, the voice behind the blog, offers YouTube videos with discussions on fashion and grooming as well as exploring issues in the millennial zeitgeist.

Scottish Fashion PR & Lifestyle Blogger

Foreveryours Betty 

With vibrant tangerine branding and even brighter hair, Foreveryours Betty covers city guides, fashion and beauty tips and even valuable advice on women in business. Her down-to-earth, can-do attitude is both inspiring and humbling.

Do you have a fave millennial blogger? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re keen to meet other like-minded folks keen on digital reads, grab a ticket to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.

Festival Blog

The ‘Club Corridor’ Returns to Freshers’ Festival 2014!

We’re not daft. We know Freshers’ Week is all about the 24/7 partying. This is the time to meet new friends, explore the plethora of pubs and clubs in the city and dance until your feet fall off (not literally). Whether you’re new to the city and looking to scout out all the hot spots or you fancy trying somewhere new, Freshers’ Festival 2014 plays host to our very own Club Corridor! All the hottest clubs in the city come down to our event to hand out free hoodies (these will become your go  item of clothing for early morning lectures), free alcohol, bags, T shirts, shot glasses and so much more! Stay tuned for more details on our clubs and pubs zone coming very soon and make sure you follow us on Twitter @FuturesFest to receive event updates!

Check out a snapshot of our Club Corridor @ Freshers’ Festival 2013!

Freshers’ Festival 2014
2nd & 3rd October
SECC, Glasgow
All Students Welcome!

Festival Blog

Employment Zone @ Freshers’ Festival 2014

As many of you will know, as well as planning the UKs largest Freshers Fair, we also run an annual careers and lifestyle event in March called Futures Fest. This year, we thought we’d bring Futures to Freshers and offer some career inspiration to school leavers and students of all ages. Visit our employment zone and speak to the experts about your career path or bring along your CV and apply for jobs on the spot!

We’ll also have a host of industry leaders sharing tips and advice on getting the job you deserve. At our last Futures Fest event we had guest speakers from Radio 1, Topshop, RAF, NHS, Benefit, Mentorn Media (makers of Idiot Abroad) and many more! Take control of your future and be sure to visit the Employment Zone at Freshers’ Festival 2014 for some fantastic career inspiration and tips.

More information coming very soon – stay tuned and follow us on twitter @FreshersFest for event updates!

Freshers’ Festival 2014
2nd & 3rd October
SECC, Glasgow



Event Info

WE’RE BACK – Freshers’ Festival 2014 @ SECC

Guess what? The biggest and best Freshers’ Festival in Scotland is back!

Over 8,000 students visited Freshers’ Festival 2013 and we had so much fun over the 2 days, we’ve decided to do it all over again in 2014. Yep, we’re back at the mighty SECC on the 2nd & 3rd October with even more freebies, live entertainment, huge prize giveaways, free food and drink plus over 140 stalls including the very best pubs, clubs, restaurants, retailers and so much more!

With over 10,000 expected this year, attending the Freshers’ Festival  is a great way to meet friends, bond with your new flatmates and take home loads of goodies (trust us, it’s much more than the odd keyring and pen). You don’t need your student card to attend but you will need to show proof of ID if you’re looking to sample the free alcohol available (oh yeh!). Stay tuned for more information coming very soon and be sure to follow us @FreshersFest  on Twitter.

Here’s what we got up to last year.

Festival Blog

Freshers’ Festival 2013 Video

WOW. What a couple of awesome days. We had over 8,000 students passing through the doors @ SECC and each of them left with a bagful of goodies and a belly full of free food. Relive all the fun of Freshers’ Festival 2013 with our video below – enjoy!

So…see you in 2014?

Festival Blog

Scotcampus Super Competition @ FreshersFest

This year we’ve created one bumper prize for one lucky student to win each day! Simply attend Scotcampus Freshers Festival and St Enoch Student Shopping event to enter! The winners will be announced online on Tuesday 24th September. Check out the goods…


Scotcampus Freshers’ Festival @ SECC, 10am-4pm, free. 

How To Get To SECC
Free buses running from the city centre all day, check website for more details.
TRAIN: low level train from Central Station to Exhibition Centre (every 10 mins from Platform 17).
WALK: 10 min walk from city centre
TAXI: average journey £5
CAR: paid visitor parking available at SECC



Event Info Exhibitor Info Uncategorized

Freshers Festival 2013 Floor Plan


Event Info Festival Blog Uncategorized

Scotcampus Freshers’ Fest – it’s almost time!

Scotcampus Freshers’ Festival 2013  is so close we can almost taste the free pizza slices.

This year we’ve packed SO MUCH fun into Hall 3 of the mighty SECC, so here’s everything you need to know ahead of the big event:

Open 19th-20th September, 10am–4pm.

You don’t need your student card to attend but you will need to show proof of ID if you’re looking to sample the free alcohol available.

Explore over 100 stalls including the very best pubs, clubs, restaurants and retailers, bag freebies by the bucketful, win big competition prizes, watch a fashion show from St Enoch Centre,shake it with Beyonce dance classes,take part in our rap battles, get scouted by The Model Team or get snappy with our fun photo booths.

How To Get To SECC

FREE BUSES – running all day: 
University Avenue, every 20 minutes
Caledonian University via St Enoch Centre, every 30 minutes
Strathclyde Union via St Enoch Centre, every 30 minutes
George Square via St Enoch Centre, every 25 minutes

TRAIN: low level train from Central Station to Exhibition Centre (every 10 mins from Platform 17, £1.50)
WALK: 10 min walk from city centre
TAXI: average journey £5
CAR: paid visitor parking available at SECC

Exclusive Freshers’ Festival Shopping Event @ St Enoch Centre, 19th Sept, 12noon-9pm.

Join in the conversation and follow us on Twitter @freshersfest

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