5 of the Best Student Accommodation in the World

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Student accommodation is not always well-known for its fantastic architecture. However, around the world there are some incredibly cool student accommodation, some of which look more like 5* hotels than student digs. Here are 5 of the best student accommodation that the world has to offer.

1. Urban Rigger (Copenhagen)

best student accommodation

This student accommodation floats on the harbour front, providing spectacular views across the water. It is located near the centre of Copenhagen, and has fantastic communal facilities such as BBQ and viewing deck. But most impressively, this accommodation is cheap! It was built to combat the high cost of living in Denmark’s capital, and has proved extremely popular. Many more Urban Rigger’s are now planned: Can they bring some to the UK please?

2. Cite a Docks (Le Havre, France)

cool student accommodation

This impressive structure was built by stacking old shipping containers on top of each-other. However, these studio apartments are certainly not poor quality. In fact, each one comes with en-suite bathroom, glass-walls overlooking the courtyard, and fully-fitted kitchens. The accommodation as a whole is extremely interconnected, with a central garden where students can meet up and relax.

3. San Joaquin (California)

best student accommodation

This space of 50 student units at the University of California has won multiple architecture awards. Each building is structured in an open style, with outdoor staircases and adjoining pathways to connect the units together. With reading rooms and dining spaces scattered across the area, the San Joaquin apartments are looking to redefine the notion of ‘communal student living’.

4. Dyson Institute (Wiltshire)

cool student accommodation

The Dyson Institute is a British university which combines engineering work (at Dyson) with a university degree. Students studying here earn a degree in collaboration with Warwick, but also work at Dyson 3 days a week and receive lectures by top Dyson engineers. As you might expect, the accommodation is very technologically advanced, with each student receiving a 4 x 8m en-suite pod. These pods contain huge windows which give them a futuristic feel, and comfy beanbags where students can relax.

5. Taliesin Shelters (Arizona)

Perhaps the strangest accommodation on this list can be found at the School of Architecture at Taliesin (SOAT). This school has a longstanding tradition of students designing their own shelters / houses and then living in them whilst they study. Whilst you might expect these shelters to represent the kind of ‘treehouse’ you tried to build as a kid, the students at SOAT are extremely talented. Examples of accommodation include glass houses and floating tents; would you fancy staying here?

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the best student accommodation in the world. If you are looking for some of the best student accommodation to stay in the UK, then visit our friends at Student Roost.