Blanks Interview | Songs to Cheer you up

Interested in getting into the music industry? Here is an interview we recently did with Blanks, an upcoming indie artist. His new single, Dance Alone, was recently released on Friday 10th April!

Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m Simon and I have an artist project named Blanks! I love blending indie with pop to make feel good songs that work really well as the soundtrack of your life. I have a YouTube channel where I post original songs and covers, and every once in a while I let my Instagram followers help me write a song, by letting them vote on every part of the songmaking process. 

How did you start your music career and do you have any tips for young people looking to make it in the industry?

I started writing and producing when I was about 18 years old, and decided to remake popular songs in one hour and post videos of that on my YouTube. That resulted in a lot of subscribers (which is still crazy to me) and I decided to put out some original songs I’d written. From there it went really fast! My biggest tip would be: GO DO IT. There is never a right time to start, just go make stuff and put it out. People who will like you / what you make will stick along while you get better. And when you get at a certain level, you’ll already have a bunch of people interested in what you do! Don’t wait and wait until the right moment or until you meet the right people: you can make a lot happen for yourself!

Do you have any exciting news to share?

I got a lot of new music coming up! A new song ‘Dance Alone’ (which I wrote about the quarantine) came out this Friday the 10th of April, and I have two more songs coming really soon! Another thing: my Europe tour had to be postponed due to the virus, but we just got new dates for in October, so I’m really excited about that! Oh, and I got some awesome merch coming up (we made a custom skateboard deck which is insanely cool!)

During self-isolation, a lot of people are using music to stay positive. Do you have a song of the week that people can use as a pick-me-up?

Yes! I ran into this music from the 00’s playlist and found What The Hell by Avril Lavigne, and I’ve been jamming out to that every day for the past week haha! Such a mood booster 🙂