A Day in the Life of a First Year Student

By Samantha Allan

The first days of uni are jam-packed with new experiences and big question marks. Lectures, freshers fairs, studying and of course our very own Freshers’ Fest must be squeezed in! It’s time to get started, make friends and find out what first year is all about.

Before it all starts

Heading into a full lecture hall can seem a little daunting. But you can make connections before you even step onto the campus. Some universities have Facebook groups that will allow you to chat to people on your course; although you might have to be approved by an admin first. If you’re more of a Twitter person check if anyone is tweeting about you uni or you’re uni’s fresher’s week. Forums such as The Student Room have boards dedicated to each university so you can ask current students questions and find out who else will be starting. Just keep in mind that people might not be who they say they are; you shouldn’t have to buy a friend!

Lectures and seminars

It might be best not to be fashionably late to your 9am lecture; you don’t want to be the one getting stared at by a full lecture hall. Most unis have codes for different buildings so you can check where they are before heading out. If you’re unsure, just ask if you think you might be a little lost. Be brave and talk to whoever you’re sitting next to also! Who knows, that hairy guy who’s already asleep could become your new BFF.

Clubs and society fairs

Wandering about the different areas of the freshers’ fairs, you’ll find hundreds of clubs available to join. Clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people from different years and courses, meaning you can make new friends that have a similar interest to you, whether it’s sports, language or a love of books. They tend to have a relaxed atmosphere making it easy to get to know people and if you decide it’s not for you then try something else.


It might not seem important, but if you get into the habit of doing things early on then it’ll be easier in the long run. Bite the bullet and spent the cash on your set texts right away, before you drink it all away in the union on day one. And if you’re told to read a chapter for your next class, then do it sooner rather than later and makes some notes. It saves having to try and go back to the very beginning and cram everything in when exam time comes. If you need a quiet place to do it then go to the library where you’ll find silent study areas.

Exploring your new city

Get out there and explore your new home with your new friends and flatmates! Check out the student union as you’ll find themed nights and different events. While exploring the campus you’ll have amassed a bundle of flyers from local clubs and bars that have deals and offers, and this is a great way get out and find the best places.

If you’re looking for a way to make friends from other unis, places to go, discounts and freebies then got your bohookey down to Fresher’s Fest (23-24th September) at the SECC, Glasgow. You can register for your free VIP tickets now for you and your new cronies. Head to the VIP ticket area to sign-up.

Freshers Festival

Freshers Festival

Home of the UK's largest student events.

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