10 Excuses We Have Heard for Missing Lectures

Here is our list of some of the worst excuses used for missing lectures as a university student.

There is the classic ‘the bus was late’ or ‘the dog ate my work’, but what other funny excuses have students come up with for missing lectures?

Here are our favourites:

1. “My key broke in the lock so I got locked in.” Interesting switch of the traditional “I was locked out my house” line.

2. “I was wearing mismatching socks so had to go back and change.” Obviously lecturers will understand that fashion comes before studying.

3. “The cat followed me out the house so I had to take her home.” Who is even allowed pets in their student accommodation?!

4. “My alarm went off, I threw it at the wall, it broke, and then I overlsept”. Seems a bit extreme but definitely relatable.

5. “I got lost trying to find the lecture hall but couldn’t find it so went home.” If that’s what’s holding you back from getting your degree wait until you get a job!

6. “I missed my bus, chased it, fell on my face, then had to go to hospital.” Painful…

7. “I got my days mixed up – I thought the lecture was for tomorrow!” Nice try, but next time? Try harder.

8. “I’ve got Freshers Flu.” More likely it’s just a hangover from the night before.

9. “I was going to be really late but that would have been too embarrassing so I decided not to turn up at all.” This just doesn’t even make sense!

10. “I heard noises in my house last night and thought it was a ghost but I was too scared to go to sleep and ended up being too tired to attend class.” Just when you think you’ve heard them all, there’s one excuse that tops them all.

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