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Content Last Updated on June 20, 2019

Free Flights: My Story

Last year, I bought 2 return flights to Vienna from London for £0.01p each. That’s right, not £1, but 1p. It was very easy, very quick, and the flight went very smoothly! These were, pretty much, free flights!

How did I do this? It involves a free service called ‘Jack’s Flight Club’. I am not being promoted by to make this article, I simply want to share my experience with them. Jack’s Flight Club is an email service that sends ridiculously cheap flights to you by email a few times each week. All you have to do is sign up for free on the website: Jack’s Flight Club and links to cheap / free flights will be sent to your inbox! They also have a ‘premium service’ for £35 / year, but that is by no means required.

Last year, Jack’s Flight Club sent me this email:

free flights

It turns out Vueling were launching a new flight route to Vienna, and to celebrate they were giving away tickets for as low as 1p each. There were surprisingly many dates available (including in August!), and despite the website being slow due to increased traffic, I managed to easily grab two tickets.

Here is proof of purchase:

free flights

Overall I purchased 2 return tickets for 0.04 CHF (Swiss francs), so these were basically free flights! Now flights this cheap are rare, but when they appear Jack’s Flight Club will send you them!

Other examples of cheap flights I have seen quite regularly include London to USA for £150 return, London to Bangkok for £300, London to Bali for £300, and London to Australia for £400! Sometimes there are error fares that the airline enters by mistake that you are still allowed to purchase, and other times they are just very cheap deals the airline is promoting. Either way, it is an amazing way to bag yourself cheap flights!

They don’t just offer flights from London airports, and regularly have flights leaving from Manchester, Edinburgh, and many other cities.

I think it is an amazing service, and if you are interested in signing up FOR FREE then here is a link: Jack’s Flight Club