Why Glasgow is the Best City for International Students

If you’ve landed on Glaswegian turf for the first time, you’ll no doubt be eager to discover Scotland’s greatest city and surf the wave of the second largest student population in the UK. Although many of our studious compadres find their homes locally or nationally, Glasgow welcomes thousands of international students each year, reveling in the diversities they bring. So to ignite your pride for this fine city and to welcome undergrads and postgrads alike, here are the reasons why Glasgow is the best city for international students.


It’s Multi-Cultural Vibes

For years the dear green place has been an emblem of diversity, encompassing folks from near and far and regularly celebrating the cosmopolitan cogs of its cultural machine. Not only has Glasgow been voted the friendliest city in the UK ahead of Newcastle and Liverpool, but also it prides itself on being home to a vast myriad of languages, cultures and beliefs. The Glasgow Mela Festival held in Kelvingrove Park is an annual event that celebrates the city’s multi-culturalism, featuring music, including Indian dance troupes and African drummers, entertainment, food and drink. For the rest of the year, if you’re looking for sensational sounds or tasty grub, you can visit a number of the city’s international clubs and restaurants such as the African & Caribbean Centre, The Well Multi-Cultural Resource Centre and Glasgow’s very own Chinatown.


Universities Accommodate Non-English Native Speakers

All Glasgow based universities welcome and support international students, with long-established Study Abroad and exchange programmes and help for non-English native speakers, including classes that aid applicants with English language requirements and liberal use of dictionaries in exams. Most universities also provide support with visas, accommodation, travel and scholarships.


Cheap Living Costs


Though the prospect of studying in Paris or London may seem enticing, the living costs alone in these cities mean it’s virtually impossible to rustle up any disposable income for post class frolics, unless of course your parents are rich AF or you’re luck enough to have nabbed a hefty student loan. Glasgow on the other hand offers better equality accommodation at a fraction of the price as well as opportunities to get involved in arts, culture and entertainment scenes that would rival a number of major European cities. If you’re keen to learn more about accommodation and living costs, have a peek at this useful guide.

Be sure to visit our Freshers Festival event in September to meet with many accommodation providers who can provide more information on private lets and Halls of Residences.


International Societies


Not only do Glaswegian universities provide support through official services, but also many have cultivated unique communities by means of International Societies, providing a gateway through which new students from near and far can gather to make new pals and navigate the city together. These societies introduce members to the city’s cultural facets and regularly organise social events like pub nights and outings and provide free food at its gatherings.

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