Good News Stories from The Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 has caused huge problems throughout the world, and sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive when surrounded by bad news. However, the coronavirus outbreak has also led to some positive news stories emerging, with a sense of community and togetherness being felt across the globe. It is important that these positive stories are highlighted as much as possible. Here are some pieces of good news to come from the coronavirus outbreak:

1. The Environment

Coronavirus has led to a significant fall in pollution levels across the world. Unsurprisingly, with lockdown being enforced, there are far fewer cars on the roads, factories have been shut down, and plane journeys cancelled. In India, nitrogen oxide levels have fallen by over 45% in Mumbai. In Venice, the water has completely cleared up, and many seabirds and fish have returned to the canals. Whilst the lockdown will likely see pollution levels return to normal, this has been a positive ‘rest’ for the environment, and hopefully will lead to most substantial environmental reform in the future.

2. Volunteering

The coronavirus has left many industries understaffed, particularly the NHS. However, there has been an overwhelming turnout through volunteering efforts. Over 500,000 people signed up to the government’s new volunteering scheme to help support the NHS. This includes people helping drive the ‘most vulnerable’ to health check-ups, help deliver food to those in need, and make phone calls to those in isolation. 12,000 retired NHS nurses staff have also volunteered to come out of retirement to help support the efforts. The country has shown an amazing level of cooperation and togetherness that has arguably not been seen since wartime, and this is definitely something we should all be proud of.

3. International Cooperation

It is not just our own country that has seen significant cooperation. Internationally, countries have been helping support each-other by delivering equipment to those who need it the most. France and Italy have been struggling more than most with the outbreak, and Germany offered to fly some of the patient’s of these countries back to Germany for treatment, in order to help support the Italian and French hospitals. China have also been offering donations, with Italy and the Philippines both receiving hundreds of thousands of masks and pieces of medical equipment to try contain the virus. It is positive to know that, in times of crisis, the entire world comes together to try to help the must vulnerable.

4. Clapping for our Carers

One of the more emotional tributes we have seen during the coronavirus has been the Clapping for our Carers movement. Held at 8pm in the UK on Thursdays, this event called for everyone to stand by their windows or balconies and clap, to show their appreciation for the NHS. This led to some emotional videos, many of which can be seen on YouTube. It is not known how often the movement will carry on for, but so-far the last couple of Thursdays have seen the Clapping for our Carers take place, so make sure to get involved. We’ve never seen so many people on their balconies around where we live – it was an incredible experience!

5. Virus Recovery Rate

The coronavirus has been devastating, but it is important to remember that the vast majority of people recover. Most experts believe the overall death rate is below 1%, and even for elderly people the majority will survive the virus. In fact, a 94 year old recently recovered from the virus in the UK. The death rate is far less than MERS (about 34%), SARS (about 11%), or Ebola (90%), though higher than the average seasonal flu (0.1%). Another positive outcome is that it does not affect children as much as adults. Most viruses are particularly dangerous for very young people, but the coronavirus is an exception, which at least is one positive statistic to come from the outbreak.

6. Wuhan Recovery

The epicentre of the outbreak, Wuhan (China), is starting to return to normal. The entire province was in lockdown for 2 months, but Chinese authorities have recently started lifting restrictions, helping life become slightly more normal for its residents. April 8th is the official date that Wuhan lifts its lockdown, and this will allow for planes and travel to fully resume. Families who were split up for 2 months can finally see each-other, people can return to their jobs, and life will slowly start to get better. This is important as it shows that recovery is possible. In fact, many Asian countries which were the worst hit when the outbreak first started, such as South Korea, have started to return to normal. Whilst this will not be for a few weeks in Europe, it is important to remember that things will get better, and we just have to try and stay positive until they do.

We hope you found this ‘good news guide’ useful, or at least refreshing when compared to all the negativity that currently exists in the media. Whilst it is important to stay updated on the news, make sure you take regular breaks from coronavirus news, as it can lead to anxiety or negativity for some people. Just remember, there is still good news out there, and amongst all this mayhem, positivity can still be found.