Got Wanderlust? Save Pennies And Hop On Board With Citylink

For us millennial kids, our childhood was shaped by the media we consumed on rainy Sunday afternoons, when we’d listen patiently to the rewind of our VHS tapes and marvel at coming-of-age stories of love, friendship and fresh beginnings. More often than not these iconic scenes took place on transitional journeys, on school and city buses, from Forrest Gump and Gilmore Girls to more modern gems like Pitch Perfect. So if you’re a precious fresher eager for a journey like your fave on screen characters, we’ve teamed up with Citylink to help you save cash, travel Scotland in style and create your own picture-perfect scenes.

Whether you’re nervous about embarking on a voyage to a new city, or coming to terms with the fact that your BFF will be studying on the other side of the country – fear not – Citylink have your back. And when it comes to saving that sweet dolla, opting for the coach will soon prove to be a much wiser investment than selling an organ to travel by cross-country train.


Nab Hefty Discounts And Visit Cities Across Scotland

Running coaches to all major university cities in Scotland, Citylink are the cheapest and comfiest deal out there, transporting students on the reg to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling. PLUS with MyCitylink you’ll be get the chance to get your hands on a 20% discount on your travels, and all you have to do is register online when buying your ticket and bob’s your uncle.


Travel Between Edinburgh & Glasgow For Uni Or Nights Out

For all Edinburgh and Glasgow students, hopping aboard the Citylink coach is easy peasy, since the 900 service operates with a hefty 50 coach journeys each way, everyday with the longest wait for your journey being a mere fifteen minutes, making it an ideal low cost option for students commuting between cities. Need guarantee that you can snap chat your way home? All coaches come with super fast 4G Wi-Fi. Want to get home safe after a night on the toon? Late night services run on Saturday and Sunday at 1.30am and 3am.

Save On Fuel And Be Environmentally Friendly

And since we all know the hassle of taking our car to a city, from the non-existent student discount on fuel to the inevitable battle with the parking meter, jumping on the coach means you can have a few drinks or cut some means shapes in the club ‘til the wee hours without worrying about a long drive home. Not only that but taking the coach also has perks for the old environment, meaning you can travel while saving cash and the earth at the same time.


Game for offers and discounts on your travels? Check out Citylink and register online or keep up to date with happenings on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to have a chat with them while nabbing other massive freebies, goodies and deals then make sure to pick up your FREE VIP ticket to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.



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Freshers Festival

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