By Mina Green

Those of us who have experienced the honour of growing up in Scotland will be all too (sometimes painfully) familiar with the recent twitter trend #GrowingUpScottish. From translucent skin problems to Irn Bru to the phenomena of dialect and grammar (or lack there of) #GrowingUpScottish highlights the hilarious, awkward and endearing features of living and learning in Scotland. If you’re Scotland born and bred then you’re guaranteed to have a chuckle at these nostalgic gems, and if you’re new to Scotland then take these bite size nuggets as directions in navigating our rich and varied culture.

1. Trading in proof of your sugary drink consumption to enable you to consume yet more sugary drinks.

2. We forgot what the actual name is…

3. It was a brutal truth: you were playing with fire.

4. Ah, virgin lips. Peer pressure at its finest.

5. When punnies were the bane of your life.

6. ‘Tern on the big light will ye hen I can’t see a hing’

7. If you made the wrong choice, you knew you’d regret it.

8. Trying way too hard to be badass.

9. Yes, because as a 12-year-old the whole street belonged to you.

10. The refusal to be within such close proximity to a member of the opposite sex.