How to Decorate Your Uni Room Without Breaking the Bank

Here are some of our top tips for how to decorate your uni room on a budget. This article is brought to you by Vicky Veselichka, check out her YouTube channel here.

Ever since I was accepted into University the thing that I was looking forward to the most was moving out of home and being able to create my own space in my uni room. I quickly realised, however, that this was going to be costly!

1. Know Where to Shop

I thought that I would be able to do all of my shopping at places like Debenhams, but these stores can often be pricey. Here I will introduce my first tip: know what to shop for where. Ikea is great for frames, fake flowers, pots, rugs and storage. There is a large variety there and all of them seem relatively well-priced to me, and I had set myself a tight budget. That being said, my favourite storage boxes are from Rymans. I am a makeup lover and the way that my precious makeup is stored is very important to me: I bought several different sizes and was able to beautifully arrange to fit even better into my drawers. I bought around 12 containers and only spent about sixteen pounds: that seems pretty good value to me!

2. Get Crafty

My second tip involves getting a little crafty. When I moved into my room, I realised that the person before me had used bluetack to stick up posters. This left little marks in the walls that needed to be covered. I decided to cover these with ‘quotes’ in picture frames, a trend that I first saw on Instagram and thought looked really cool! However, these quote frames are expensive to buy, at a hefty ten pound minimum for an A4 print! Instead, I made my own in word (this took me approximately five minutes per design) and they turned out relatively well despite my lack of design skills! I then purchased some frames from Ikea for three pounds a piece and I was ready to hang them up – I had saved myself twenty pounds overall!

3. Furniture

So what if, like me, you had some extra space to fill and you wanted some larger furniture? IKEA offer some affordable solutions, but you can find even cheaper by looking at second-hand products! I started to do some digging and found that Ebay, Gumtree and the Facebook marketplace are all wonderful places to purchase second-hand furniture. Many people even give stuff away for free on these websites just to get it off of their hands. In fact these websites are good for decorations in general: I managed to snag a working crossly record player for only seven pounds from eBay!

Disclaimer: Please never go to pick up purchases in person unless you are absolutely sure of your safety, it is best to go with a friend or parent.

Finishing Touches

Lastly, once you have the foundations of your room laid and it is starting to feel more homely, I would recommend getting smaller items from second hand shops, car boot sales, and eBay (again). You can even go somewhere like TK Maxx or Wilko: They have some excellently priced items that are aesthetically pleasing and also affordable. There is nothing more satisfying than digging through a TK Maxx store to find an absolute gem of an item!

Thanks to Vicky Veselichka for sharing her tips for how to decorate your uni room. If you want to contribute an article to Freshers Festival, click here to find out more.

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