How to Decorate your Uni Room Without Damaging the Walls

Sometimes we feel like we need a change, like we want to update, refresh, or revitalise our lives. A great way to do this is by decorating your room! A well-decorated and homely room can often help you feel more positive, particularly if you are studying away from home at university.

However, decorating university rooms can be difficult, particularly as you cannot usually drill / nail / leave marks on the walls. Here are 5 ways you can decorate your uni room without any damage:

Command Hooks

One of the best things to do a uni is to have some pictures / portraits of your family / friends framed and put up on your wall. Annoyingly, most unis don’t let you hang things on the wall for fear of damaging them, unless of course you have Command Hooks.

These are awesome life-savers for any student looking to decorate their room. Simply remove the layer of tape, wack them on your wall, and place your picture frame/clock on the hook! When you move out, you can just carefully pull the command hook from the wall, and there will be no stain or markings!

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Fairy Lights

You might call them cheesy or ‘basic’, but there is no denying that fairy lights have an awesome charm that can quite literally light up any student room.

Simply attach them with bluetack, or weave them around the headboard of your bed, and get a brightly coloured room without any permanent damage done!

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One of the simplest, but also most satisfying, changes you can make to a uni room is simply by adding more pillows! Most accommodation only gives you one pillow (or 2 at a push). However, by adding more pillows, it adds a whole lot more comfort, and could help turn your prison-like room into a pillow-y paradise.

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Plant Terrarium

House plants are supposed to be positive for your mental health & wellness. Whether that’s true or not, they certainly do help to spice up the vibe of your room.

For a modern twist, put the plant in a terrarium and create your own mini garden!

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Photo Wall

If you don’t have any photo frames, but still want to add a personal touch to your room, think about having a photo wall! This is simply a section of your room with photos stuck on, a bit like a collage. All you really need is a basic photo printer and you are good to go!

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