How to Organise your Life | Student Organisation Tips

Staying organised is a problem for anyone, but it is a particular problem for students. With so many assignments and deadlines, in combination with necessities such as parties and Netflix, it can lead to many students feeling disorganised and disillusioned with their studies. However, we are here to tell you that organisation is not impossible. In fact, with a few simple tips, you can organise your life and get back on track with both your studies and social activities.

5 Ways to Organise your Life

1. Lists

how to organise your life

Lists are crucial for any student looking to stay organised. Writing down a daily ‘to-do’ list is highly effective, as it ensures you know exactly which tasks need to be completed every day. We suggest using classic pen and paper lists as the most effective solution. Whilst phone / laptop lists can work, they are too much a part of our everyday lives to make the list properly stand out. Having a notepad list by your bed or your desk is something you are very unlikely to forget about, and this makes it more likely you will complete your lists. Moreover, it is much more satisfying to ‘cross off’ each completed task on a notepad, than simply deleting the completed task from a laptop or phone. Check out our friends at Collins Debden for the highest quality notepads and organisers.

2. Plan Ahead

how to organise your life

One of the major reasons people are disorganised is that they only concentrate on short term plans. This means too many things can suddenly arise at once, giving you less time to complete all your tasks. Planning in advance is an excellent strategy. Note down all your major deadlines, such as student assignments, part-time work days, and even your friend’s parties. This will allow you to plan ahead. If you see that you have three assignments due in 4 weeks, as well as a party, then you will not want to wait until that week to do all your tasks. Planning ahead if crucial to organise yourself and your time effectively.

3. Keep a Calendar

student organisation

If you want to really learn how to organise your life, then you will need to keep a diary/calendar. This can either be on Google or a physical diary/calendar. Again, we think physical paper diaries or calendars are much more satisfying to fill in and tick off as you complete each task. However, whatever calendar you choose, make sure to fill in the major deadlines and events over a month in advance. This means you can easily see which tasks need completing before a specific date. It also means you will never forget an important assignment or event!

4. Filing is Fantastic

student organisation

You know the feeling. You need a crucial piece of information, such as your car insurance or bank statement, and you do not have a clue where to look. All you have is a huge pile of random papers in your room. This is not going to lead to good organisation. You should keep a file of all your major documents, split into different sections, such as ‘finance’, ‘academic records’, etc. You should also organise the files on your computer, so you can always easily find any work or information you need. Colour coding files is particularly rewarding, and will make all your documents easy to find.

5. Stay Tidy

Our final tip on how to organise your life is simply to keep tidy. If your room is organised, you will be more likely to be organised yourself!

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