IKEA Treasure Hunt: Freshers Festival Glasgow

This year at Freshers Festival Glasgow, IKEA are running a very different sort of competition: A Treasure Hunt! This competition starts as soon as the Glasgow event opens on 18th September.

IKEA have hidden 5 items in different areas of the room at Freshers Festival Glasgow. Each of these items has a letter attached to it. All you have to do is find each of the letters, re-arrange them to make the secret code word, and submit your word! All successful entries have a chance of winning some fantastic IKEA prizes!

How to submit the code word? First, you have to download the brand new events app, YADA Powered. This app contains exclusive students deals, and also lets you find out about local events. On the ‘Freshers Festival Glasgow’ section of the YADA Powered App, press ‘aditional info’ and you will find a Google Form to fill in. When you get to Freshers Festival Glasgow, simply find the letters, make a word, fill in the Google Form, and submit!

If you still haven’t got tickets to Freshers Festival Glasgow on 18th / 19th September, then you can get your FREE tickets here. We are open to any student at college / uni aged 16+. Good luck to everyone!




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