Indulge In An Indian Feast – Chaakoo Caters For Everyone

From fragrances of earthy cumin and tangy mustard seeds to citrus notes of cardamom and coriander, Indian cuisine transcends boundaries of flavour and hooks us with delicious aromatics, making it no surprise that it’s been one of the most popular cuisines in the UK for centuries.

As well as offering a mouth watering array of veggie and gluten free dishes, South Asian nosh doesn’t always mean blow-your-head-off spicy, so those who prefer more subtle notes can be well looked after. And as our pals at Chaakoo will tell us, there’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a sleek daal makhani on a rainy Glasgow afternoon. So whatever tickles your taste buds, here are our fave Chaakoo recipes for an indulgent Indian feast.


Gluten Free

Chicken Lababdar

Ideal for dinner, lababdar means soft and creamy in Hindi, making for a rich indulgent dish complete with butter sauce, capsicums, tomatoes and cream in a gorgeous Delhi sauce.

Lamb Rogan Josh

Tummy rumblin’ come lunchtime? Up for a hearty munch? The lamb rogan josh is bound to warm your belly with long cooked lamb, onions, peppers and tomatoes, Kashmiri style and soaked in yogurt.

Pair with: Bohemian Pilsner by Bellfield, a gluten free brewer.

Subtle Spice

Daal Makhani

A classic among Punjabi families, Daal Makhani serves up subtle spice for those who aren’t keen for fiery flavours, featuring black lentils, red kidney beans, tomato puree, fresh ginger and cream.

Chicken Korma

A British favourite, Chaakoo’s chicken korma is a creamy queen that packs in Turkish flavours, bubbling with braised chicken in mildly spiced sauce made with yogurt & ground cashew.

Pair with: mango lassi.

Super Spice

Spice up your life with the chicken/lamb madras – a tasty tamil recipe that’s bound to blow your socks off.

Pair with: Some delicious specially selected vino. Try the Pinot Noir or the Gewurztraminer, both by Los Gansos.



If you’d like to stay away from meaty surprises, the Tarka Daal is the perfect culinary choice for veggies, offering spicy lentils smothered in onions, green chillis and tomatoes.

Saag Paneer

This is a healthy Indian alternative to a notorious chip an cheese – cubes of potato pan fried in fresh spinach, spices, ginger and garlic for a fragrant and hefty lunchtime favourite.

Daal Makhani

Get your face in about the daal makhani, not only a subtle spice contender but also an excellent veggie munch.

Pair with: honey, lemon and soda for lunch; Amaretto sour for dinner.

Light Bites

Smoked Chicken Kebab

Grilled just like they used to be back in the day, this bad boy is marinated in tikka dry rub and served with homemade mint chutney.

Tandoori Chaat Kebab

Also ideal to abate those veggie feels, the tandoori chaat kebab makes use of pineapple capsicum and paneer, dipped in garam masala, vinegar and cumin.

Feeling those pangs of hunger in your tummy pouch? Why not check out the full Chaakoo menu here or join the foodie chat on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to grab your FREE VIP tickets to this year’s Freshers’ Festival for discounts, goodies and free food samples.


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