Interview with That London Duo | How to Grow on Instagram in 2020

Content Last Updated on April 17, 2020

That London Duo are a foodie YouTube and Instagram couple based in London. They create food videos on YouTube, and have recently moved to Instagram to share their food adventures through photos and videos. In this interview, we discuss why they started their Instagram, and what tips they have for students wanting to grow their Instagram’s in 2020.

Why did you start your That London Duo YouTube Channel?

We have another channel (Bregvids), where we make gaming content. After the success of that channel, we wanted to move into an area we both really love: Food! We thought it could be a fun thing to do together, so we used the video editing knowledge we already had, and started filming our food addiction!

Why did you create the That London Duo Instagram?

The food community on Instagram is amazing, and we always followed lots of foodie accounts. Instagram also gives you a great way to reach new audiences who might not use YouTube as much. We now post 3x per day on Instagram, and we have an amazing community that continues to grow.

How can you grow on Instagram in 2020?

We think there are 3 key things you need to do to grow on Instagram.

1. Find a Community:

It’s crucial to find a group of other Instagram accounts within your niche. By engaging with them and creating similar content, you will be able to grow at a much faster rate. If you like/comment/follow a similar account, they will probably do the same back: Most people on Instagram are super nice and want to help eachother out!

2. Create content people enjoy:

You need to see what content does well within your niche. For example, we found lots of accounts posting chocolate drizzle cakes (chocolate cake with sauce drizzled on the top). These always got so many likes! So we started creating similar content, and guess what, we also received lots of likes! 

3. Understand Growth Metrics

There are 3 main ways you can be found by new people on Instagram: The explore page, the hashtag pages, and through shares of your followers. Shares are simple: If your followers like your content, they will share it, and one of their friends might then follow you. The explore page is also fairly simple: If your post does really well, it will start to show up in people’s explore pages. However, hashtags are the one thing that you can really control on Instagram. You need to do good research on the best hashtags within your niche. Then you need to test them out, and find out which hashtags your account can trend for. Once you trend for a hashtag, you can use this hashtag more often to trend even more! 

We hope you found this useful. In the end, you just have to be consistent, post high-quality content, and engage with the community, and you will start to see your Instagram grow!