Jobs & opportunities at Freshers’ Festival with Webhelp

Most of us can remember, quite vividly, the exact moment when the SAAS gods graced us with our first blessing of student loan. Perhaps we had just flown the nest and the weekend wages from our local village café was the only existence our humble bank balance had ever known. Regardless of previous financial earnings, the prospect of free dollar in exchange for a study sesh or two seemed like a miracle, that was until we found ourselves with only baked beans for nutrition, since we had no choice but to spend all of our cash on a combo of jelly shots and Chemistry textbooks.

This is about the time when we decide to buck up our ideas, enter the adult world, and get a job to earn our own paper, and subsequently, a lifestyle that welcomes more than a tin of baked beans for Friday night dinner. Whether you have a job already, or you’re still looking for a respectable one to take on alongside your studies, then Webhelp UK can help you gain valuable experience and score a job complete with rewards and future career prospects.


This Freshers’ Festival, Webhelp is eager to meet students from all over Scotland, including Falkirk, Stirling, Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Dunoon, Greenock and Rothesay. You could be starting first year, or graduating this year, but as long as you’re over 18, Webhelp UK has fantastic opportunities for full time work in various locations and encompassing exciting and varied campaigns.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing customer experience outsourcers, Webhelp UK is leading the way in an ever-changing world of communications. They’re looking for bright folks with vivacious personalities; people who have what it takes to master the art of communication. So if you’re keen to work in a fun, vibrant workplace, in a customer service role with great rewards and progression, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

In addition to your basic salary, which will vary per location and campaign (£14,060 – £14,976) you’ll receive plenty of rewards and benefits, all of the kind that you’d expect from a people-focused company. Typical hours and shift patterns vary according to client and campaign, but are usually between 8am and 9pm (Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Dunoon, Greenock & Rothesay), and 7am and 11pm in the Falkirk office.


If you’re looking to earn some money and you’re partial to the odd perk or surprise in the workplace, then you’ll find that Webhelp UK delivers the benefits of an exciting, fast paced and dynamic contact centre environment with outstanding extras and rewards including recognition programmes, recommend a friend initiatives, career progression, training and support and entertaining employee organised events.

So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to discover a new working environment in one of the best contact centres in the UK, develop your skills and gain experience in a job with future career prospects and leading campaigns. And of course, the extra cash will also come in handy to help you grow savings and enhance your university experience. Sound good? Take a peek at Webhelp UK’s official website for more info and updates.