Make Yourself At Home At IKEA’s Student House Party!

We all remember trips to IKEA as kids, the spider man clad bedrooms, enormous bunk beds, and fanatic enthusiasm we displayed at the concept of the supervised play area (what’s better than a ball pool?) while our parents shopped for the deck chairs. As grown students, our visits have somewhat changed – we trundle along the motorway in our Fiat 500 with rowdy flat mates in the back seat – yet these trips are still just as much of an adventure as they were when we were bairns.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that this year IKEA are throwing an exclusive student night for us to re-live those childhood memories and kit out our new pads. Taking place on Tuesday 19th September at the Edinburgh store from 6pm – 8pm they will be hosting a special student event which will feature a multitude of inspiring and fun activities including; a workshop on all of the latest trends, a virtual reality kitchen experience, entertaining games, food demos, and even a chance to get your very own caricature.

Sick of piled up dishes in the sink and so-called friends stealing your left over Papa John’s? Kick off the night by exercising some catharsis with a virtual reality tour of your dream kitchen! Moved into a new flat and keen for some interior inspiration? Tour a selection of room settings, with tips and tricks on the latest trends and stories behind IKEA’s unique designs – what’s better than affordable furnishings to pimp out your student palace?

And why not join in the fun with a Meatball Pong game, with a prize for every winner, as well as demonstrations from the in store chef on how to make pizza flat breads and curry in a hurry, with meat and veggie options from their Swedish Food Market Range.

Plus whatever you spend in the IKEA Edinburgh restaurant, gobbling down grub, you’ll get off of your furniture shop. That’s right – you’ll literally be saving money while stuffing your face with their “All the furniture you can eat” promotion. You’ll also get to savour the moment you saved that monet (see what we did there) by getting your portrait drawn by a caricaturist. To top it all off you’ll wash down those treats with some delicious mocktails, and nab recipes on how to make them at home for a healthy hair of the dog.

Satisfied sofa-r? Swing by for this fantastic free event and reap the benefits of IKEA’s wise philosophy – ‘an empty nest shouldn’t empty your wallet’. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest IKEA events and offers here and don’t forget to grab further discounts and goodies with FREE VIP tickets to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.



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