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10 reasons to love being a Fresher in 2016

Being a fresher is a unique experience, whether you’re tentatively acclimatising to the hormonal and party-hungry vibes of student halls (and that weird furry thing that’s been in the fridge for too long), or settling into a new flat with old pals, you’re bound to experience a touch of nerves and a heavy dose of excitement (that will no doubt be encouraged by a couple of shots of cheap tequila). But fear not, being a fresher is better than it’s ever been. With an array of social events, new people and the bustle of the big city lights, we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to love being a fresher in 2016.


Freshers’ Fringe

Since you’ll find your freshest self plucked from the nest and placed among new people and a new city, a myriad of magnificent parties and social events are bound to beckon. So grab your glad rags and blue sued shoes and get ready to welcome the first ever Freshers’ Fringe, a three week long multi-venue, multi-arts festival in the heart of Glasgow. Curating the biggest and best of Glasgow’s student fresher events, a decadent discovery of unique and diverse parties and event will be at your fingertips. So if you’re looking for your time as a fresher to be memorable, make sure to get yourself along to the greatest student celebration of the year.

Independent Living

Entering the nebulous world of the frenzied fresher can be the most liberating experience of our lives. Since much of our youthful wisdom was gleaned from mastering mind games with our siblings, or rustling up the perfect cheese toasty at 2am without waking the ‘rents, becoming a fresher allows us the opportunity to carve our own path when it comes to daily routines, and to get to grips with independent living.

Although student living can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges (especially when waking up with flakes of kebab in your eyebrow becomes a regular occurrence), embracing the hustle and bustle of student life is an important part of growing up and experiencing life as an (sort of) adult. So when you return to your humble student accommodation at 4am with a traffic cone on your head – embrace it! Because fresher = freedom.

A new academic journey

The best thing about finding yourself at the beginning of a college course or university degree is the freedom to explore new subjects and change your mind if something doesn’t suit you. Nothing is concrete, and this allows you to relish the diversity of academic options, and find your passions.

Exploring a new city

As well as learning to navigate a new living environment, freshers are often plunged into the plains of a new city or town, forced to reconcile with their fear of maps and dingy subway systems. But reveling in the creation of a new life within a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting is exciting, as well as the spontaneity that comes with it. Whether you’re a foodie, a party animal or an art lover, discovering new places is stimulating for your mind, and in many cities, your bank account, since student discounts and offers are just some of the many perks to life as a fresher.

Student loan

Sooner or later, your student loan award letter will stroll through the letterbox, announcing its arrival with an accommodating array of digits and decimals. These sweet digits will help you travel through the freshers’ universe, and give you freedom of choice when it comes to balancing those hefty textbooks with a mid-week burger and beer. It also gives you the chance come to terms with your finances and manage your money.

 Making new friends

Although life as hermit may initially seem inviting, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the shared living room of your halls is the first step towards making fresh friendships and new memories. It can be daunting being a fresher, you may have left behind life-long friends or be miles away from home, but giving yourself the chance to meet new folks and expand your social network is hugely important to understanding and navigating the challenges and triumphs of student life. You could meet the love of your life, or a new BFF, but whomever you decide to share that last slice of Papa John’s with, embrace the diversity of the freshers around you, and make the most of your new friendships.


As a fresher, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in unknown territory and nervously approaching new people and experiences can be a challenge. That’s why many students see their time as a fresher as clean slate and a chance to reinvent themselves. Although you may have spent much of your adolescence trying to forget that time you wet yourself during dodge ball in primary 4, this will no longer be the case. Being a fresher provides you with the opportunity to express your individuality and find like-minded people who admire your character over your past indiscretions. Your journey as a fresher can be one of the most valuable and cathartic ways of presenting your best self to the world.

Fancy dress

There’s also another type of reinvention that you can embrace whole-heartedly as a fresher. Amidst the foam and paint parties that shower your first year fond memories and stinging eyeballs, you will find yourself in an array of embarrassing outfits that you will don in public. If it’s always been your dream to prance through your park dressed like Thor, then prepare yourself to have that dream fulfilled.

Joining a society

Joining societies, clubs or groups while studying is also a good way to socialise with people with similar ideas and interests to your own. This will allow you to engage in something you’re passionate about and nurture a hobby, as well as giving you potential opportunities to make new friendships or snazz up your CV.

New opportunities

This year’s Freshers’ Fringe event is the best way to find new opportunities and ways of making your transition into student life a little easier, and a little more exciting. With over fifty events across the city, there will be a plethora of interesting and unique events to explore including boat parties, employment seminars and a coffee roasting master class. So whatever tickles your fancy, the Freshers’ Fringe has got you covered.


 Make sure to join the freshers’ chat on Twitter for Freshers’ Fringe & Freshers’ Festival.




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Freshers’ Festival returns: bigger and fresher than ever!

The dawn of the biggest and best student party is upon us! The annual Freshers’ Festival is back, bursting to the brim with a magnificent medley of freebies, competition prizes, job opportunities, delicious food and drink, music and entertainment!

Some of you will remember a few of last year’s highlights: mouth-watering free grub and booze, the best DJs from clubs across Scotland, insane giveaways and prizes, free samples from the biggest Scottish fashion brands, live art and model scouting, advice from Scotland’s best bloggers, free pizza and mean karaoke! Since thousands of you graced the plains of Glasgow’s SECC last year, soaking up the fresh vibes and leaving laden with freebies and new friends, we’ve decided to up our game this year and bring the festival to George Square, to give you the chance to bathe in the bustle of some outdoor festival magic!

Whether you’re a college, uni or school student who’s looking to chill in the big city whilst meeting like-minded folk, Freshers’ Festival welcomes you all with open arms (and free Papa John’s pizza, of course). The two-day long event will run from 21st – 22nd September at George Square, and in the meantime, we’ll be keeping you updated with VIP goodies, giveaways and competitions on our social media channels. This year’s festival will see Scotland’s most popular clubs, eateries, venues, entertainment centers and employers as well as exclusive offers on accommodation and events! From discounts and freebies to employment, volunteering and networking opportunities, the Freshers’ Festival is the ideal way to kick-off the academic year in style.

So keep your eyes and social media accounts peeled for info on exhibitors, spotlight events and exclusive competitions. Feel free to drop us a line too and join the chat over on Twitter @freshersfest


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Employment Zone: Be Who You Want to Be

When you’re about to set out on your University career, it’s easy to think of getting a job and building a career as tasks for tomorrow. But the reality is that you’re shaping your life every single day, and the more opportunities you explore now, the sooner you’ll reach the end of the rainbow!

Choosing your career path doesn’t have to be as simple as picking a job and gunning for it though. Our new Employment Zone is bursting at the seams with employers, agencies and opportunities for you to explore, examine and grasp with both hands. Not to mention we’re not forgetting to include a whole range of fun, character-building experiences that help you grow.

Kaya Responsible Travel is just one company who’ll help you span the continents. With more than 200 volunteer projects and work experience placements available across 20 countries and four continents, they have the perfect solution for anyone who wants to experience new places and cultures while developing vital skills for the future.

Building Philippines

Bridging the gap, and taking up a sizeable chunk of our Employment Zone, is the European Commission’s Youth on the Move initiative, which offers travel, study and employment opportunities across the European Union. Perfect for those who want to develop their careers without committing for the long-term, or for those who want to travel abroad without straying too far from home.

Youth on the Move also offers some excellent grants and support packages to ensure you make the most of your time abroad, without worrying about logistics and finance (unless that’s your chosen field!).

Of course, if you are looking for some stability, we’ve got plenty of employers who are keen to recruit students for their graduate schemes and internships. The British Army, Police Scotland and Golden Charter are all on the lookout for young talent to reinvigorate their organisations. So head on over to their stalls and get ready to be buttered up and plied with freebies, because you’re in demand!

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Youth on the Move: Supporting Scotland’s Students

The European Commission is in the process of setting up the mother of all stands: a vast area of the SECC dedicated to broadening your horizons with a plethora of opportunities for travel, training and employment in continental Europe.

Scotland has a rich history of spreading ideas and influence outside of its borders. Not too far South, you’ll find the Bank of England, an institution conceived by Scot Sir William Paterson. Cross the Atlantic to America and you’ll be greeted by the US navy: founded by John Paul Jones of Kirkbean, Dumfries.

It’s a tradition we’re proud of, and it’s one that the European Commission is looking to continue with it’s Youth on the Move initiative; which has the aim of increasing youth employment and fostering stronger ties between Scotland and the other 27 EU member states.

Whether you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you’re keen to broaden your horizon, or just want to boost your CV and widen your job search, Youth on the Move has exciting options available to you.

Its popular Erasmus+ exchange scheme give you the chance to spend a spell of three to 12 months studying at one of the top European universities. It even offers grants to help cover your costs, and even includes the option to incorporate workplace traineeships, and boost your job prospects.


If you’re focused on studying in Scotland, but still hope to train or work abroad one day, no problem. Youth on the Move can help you here too. There are dozens of internship and job opportunities available on their EURES portal, and the ‘Your first EURES job’ scheme offers support (both financial and logistical) to help you settle into you new home. What more could you ask for?

The decision of the EU team to focus their efforts on our Freshers’ Festival visitors is a great boost for Scotland. They could have chosen to exhibit anywhere, but they’ve opted for us: and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

To find out more about Youth on the Move, and the opportunities available, visit the impressive stand on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

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Five new reasons to visit Freshers’ Festival

The food, drink and freebies are primed and ready for launch. But behind the scenes, we’ve been working to bring you more than you might expect this year. Here’s a sample of just a few of our big ideas…

Free Buses

OK, so we aren’t quite generous enough to give a bus away to every fresher, but we are making it easier than ever to get to Freshers’ Festival this year. We’re putting on a total of 24 free shuttle buses running from campuses across Glasgow and the surrounding area, and passing through various points around the city.

This means, firstly, that you’ve got no excuse not to come and see us, and secondly, you’ve got more cash in your pocket for term time essentials. You can thank us later. Preferably with donuts.

The Zones

Freshers’ fairs can be a little, shall we say, chaotic. And while we’re all for those surprises you stumble across after sampling free shots of potent new energy drinks, we also want to give everyone half a chance to hunt down the things they need.

With that in mind, we’ve arranged Freshers’ Festival into dedicated zones, from Health and Beauty, Fashion, Food and Drink, Clubs Corridor to Employment. Hopefully this will give explorers a fair chance at unearthing the treasure they’re looking for, but we’ve also got plenty of surprises for those who like to go with the flow on the day.

The Relentless Main Stage

Another addition for Freshers’ Festival 2014 is our Relentless-sponsored Main Stage, which will be jam-packed with an amazing entertainment programme that stretches right across our two-day event.

We’re not making any promises here, but you only have to look at the calibre of previous Relentless events like Soundchain to see the kind of talent they’re connected with. So once you’ve worked your way through your must-see stalls (and their many must-consume delights), you can cut loose and enjoy some free entertainment.

Exclusive Discounts

Give a fresher a free pie and he can feed himself for a day, give him a good discount and he’ll be well fed for the whole year. Here at Scotcampus we know that our Freshers’ Festival freebies are a big draw, but we’re all about ensuring you’re happy for the rest of your uni days.

A big part of that is negotiating discounts and deals with our partners to make sure you get real value out of your visit. So make sure you have a good look at each stall, if you just swoop in for the freebies and disappear, you might miss out on the motherload.

Job Options

We know loads of you aren’t thinking this far ahead yet, but there’s a host of employers who’re eager to get in touch with you. And even if you’re not ready to commit to a career, our employment zone offers inspiration and ideas for what you can do once your course is finished.

Alongside company information, you’ll find stalls offering internship opportunities, graduate schemes and fast tracks that’ll keep you several steps ahead of the competition. So don’t forget to stop by.

So make sure you get your pose together in time for the 2nd and 3rd of October, and get on down to a belter of an event!

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Employment Zone @ Freshers’ Festival 2014

As many of you will know, as well as planning the UKs largest Freshers Fair, we also run an annual careers and lifestyle event in March called Futures Fest. This year, we thought we’d bring Futures to Freshers and offer some career inspiration to school leavers and students of all ages. Visit our employment zone and speak to the experts about your career path or bring along your CV and apply for jobs on the spot!

We’ll also have a host of industry leaders sharing tips and advice on getting the job you deserve. At our last Futures Fest event we had guest speakers from Radio 1, Topshop, RAF, NHS, Benefit, Mentorn Media (makers of Idiot Abroad) and many more! Take control of your future and be sure to visit the Employment Zone at Freshers’ Festival 2014 for some fantastic career inspiration and tips.

More information coming very soon – stay tuned and follow us on twitter @FreshersFest for event updates!

Freshers’ Festival 2014
2nd & 3rd October
SECC, Glasgow