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Employment Zone: Be Who You Want to Be

When you’re about to set out on your University career, it’s easy to think of getting a job and building a career as tasks for tomorrow. But the reality is that you’re shaping your life every single day, and the more opportunities you explore now, the sooner you’ll reach the end of the rainbow!

Choosing your career path doesn’t have to be as simple as picking a job and gunning for it though. Our new Employment Zone is bursting at the seams with employers, agencies and opportunities for you to explore, examine and grasp with both hands. Not to mention we’re not forgetting to include a whole range of fun, character-building experiences that help you grow.

Kaya Responsible Travel is just one company who’ll help you span the continents. With more than 200 volunteer projects and work experience placements available across 20 countries and four continents, they have the perfect solution for anyone who wants to experience new places and cultures while developing vital skills for the future.

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Bridging the gap, and taking up a sizeable chunk of our Employment Zone, is the European Commission’s Youth on the Move initiative, which offers travel, study and employment opportunities across the European Union. Perfect for those who want to develop their careers without committing for the long-term, or for those who want to travel abroad without straying too far from home.

Youth on the Move also offers some excellent grants and support packages to ensure you make the most of your time abroad, without worrying about logistics and finance (unless that’s your chosen field!).

Of course, if you are looking for some stability, we’ve got plenty of employers who are keen to recruit students for their graduate schemes and internships. The British Army, Police Scotland and Golden Charter are all on the lookout for young talent to reinvigorate their organisations. So head on over to their stalls and get ready to be buttered up and plied with freebies, because you’re in demand!

Festival Blog

Before Freshers Think Futures

While the Scotcampus Freshers’ Festival is a long way off we’ve got another youth orientated event for you guys to get excited about.

The Futures Fest takes place on Glasgow’s George Square on April the 27th and 28th and aims to showcase some of the awesome apprenticeship, education and employment options available to young people living in Scotland.

Spilt into several zones, the event will give 16-25 year olds the chance to learn more about what future opportunities and options are available to them. We hope that it’ll help to give youngsters the chance to make informed decisions on what steps they choose to take.

Alongside the exhibiting universities and employers we’ll also be including a selection of stands dedicated to those all important lifestyle issues. Here you’ll be able to find out about all of the best places for socialising as well as being able to gather info on healthy living and financial services.

We’re expecting 60+ exhibitors and have already confirmed some big names from the fast moving renewable energies and gaming sectors.

So if you’re wondering what to do after you graduate, or don’t know if university is for you, pencil in this new event and see what amazing options are available to you right here in Scotland.

The Futures Fest, George Square, Glasgow 27th and 28th of April 2012. Click here for more details.