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Student Bloggers | The UK’s Best Blogs to Read for Students

Why Student Bloggers?

Perpetually plugged into the digital sphere, us millennials live our lives through shiny screens, from photoshoots of avocado toast for the ‘gram, to Snapchatting our cheeky weekend escapades (stolen traffic cones included). But there are also many blogs to read that could help give you a break from the social media madness. The UK has seen heaps of social media influencers flock far and wide developing their signature brand through blogs, from the iconic Zoella to Scottish beauty guru Jamie Genevieve. It’s therefore not surprising that student bloggers are becoming increasingly popular. So whether you’re keen for meal ideas on a budget or tips for self-care, here’s a taste of the UK’s seven best student bloggers.


7 Blogs to read

Nine Grand Student

Having been one of the first university years ordered to fork out nine grand tuition fees a year, the Nine Grand Student took to blogging to document her years at uni. Studying to be an Actuary in the big smoke, her blog revels in her passion for food and guides readers through delicious nosh on a budget in her Student Survival Menu, including where to shop, debunking the myth of own brands, restaurant reviews and how to use up leftovers (mac n’ cheeseboard, anyone?). It’s a fascinating blog to read in 2019.


A Little Button


Ever found yourself seriously considering how to clean your ceiling as a procrastination method? If you’re struggling with coursework or motivation, or you’re low-key crapping yourself thinking about moving away from home, A Little Button will guide you through the ups and downs of uni life, from first year to graduation and beyond.


Just George J

Hailing from Lincoln and now studying a master’s degree, Just George J entices readers through witty humour and candid chat, documenting his time at uni year by year, including funny anecdotes and fab tips on finding accommodation, preparing for lectures and combatting ‘student worries’.


Life of a Glasgow Student  

A student from Burma who documents her time at the University of Glasgow, Life of a Glasgow Student is a comforting read for any overseas students not sure what to expect when traveling across the globe for their studies, including the realities of Fresher’s Week and how to explore your newfound surroundings. This is definitely one of the best blogs to read this year. 


Emily Underworld


An alternative lifestyle blog that revolves around trendy witchy fashion and the best London haunts for shopping, eating and crafting, Emily Underworld is a funny, spooky hang-out for quirky students.


The Jack Experience                                         

Talking, typing and tweeting his way through education, fashion, lifestyle and travel, The Jack Experience encompasses a healthy balance of uni advice from his studies in Durham, including exam self-care tips, and inspiring traveling stories, like his awesome guide to interrailing. You can also check out his popular Youtube channel for hilarious and relatable vlogs.


The Healthy Hangover  

Doing pretty much what it says on the can, The Healthy Hangover guides students through how to’s, reviews and recipes on nutritious and mouth-watering hangover grub, including tips on saving money, and recipes like honey and mustard glazed coke gammon and chickpea patties.

If you prefer the less healthy options, be sure to check out That London Duo on Instagram, for a range of tasty delights to get you through your hangover. 

Do you have a fave student blogger that we forgot to mention? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re keen for more student advice, have a peek at our blog.

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B-side’s Top 4 hypebeast pieces and what to style them with!

Sponsored content with B-side

There’s no shortage of streetwear labels at the moment in London. London’s streetwear culture has exploded, rivalling streetwear giants from the fashion hubs of New York, Paris and Milan, but B-side’s distinctly East London styling somewhere between the kerb and boutique sets them apart.  With the release of their newest collection, Walé Adeyemi’s designs incorporates the graffiti stylings he’s known for with Neon accents and techwear inspiration. So we here at the Freshers festival are bringing you our favourite pieces with some extra style pairings to inspire a full fit pic, without having to talk to the Student Loans Company for an early instalment.


The MOTION windbreaker incorporates those Techwear cues we mentioned earlier. While that normally means: a function focused; all black; modern day ninja prepared for dystopia. The windbreaker adds its own minimal London fashion flair with its neon armbands for a pop of colour. Its sleek minimalism is timeless, so head here and buy nice not twice.

Style pairing: Yeezy 700 Mauve or Inertia

We’ve cheated a little because this is two options, but hear us out first. The chunky silhouette of Kanye’s yeezy 700 works well in contrast to the MOTION windbreaker’s clean lines, but picking a colourway to cop is always hard. The Yeezy 700 Mauve has neon hits in the same colour palette. However, the Yeezy Inertia has neon but will stand out more with its muted tones on the rest of the shoe. Either way it’s the perfect chunky dad trainer to complement your techwear inspired ‘grams.


Here’s a grail of the collection. The Rainbow Print hoodie’s minimalism makes it an easy item to match with a lot of outfits, but the letterman style is something we can all wear with PRIDE.

Simple, subtle, classic.

Find it here.

Style Pairing: Clear trucker jacket

Top tip for an easy way to make the rainbow accents stand out even more and be festival garms ready. A clear trucker jacket means you can always be repping and ready for English weather. Plus clear clothing is about as fashionista as it gets, and this one from Levi’s won’t leave you pot noodle bound for a semester.


An extra one for our Bsideldn ladies now, the MILY cropper is also for the function obsessed techwear types, but it brings our favourite design cue of the whole collection. The back has the word ‘community’ defined in its bold neon accents. Which is an ethos we think everyone can get behind (and its high fashion look helps). Find it here.

Style pairing: Straight leg denim

The MILY has tonnes of fresh street style flair with its asymmetry, neon, and ethos. It’s definitely a statement piece. So if you matched it with a lot of neon on the lower half, you’d potentially look rather 80s. (Yes we know the 80s is always a look.) Yet simple straight leg denim will keep your statement piece exactly that. The statement piece.


A graphic Tee is a stable of everyone’s wardrobe and the OG GRAFF Tee should be a staple. The graffiti letters spelling out ‘Be who you want’ brings UK streetwear and Bside’s Ethos to the fore with messages we all can love. Instant cop.  

Find it here.

Style pairing: Cargo pants

Again hear us out, the OG GRAFF T-shirt has a solid boxy fit that streetwear has come to love in recent years with the rise of oversized & vintage pieces. So the cargo pant has moved away from a rejected item of handyman or dad clothing. It’s wide leg fit and utilitarian cues have made it hypebeast worthy, with both PALACE and Supreme releasing cargo pants in recent drops.

Those are our top 5 pieces from B-side’s newest collection, but with a brand of 20 years they definitely have more pieces worth checking out here and to help your money go further use the code the code FreshersFestival15 at check out for 15% off!

Do you think we missed out an important piece? Or our pairing’s ill advised? (Cargo pants are the future). Tell us and B-side on Twitter or Instagram.

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Scotland’s 6 Best Millennial Bloggers & Vloggers

Home to the likes of J.K Rowling, Irvine Welsh and Robert Louis Stevenson, Scotland is a pioneer in the wizardry of the wordsmith and the landscape of global literature.

And since the digital age has brought with it the Kindle, iBooks and heaps of online access to poetry and short story archives, it’s time to turn to the writers governing the tummies, shoe collections and minds of the nation’s young folk.

So whether you’re keen on recipes and nutritional advice or ways to style your beard, we give you Scotland’s six of our favourite (and in our opinion best) millennial bloggers and vloggers.

Scottish Food Blogger

Girl Versus Food


Offering detailed and relatable reviews, tasty recipes and commentary on Scotland’s food and drink scene, Girl Versus Food encapsulates the nation’s love for a good munch, passionately exploring eateries and events from the perspective of a self-proclaimed former fussy eater. A great read if you’re unsure about forking out a chunk of your SAAS to visit a new local restaurant and want some trusted opinions.

Lifestyle Blogger

Little Blog of Horrors  

Having been featured widely across the press since the blog’s birth seven years ago, Little Blog of Horrors is an endearing and inspiring celebration of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Scotland, with must-try DIY’s, travel features, fashion advice and make-up and tattoo tips, peppered with anecdotes and a heavy dose of banter.

 Scottish Makeup Influencer

Jamie Genevieve 

As a full time Social Media Influencer, with nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube and over 800 thousand followers on Instagram, Jamie is a leading beauty icon around the world, focussing on make-up tutorials and skin care advice with a Scottish twang.

Scottish Music Blog

Rave Child

Founded by Iain Dawson, Rave Child dissects the nation’s music scene to uncover raw talent beneath the mainstream surface, with live reviews and gig recommendations. The ideal read for discovering fresh talent and keeping up with the unique and eclectic corners of Scotland’s soundscapes.

 Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber

Man for Himself


Since fashion blogs for men aren’t as prevalent as those run by female fashionistas, Man for Himself is a refreshing take on male fashion, showcasing advice on grooming and style, from accessories footwear and fragrances to outfits and even underwear. Robin James, the voice behind the blog, offers YouTube videos with discussions on fashion and grooming as well as exploring issues in the millennial zeitgeist.

Scottish Fashion PR & Lifestyle Blogger

Foreveryours Betty 

With vibrant tangerine branding and even brighter hair, Foreveryours Betty covers city guides, fashion and beauty tips and even valuable advice on women in business. Her down-to-earth, can-do attitude is both inspiring and humbling.

Do you have a fave millennial blogger? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re keen to meet other like-minded folks keen on digital reads, grab a ticket to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.

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Scotland’s 7 Best Haunts for Clean Eating

Nowadays it seems like the clean eating fad has sprouted not only in the humble plains of our Instagram feeds, but in the most unlikely of places (Greggs introducing falafel salads and gluten free options is somewhat disturbing), and yet whether this surge in healthy eating is fad or not, it’s definitely not a bad thing when it comes to improving our lifestyle and over all well being.

In the last few months I’ve found myself munching down on foods that I had never before heard of, foods that sound like they’re named after exotic dancers (chia, quinoa, kale etc.). This is because I got sick half way through my third year, but found that changing my diet made a huge difference not only to my energy levels but also to my mentality. As much as it’s easy to succumb to the seductive qualities of snacks such as the Oreo variety, or in my case Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups when cramming before exams, foods that actually stimulate your brain and provide slow releasing energy are the best options to combat both raging hangovers and study sessions. So here are the 7 best haunts for clean eating in Scotland!


This petite sushi restaurant nestled in the nook of Edinburgh’s West End boasts authentic Japanese dishes, with fresh ingredients and a bustling atmosphere that attracts locals and tourists alike. If you’re a fan of fish and vegetarian options, Sushiya’s humble 22-seat eatery serves up mouth-watering tempura, sashimi and noodle bowls to fill your bellies and warm your souls. With an array of traditional dishes at reasonable prices, this is an ideal haunt for a protein packed lunch or healthy take away.


Highlight: Great for pescetarians and seafood lovers.

19 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2BQ


Union of Genius

Many students are all too familiar with situations where our bank accounts don’t quite match our voracious appetites – especially after a study sesh in the library when our only bodily sustenance is a battered sausage from the night before. Luckily, Union of Genius delivers top-notch tasty food, with hearty and healthy ingredients and an emphasis on gorgeous soups and vegan breakfasts. With nearly 100 different soup recipes and options as well as soup sliders, this place is well worth a visit when you’re looking for guilt-free comfort food.

Union of Genius

Highlight: Soups and vegan breakfasts.

Forrest Road, Edinburgh EH1 2QN


Urban Angel

With a wooden clad, rustic interior Urban Angel conjures up images of vintage bistros and Italian delicatessens. Yet the classic is contrasted with the contemporary with exquisite brunch dishes such as avocado and ricotta on grilled granary, and home made gluten free kedgeree. Its ethos of delicious food is combined with fair trade, organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Urban Angel

Highlight: Locally and ethically sourced produce.

121 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ


Prep Fitness Kitchen

If you’re struggling to find the time to rustle up healthy foods on a budget when dashing from classes to the gym to the union, then Prep Fitness Kitchen has got you covered. It emphasis on low fat, low calorie meals that are bursting with vitamins and minerals allows you to munch down on foods that aid fitness lovers and book-worms alike. Popular plates include the king prawn peanut butter satay and the cashew beef tabouli.

Prep Fitness Kitchen

Highlight: Prep meals for healthy and quick lunches.

22 Bath St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G2 1HB


Tchai Ovna

Hidden among the dusty books and Fleetwood Mac records of the West End’s notorious Otago Lane, Tchai Ovna is the ultimate chill-out spot to grab a herbal tea and a spicy, fragrant dhal. Allowing you choose your tea by country, alongside a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, the stress-free vibe of this authentic teahouse makes for a perfect place to relax with a book or have a laid-back lunch with friends.

Tchai Ovna

Highlight: Over 80 varieties of delicious and healthy teas.

42 Otago Ln, Glasgow, Glasgow City G12 8PB


Avery & Co

Avery & Co’s warm and friendly atmosphere is apparent as soon as you stroll through its doors, with homemade cakes and hearty brunches as well as nutritious, fresh and natural local ingredients; this restaurant provides the pinnacle of healthy dining in Dundee. Its meals vary from creative vegan options like carrot hummus and crisp breads to Mexican options like soft flour fish tacos.

Avery & Co

Highlight: Low fat, natural and seasonal ingredients.

34 S Tay St, Dundee DD1 1PD



The always-popular Martha’s is a regular jaunt for city center folk looking for vitamin packed meals with a homemade flair. Its culture-crossing techniques span a myriad of continents, with generous lashings of ginger, turmeric, sumac and tahini. Whether you’re on the prowl for healthy hangover food or you need an energy boost before you start round two in H & M, this pleasant eatery provides healthy fast food for as little as £1.50.


Highlight: Breakfast egg pots.

142a St Vincent Street, G2 5LQ

What’s your favourite healthy nosh spot? Let us know over on Twitter!