Taylor Castro Interview | Songs to Cheer you Up

Interested in getting into the music industry? Here is an interview we recently did with Taylor Castro, an actress and singer who has recently released a new single: Girl, Afraid

Tell us a little bit about you

Well, my name is Taylor Castro and I’m twenty-years-old. I’m a writer, singer, and actress. I recently released the first single off of my sophomore album called ‘Girl, Afraid’ and it just hit a million views yesterday which is incredibly exciting.

How did you start your music career and do you have any tips for young people looking to make it in the industry?

Honestly, I was very, very lucky and privileged enough to be born into a family that had connections to at least a few people who could help me make professional quality music. That being said, we kind of had no idea what we were doing at first when it went beyond the studio. It’s still a learning process, but if I have any advice it’d be to make the best product you possibly can. Just use what you have at your disposal. Everyone has different ways of getting where they want to go, but the one thing we all have in common is that it starts with us, our story, and how we decide to tell it. 

Do you have any exciting news to share?

I will soon! My most recent single, ‘Girl Afraid’ hit a million views yesterday and we’re all prepping for the release of my next one. I have so, so many songs and corresponding music videos off of my upcoming album that I genuinely love with all my heart. I’ve never been so excited about my own work and at the idea of putting it into the hands of others. 

During self-isolation, a lot of people are using music to stay positive. Do you have a song of the week that people can use as a pick-me-up?

Hmm, let’s see. I think it’d have to be ‘For The First Time’ by The Script. It just perfectly captures the state we’re all currently in, and brings be back to childhood, which is always a plus.

Where can people find you? (Social media, Spotify etc.)

Smart URL (All-In-One):  ‪‬

My individual links are:




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