The Antidote to Isolation Newsletter | Week 2

We recently sent out the second of our series of weekly emails offering help, advice, messages of inspiration, deals, freebies and a chance to smile during this tough time. We will turn the email into a blog post each week for those people who prefer blog content.


The Antidote to Isolation

We’re back again. Hello! Here’s another weekly dose of advice, messages of inspiration, deals, freebies and a chance to smile. Oh and we have cracking competitions and freebies with lots more to follow in the weeks to come.

Don’t forget to ping us an email. What do you want to see each week? We’ll get back and say hi… pinky promise!

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1.  Fun & Frivolous

Tickety-boo 62

Whilst they can’t put on their live shows, Bongo’s Bingo are streaming right to your home. Their boys have moved in together and are now in lockdown – all to secure your fix of Bongo’s fun. It’s free to play, all you need is a pen, paper, UK registered phone and you’re all set! Live on Twitch every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! www.twitch.tv/bongosbingo

All Fun and (Free) Games

In these difficult times, families and friends need joy and entertainment more than ever. Board games and party games can help bring loved ones together. The awesome Asmodee have created free print & play versions of some of our most popular family games – Dobble, Timeline, Combo Color, Unlock, Cortex, and Dixit – for anyone to download, print, and enjoy at home. Check out their site and spread the joy: http://print-and-play.asmodee.fun

Be sure to check out the Dobble competition below. You can also buy the physical games here

Tech Talks

Amazon Tech Talks provide students with an insight into the world of cloud computing and what is possible, live demonstrations of how to use AWS services and information on how to access AWS Educate for continued learning at no-cost. They will show students how companies are using cloud computing and demonstrate examples of how to use the cloud in their everyday life. Courses include Preparing for a virtual InterviewWorking virtually and How data is stored in the cloud. Sign up here: https://amazonvirtualeventseries.splashthat.com/


2.  You’ve Got This

Some Good News

Covid-19 has caused huge problems throughout the world, and sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive when surrounded by bad news. However, the coronavirus outbreak has also led to some positive news stories emerging, with a sense of community and togetherness being felt across the globe. It is important that these positive stories are highlighted as much as possible. Here are some pieces of good news to come from the coronavirus outbreak:

Positive Planners – Freebies

The Positive Planner is a one-stop-shop for organising yourself and most importantly improving your mental health and wellbeing. They are currently selling their range which also includes the bullet diary and wellness journey journal for the reduced price of £20 (free p&p). Their Instagram page offers lots of great advice and journal tips. You can also download some free templates if you would like to try before you buy here – https://www.thepositiveplanners.com/shop/


3.  Show me the Money

Game Changer – Competition

Our friends at Asmodee are giving away 5 copies of the amazing Dobble, UK’s No1 best selling game of observation where players race to match the identical symbol between cards. All you have to do is check out our Insta post here and follow the instructions. Good luck!

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

BorrowBox is a digital experience for libraries and library members. It is basically your library in one app. You can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks FREE from your library using the app. For more info check it out on insta – https://www.instagram.com/borrowbox/


Meme that made us laugh


Quote that made us think

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength..” (Philosopher, Marcus Aurelius). 


Music that made us dance


Moments that made us smile

Texas State Aquarium has been closed to the public during the outbreak so staff have been trying to keep animals’ social lives going by allowing them to hang out with new ani-pals (see what we did there?).

Here’s what happened when a sloth named Chico got to meet dolphins. 🥺 

Don’t forget, we want to share your inspirational stories. So send in your suggestion with a bit of info and your mate’s/family member’s Instagram or TikTok username and we’ll try to include.