The Craziest University Societies

Universities are well-known for their variety of societies. From the very second you arrive in your 1st year and attend your first Freshers or Society fair, you are bombarded with offers to join sports groups, cultural clubs, and more. But what are the craziest university societies? Here are some of our favourites.

Quidditch Society

Surprisingly, mulitple universities run a quidditch society, including Nottingham and Cambridge. Similar to touch rugby or dodgeball, but with a broom between your legs, quidditch is a game which must be seen to be believed! We aren’t sure they have quite mastered the flying part of it yet though.

People Watchers Club

Whether you think this is cool or creepy, the People Watchers Club really does exist. At the University of Minnesota in the US, students get together, sit down, and ‘people watch’. The aim of the society seems to be to create backstories for each stranger they see, and they even have a checklist to tick off any unusual activity that they may see.

Sheila and her Dog Society

This is an infamous society at the University of Cambridge. Once a week, members are required to act like six year olds, drink fizzy drinks and cake, and read childhood stories. What could be better? We aren’t sure what the ‘dog’ has to do with it though…

Assassin’s Guild

In this society, you are given a ‘target’ to hunt down and eliminate with water pistols and other fake weapons. The catch? Games can last for an entire term, and targets can hide anywhere in the city. You could be going to lectures, grabbing some lunch, or doing some revision, and at anytime the assassins could be waiting for you…

Jailbreak Society

Every year, multiple universities run the Jailbreak to raise money for charity. Students are given 36 hours to travel as far away from their university as possible. They are not allowed to start with any money, and cannot use their own vehicles. Surprisingly, students have made it all the way to Brazil, Singapore, New York, and hundreds of other countries, usually by busking for money and finding extremely cheap flights. Find out more about this society here.

Stich ‘n’ Bitch Society

What could be better? Get together with your friends, start knit (or try), and bitch away. If you love a good gossip, and want to try out some arts and crafts, then this is certainly the society for you. You can find Stich ‘n’ Bitch at the University of Leeds.

Nicholas Cage Appreciation Society

If you enjoy your Nicholas Cage films, or simply love the enigma himself, then the Nicholas Cage Appreciation Society at Lincoln University should be right up your street. Come along to discuss all things… Nicholas Cage!

Moustache Club

Another US University club, this time at Carleton College. If you love a good moustache (man or woman), then come along to the Moustache Club. The club also do volunteering work for domestic violence victim charities. So if you are interested in helping out a good cause, as well as growing a moustache, then the Moustache Club is for you.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the strangest university societies. If you want more university blogs, check out our guide to decorating your uni room here.




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