Tips For Moving Into Your Student Accommodation

It can be scary when you first move to university, and we want your move to be as smooth as possible! So below we have a few useful tips that will help you with the process. Brought to you in Collaboration with Student Roost.

1. Comfort

Your room is your very own ‘home from home’, and you should therefore try and make it as comfortable and personal as possible! Fill it with colourful cushions, soft rugs and pictures of your friends and family from home. Your room will become a social space as well as a space to study, so make sure it’s comfortable for you to be in.

2. Rules

This may be boring, but if you’re moving into a shared flat, you’ll need to create some basic rules so you can all live happily together! One easy way to keep people happy is keeping the space clean! Creating a rota for taking the bins out, cleaning the surfaces and oven is an easy way to create a happy environment. Similarly, a great way to save on some money is shopping as a group and cooking together!

3. Overpacking

When you move to university, it can be tempting to bring all your belongings from home! However, there is no need to do this. As a student there are always great student deals to be had, and you will need some space for your new purchases!

4. Friends

You can easily connect with other flatmates, either through your accommodation Facebook page, or simply through being social in the communal areas. This is really useful in the first few days when you immediately move in: It may be daunting, but it will worth it in the long run when you make some friends for life!

5. Budgeting

This is important as student loans do not last forever. You’ll spend a lot of money on food and bills, and you can quickly get into your overdraft if you are not careful. Set up a daily/weekly spending limit and this should help you save some cash.

6. Cleaning

Cleaning in a shared flat is very important. In your first week you should purchase basic cleaning materials to keep the communal areas tidy and clean. Your flat may not come with bleach or washing up liquid, but both are crucial if you want to keep the toilets and kitchen in a good state.

7. Learn the Area

Exploring your city and becoming aware of the surrounding area is important! Find the quickest and easiest route into the city and work out where your lectures are on campus. Doing all these things will reduce the risk of being late for events, meetings, and even those dreaded 9:00am lectures.

The most important thing is to have fun! Student Roost have staff in their properties 24/7. The staff will help you with any queries you may have, whether that be directions to the university or if you have a query about your room. That is why we support them as one of the top providers of university accommodation in the country.