Tips For Staying Safe In The Big City

Fleeing the nest and landing in a new city for the first time can be overwhelming. You’ll experience a myriad of emotions that include confusion, excitement, nervousness, awe, fear and exhilaration. This rabid concoction of emotional energy can often culminate in unfamiliar situations or a desperate reliance on Google maps. Navigating your new nest without any unwanted encounters is crucial to relishing your time in a new city.

So we’ve teamed up with the folks at Glasgow Taxis Ltd to ensure your time studying in the bright lights of Glasgow is the best that it can be. Here are our top tips for staying safe in the big city.


Plan your journey

If you know you’re heading out and you’re not sure for how long you’ll be gracing the city with your presence, then looking up subway times and train times in advance is incredibly useful to avoid being stranded in unknown terrain. But the best way of ensuring a safe journey home is to book a cab in advance by calling 0141 429 7070 or by downloading and using the Glasgow Taxis Ltd app. Alternatively, grab a cab in a designated taxi rank at the end of the night – at weekends there are marshalled ranks on Gordon Street (Central Station), Sauchiehall Street, Albion Street and Byres Road. Be sure to look out for the yellow flag so you know it’s an official and fully licensed Glasgow Taxi.

With 24-hour service and over 800 iconic cars roaming the city – around two-thirds of all Glasgow’s hackneys, you’re guaranteed a qualified, trained and vetted driver who has a thorough knowledge of the city with all its nooks and crannies. Plus if you’ve spent all your change on £1 shots, you can easily pay by card – including contactless – and get home safely and securely.

People Make Glasgow Taxis. 29/10/13 Picture © Andy Buchanan 2013People Make Glasgow Taxis. Pictures are taxi drivers (L to R) Kevin McEntee, Andy Semple, Davie Coull. 29/10/13 Picture © Andy Buchanan 2013

If you’re left alone at the end of a night out and don’t have any means of payment by cash or card, Glasgow Taxis Ltd can come to the rescue. Operators of an emergency Safe Taxi scheme, Glasgow Taxis Ltd works with universities to make sure the late night trip home is a safe one for students left in such a scenario by allowing them to guarantee payment with their matriculation card. Students can access a Safe Taxi by calling Glasgow Taxis Ltd and quoting a code available from the university. The student will then give the driver their student card, and repay the cost to the Students’ Union when they collect their card after one working day.

And since being tucked up in bed with chips and cheese is the ideal end to any night, there’s no better way to ensure safe passage to score that snooze than with Glasgow Taxis. So keep an eye out at Freshers’ Festival for exclusive discounts, offers and info!

Make sure your phone is charged


Whipping out your trusty iPhone and finding it comatose in your bare hands is every student’s nightmare. You won’t be able to call a cab if your phone is out of juice, and since it’s 2016 phone boxes are unreliable at best, so making sure your phone is fully charged before leaving the flat will make your night safer and stress free.

Keep an eye on your valuables


Although movies have trained us to believe that pick pocketing is a quaint and quirky pastime for cute London orphans (Oliver’s ‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two is annoyingly catchy) it can be rife in large cities and a massive bummer if someone nabs your phone, tablet or laptop. Keep valuables out of site and keep your bag securely closed to avoid a robbing and a subsequent broken bank balance.

Keep track of what you’re drinking


Having a few drinks out on the town is an integral part of Glaswegian student life, but if you find yourself in a dimly lit nightclub nursing a vodka lemonade in between epic dance moves, you need to be aware of the risks of leaving your drink unattended. There is a possibility of getting your drink spiked if you don’t keep an eye on it, so keep track of what you’ve been slurping, or keep your hand over your drink while you cut those mean shapes.

Stick together


You’re guaranteed a much safer night out if your squad escorts you home. Never walk home alone, especially if you don’t know the city well and could easily get lost. Looking out for your pals and vice versa, whether you’ve hit the club or you’re out for the day in a new area of the city, keeps you from harm and protects you from unpleasant encounters.

Have you got any tips for staying safe in the city? Give us your suggestions over on Twitter.

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