What Student Accommodation Should You Choose?

Private Student Accommodation vs Student House vs Halls

Whether you are a fresher student or a postgraduate, there is one dilemma every student faces each year: What type of student accommodation should you choose? Many universities offer students the option to live on campus (halls) for 1st year students, but often there are limited spaces. Most students have a tough choice to make when it comes to picking accommodation, and we hope this guide will help you make the right choice when choosing your student home.

Private Student Accommodation

This is usually the highest quality accommodation you can get as a student. These private residences are built for students, and therefore come with all the amenities a student could need. These usually include studio accommodation with en-suite bathrooms and self-contained kitchens, or smaller ensuite rooms with shared kitchen area. These student-focused accommodations also often include games rooms, bars, or even gyms. You also get your room cleaned for you in many places! More importantly, you can stay in this accommodation throughout your time at university, unlike halls which often require you to move out after first year. The costs of private student accommodation may appear more when illustrated on a weekly basis, but you are getting 24 hr security, high quality finish, on-site maintenance team, all bills included (so you get unlimited use of water and heating!), insurance included, and a guaranteed double bed. If you are looking for a high quality student home which is competitively priced, then check out our friends at Student Roost.

Shared Student House

This is the most difficult accommodation to organise. Unlike halls or private student accommodation, shared rented houses require you to organise all the bills yourself. You also have to deal with a landlord by yourself, which can sometimes be difficult. Deposits are often fairly large compared to other forms of accommodation. However, shared student houses can be extremely rewarding. Living with people can be a great way to meet new friends, and you will have more freedom to do whatever you want without the constraints of a concierge or hall porter.

University Halls

Living on campus is the most convenient option for many students: You are surrounded by all your friends, you are just a few minutes from your lecturers, and you live in a safe environment. This is why university halls are often a great option for 1st year students, as they can be less scary than a shared student house for someone who has only just left home. The downside to university halls is often the quality. Whilst some of the more modern halls have excellent facilities, many others do not. Similarly, whilst some student halls have en-suite rooms, others have shared bathrooms, something which many students are not comfortable with! Finally, student halls are generally only available to 1st year students, and students of other years may have to look elsewhere to find their student home.

Overall, the type of accommodation which is best for you depends entirely on your personal circumstances. The highest quality rooms and facilities are almost always found in the private student accommodation. University halls are great for 1st year students who value convenience above anything else. Shared student houses are great if you want to live with a big group of friends on a budget. Whatever option you choose, make sure you only buy with trusted accommodation providers. Most universities have an accommodation advice service to help students, so make the most of it!

This blog was brought to you in collaboration with our friends at Student Roost. If you want to find high-quality student accommodation in some fantastic locations across the UK, then check out their website here.