Which Companies Offer The Best Employee Discounts?

Getting a student job is important for lots of reasons. It gives you extra cash to spend on cocktails, it gives you important work experience, and is great for meeting new friends. But one of the best aspects of a job is the employee discounts that it brings. Who doesn’t love a solid 50% off of everything! In this article, we will present 7 companies which offer some of the best employee discounts you can get.


Who doesn’t love Nando’s? The infamous chicken restaurant is a favorite amongst students, but it’s employee discounts are quite incredible! Employees are allowed 40% off from Monday-Thursday and 20% off from Friday-Sunday. They also get an £11.15 free food allowance for every shift, enough to get you a tasty feast of chicken and chips! But this isn’t even the best part. Nando’s staff discount can be used for up to 4 people – meaning you will have no shortage of friends if you work at Nando’s!


M&S products are well-known for their quality. But the British supermarket chain also has a healthy discount for its employees. You can expect to receive 20% off all products, something which can really help lower the costs of your weekly shop. Again, this discount is for employees AND a partner.


Sausage Roll myfavouritepastime.com

Greggs employees receive 50% off all Greggs products. This only works for own-brand products, and does not include items such as crisps. However, if you are looking for a delicious half-price sausage roll, then working at Greggs could be an excellent option!


Lush is another company which offers brilliant employee discounts. You receive 50% off all products if you work here. This means one thing: You can afford double the bath bombs! Smell great and save money, what else could you want?

John Lewis

If you want to do some shopping for your student accommodation, or maybe you have a birthday present to buy, then John Lewis is a great place to look. Employees receive 50% off for all John Lewis products. Again, this does not include external items such as Hotel Chocolat which feature in the shop, but the discount works for most items. John Lewis has a number of highly valuable products, so 50% off could save you a significant amount of money!


Hollister discounts! The fashionable clothing store well-known for its decorative store design and unique range of products. But what is less well known is that staff receive 50% off all clothing! Many students spend a significant ammount of their monthly budget on clothes, so 50% can save you huge amounts of money.


The Deliveroo employee discounts work slightly different, but are equally as rewarding as the other companies. Deliveroo have a specific ‘Roo Community’ where employees are given discounts to many top brands, include Apple and Vue Cinemas! Discounts for some stores are up to 40% off, so be sure to check out which discounts are available. Another great benefit of working at Deliveroo is that you often receive free food during your shifts, and who doesn’t love free food?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top employee discounts you can get. If you are still looking for potential student jobs, then check out our list of the best students jobs here.