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Smash Your Student Spending – Top Tips on How to Save As A Student

Sponsored content from The Curve app.

Wouldn’t it be nice if managing your student finance money wasn’t a big, stressful, complicated thing? Well say no more, the Freshers Festival & Curve Team are here with plenty of advice on how to make your money stretch a little bit further and don’t forget to head to the Curve website & use the code FRESHFES to get a free £5 and download Curve by clicking here.

1. Get the Big Picture

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We were shocked when we saw that 78% students in the UK worry about making ends meet yet one third of students are not budgeting. 5% of students said that they weren’t even considering what they were spending at all during their time at University! One of the biggest reasons why students are not in control of their money is because they are unable to see the big picture, a large percentage of students have multiple cards but have no idea where their money is going. Gone are the times of the little black book where your grandparents wrote down every penny they had ever spent but have no fear, Curve is here.

As a student, managing money in more than one account can often be difficult which makes budgeting for the term even harder. However, Curve have solved this problem and allows you to manage all your spending across all your bank accounts in one easy to use app. Their dashboard is the perfect way to track your spending on everything from your latte to late night kebab. 

2. Feel Rewarded

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As a student, freebies, offers, cashback and discounts are more important than ever. There is no better sensation than feeling rewarded for spending your money wisely. From the 16-25 Railcard to your Student Card your wallet should be bursting with money saving tricks, but you don’t need to just stop there. Most retailers and restaurants have special offers for students whether it is an extended Happy Hour or Half Price on selected items so don’t be afraid to ask in store or when you get the menu.

You may also be surprised by the number of partners that companies have! Everyone from your student bank to your favourite app will have a list of offers and cashback incentives that you can start using to stay on top of your student finances.

3. Put the F in FX

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And by F we mean FREE. Keep those minds clean, just like how we plan to keep your bank account and statements clean.

One of the best things about being a student is having plenty of freedom and so many students use that freedom to explore the world. With banks offering free travel insurance and discount websites like StudentUniverse providing low cost travel deals, trotting the globe as a student has never been cheaper. Travel cards and travel money cards are a great asset to your wallet, but apps like Curve are offering even better incentives, right from your mobile device.

Curve are offering users free FX and free ATM usage abroad so no more fees! You can spend up to £500 abroad with no charges and withdraw £200 for free on the free blue Curve card. With their Curve black card your spending abroad is unlimited with ATM withdrawals of up £400 a month for free. This is £9.99 a month but also includes gadget insurance and worldwide travel insurance! Whether you are a foreign student studying in the UK or about to take on your next adventure, say F YES to 0FX. 

4. Mo Money No Problems

With studying, socialising and showering there are not enough hours in the day when you are a student. There are those heroes among us that also juggle a part-time job, but for most of us, this isn’t an option.

Or is it…? How, I hear you cry? Well, in this age of technology there are plenty of apps on the hunt for student ambassadors. Everyone from Hinge to Deliveroo is on the hunt for a student representative. If you are part of a society, sports team or just enjoy socialising with others on Campus – you fit the criteria. Apps like Curve will create a special referral code for you to share with your peers and you will get £5 every time they sign up and make their first transaction. Getting extra cash has never been so easy!

For more information on student saving tips and to download the Curve app. Head to the Curve website now. Use the code FRESHFES to get a free £5 and download Curve by clicking here.

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Freshers Festival’s Top 5 moments to look forward to at YMS19 LDN.

There are less than 2 weeks to go until the world’s largest youth marketing festival returns to The Old Truman Brewery! This April, the Freshers Festival team will be exhibiting in Zone T5 at stand 96. In honour of our stand position in T5 we bring you our Top 5 moments to look forward to at YMS19 LDN.

  1. Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report 2019

Voxburner will be launching their biggest annual research piece, the Youth Trends Report which is a 40-page guide to the emerging trends that are impacting the lives of young people today. It features the results of their survey which asked 1500 16-24 year olds from the UK a number of questions, plus the insights of a selection of expert and youth contributors from the Voxburner community.

Some of the questions you can expect to be answered are:

  • What are the top 10 brands 16-24s are most passionate about in 2019?
  • How can marketers inspire young people to become brand advocates?
  • Are Generation Z really more sensible than previous generations?

Every attendee will receive a complimentary copy of the Youth Trends Report on arrival at YMS, so make sure you register today!

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  1. Popping Your ‘Festival Cherry’ – Festivals Through the Eyes of Gen Z

YMS19 LDN promises to be the place where attendees can discover the latest trends, youth perspectives and brand case studies. Their agenda is jam-packed with inspiring speakers and experts. One particular talk that we are looking forward to is by Ricky Oscroft from Global – The Media and Entertainment Group where he discusses how brands can use the festival space to have a dialogue with Gen Z about what they chose to feature on their social feed and in their conversations; what essentially – matters.

Nearly 50% of 16-24 year olds have attended a live music event in the last 12 months – many engaging with brands across festival sites and venues. Brands, led by Marketing Directors with an average age of 42. Ricky asks, in an age where Generation Z is significantly different now than any other youth tribe before them, do we really know what’s going on in the heads of today’s young people?

If this floats your boat, catch Ricky on stage at YMS19 LDN on Tuesday 16th April from 4:15pm.

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  1. How to Attract, Engage and Retain Students with Marketing Automation

We have a passion for all things related to Higher Education here at the Freshers Festival Group and not just because we host the UK’s largest student events. We have also been working closely with the Expede Group to launch YADA Campus, a self-service management and social collaboration platform that is designed to engage students, empower teachers and assist universities.

When we saw that Ireneusz Klimczak from GetResponse will be discussing how adding marketing automation to the mix can help Universities meet their marketing department’s goals we knew that we had to add it to the diary.

Catch Ireneusz on Tuesday 16th from 12.40pm at The Higher Education Marketing Stream hosted by SMRS.

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  1. YMS Networking Drinks

We love a good party and opportunity to let our hair down – luckily YMS19 LDN are on hand to help! There will be a networking event hosted at the fabulous Juju’s Bar & Stage opposite the Truman Brewery on Tuesday 16th from 6-8pm. This will allow the delegates to mingle and chat about what they are looking forward to most on the next day’s agenda.

If you are looking for an afterparty on the 17th, Juju’s will be hosting their Brazilian Nights with cocktail deals, live music, dancing and more!

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  1. Edible Bubbles at the Freshers Festival Stand

Join us for fun, games at competitions at our stand in Zone T5! We will be revealing our Secret Garden Tour that will be taking us across the UK this September and demonstrating our vending machines that will be appearing in Campuses from London to Glasgow.

We will also be fully equipped with our edible bubble guns, so POP by to stand 96 for a little bit of fun!

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If you are attending YMS19 LDN and would like to book a meeting with us to find out more, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Graeme Barratt at [email protected]. You can also find out more about the Freshers Festival at

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Get VIP cocktails and a gift pack from Happy Downs at Freshers Festival London!

Last week we wrapped up Freshers Festival Glasgow and we can’t wait for our London event this Saturday!

Happy Down will be sponsoring the VIP area with their Lychee Guava Chilli and Lemon Cucumber Mint Cocktails. They’ll also be giving away a special gift pack of drinks for a handful of lucky winners. Here’s how to enter:

Freshers Festival London, The Yard Shoreditch, 891/2 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BF


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Deliveroo, Tiger, IKEA and Dominos among the brands at Freshers Festival 2018

This September, the UK’s largest student expo Freshers Festival are returning for another freebie packed few days in Glasgow and now London.

Among the list of brands attending are Deliveroo, Flying Tiger, Dominos, IKEA and L’Oréal who are each set to give away thousands of freebies ranging from makeup to free pizza, quirky stationery and more.

Other brands who are attending include Paperchase, Pure Gym, Revolution Bars, Student Roost, The Economist, Cass Art and Cineworld.  

YADA Events, the official events app for both festivals in Glasgow and London will feature a ‘Digital Goodie Bag’. This will allow guests to claim vouchers and promotional offers from brands who are part of the Festival. You can download the app on iOS and Android.

Get tickets for Freshers Festival Glasgow and London 2018 here.

Watch a recap of last year’s Freshers Festival:





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16 IKEA Sustainable Student Essentials

It’s back, our new list of uni essentials from our favourite Scandi home goods store. Here’s a look at this academic term’s eco-friendly and sustainable goods that will save you money, while allowing you to keep an eye on the environment.


HÅRTE LED work lamp

LED lights use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, so you’ll love this easy to use lamp. Power it with a USB port or use a regular socket to light up your room. Its super slim design also allows it to fit almost anywhere.

Price: £15


SJÄLSLIGT  Decoration set of 3

These ceramic cacti are a stylish addition for any student who loves plants, but doesn’t want to worry of needing to water them. It’s okay, your dead orchids forgive you.

Price: £15


BRÄDA Laptop support

This sustainable bamboo laptop rest is great for days where you’d rather work in bed than go to the library. You don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space either, as it’s easy to hang on your wall or fold flat for extra space.  

Price: £12



This handmade notebook created by social entrepreneurs in Doi Tung, Thailand is a great alternative for when you don’t have your laptop or tablet on hand. Let’s be honest, regardless of tech, we all still love stationary.

Price: £3/ 2 pack


FÄRGMÅRA  Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases

Made with durable materials, this 100% cotton quilt cover and pillowcase set will give you the good night’s sleep you need after a wild night out.

Price: £10



It’s not just any ordinary glass. It’s wide shape allows you to use it for drinking and serving tasty desserts, so that’s less washing up for you. Winner!

Price: £0.50


FRAKTA Carrier bag, large

It’s iconic, it’s classic, it’s great for storing all your bits and bobs and it basically lasts forever. A must have bag for uni life. If you’re feeling creative…

Price: £0.50



Made of out of solid hardwood, these hangers won’t snap under the weight of your five pairs of jeans unlike plastic hangers. They also add a few extra style points to boot.

Price: £3.50/ 8 pack


STRAPATS Pedal bin

These pedal bins are great for sorting out your recycling. Perfect in your bathroom to throw away cotton balls, bits of tissue, bottle tops and other waste over time. Tidy home, tidy mind.

Price: £9.75


KAVALKAD  Frying pan, set of 2

Cooking a fry up to nurse your hangover? No fear, you can sizzle up the perfect breakfast with this energy efficient frying pan that reduces the risk of burning and sticking. Just make sure you keep it hidden as it’ll become a must use for your flatmates too.

Price: £5


FLUNS  Magazine file

Stay organised by stashing all your files, folders and notes using this 100% recyclable magazine file. Lovely.

Price: £0.90/ 4 pack


IKEA 365+ Food container with lid

Save your money and reduce food waste by storing leftovers in these bamboo and glass food containers. They also come in plastic or rubber lids which you can switch between. Cool and functional, can you ask for more?

Price: £3.25


TALGJE Mattress topper

This mattress topper isn’t just soft, super comfortable and easy to clean. It’s also roll packed, so no worrying about where to fit it on your coach journey back home for Easter. Phew.

Price: £70

JÄLL Drying rack

Is it laundry day already? Hang your garms both indoors and outdoors with the JÄLL drying rack. Once you’re done, simply fold it up and put it away to be used again next week. Or next month even. We don’t judge.

Price: £5


OFTAST range

You can get a set of OFTAST plates and bowls for just 50p each. Seriously, what’s not to love.

Price: £0.50


SAMMANHANG Box with lid

As part of the new SAMMANHANG range, this set of cork made boxes is trendy addition to your student home. Store small things like change, makeup and jewellery in it and you’ll be sure not to lose them again.

Price: £12


Looking for more items to jazz up your student home? Check out IKEA’s list of inspirational ideas for student living.


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Best Gadgets for Starting Uni or College in 2016

Millennials and 90s kids alike have found themselves surfacing into adulthood with trusty companions that have quickly replaced our much loved Tamagochi’s and portable Walkman’s. These companions instead take the form of dainty digitals – smartphones, wireless headphones, Macbooks, tablets, you name it. In fact, students probably spend more time talking to Siri than they do to their own mothers. Digital devices have become the backbone to navigating our contemporary lifestyles, and they allow us to work more efficiently and find information much faster than traditional methods. Since Google has now adopted the role as personal assistant for essay writing and research, it’s natural that freshers would look for affordable, top of the range tools to acclimatise to their new academic demands and social networks. To help you choose the finest tech to aid your journey as a new student, we’ve bundled together the best gadgets for starting uni or college in 2016!

Microsoft surface Pro 3: From £639

Microsoft surface pro 3

Since lugging a laptop around campus on top of heavy textbooks can make you feel like the donkey that carried Jesus and Mary all the way to Bethlehem, Microsoft have come up with a tablet-laptop hybrid that’s as easy going on your shoulders as it is on your bank account. A multi-functional device, the Microsoft surface Pro 3 is a favourite among the tech savvy, providing a light 12-inch screen with sharp display and design, 5MP cameras capable of 1080p video recording, and note taking with use of the Surface Pen, allowing you to scribble down lecture notes and save you from losing them beneath pizza boxes in your room. It’s the ideal alternative to a laptop, but it provides better perks that suit reading and note taking.

Cambridge Audio G2 Mini Bluetooth speaker: £80


The Cambridge Audio compact Bluetooth speaker is a perfect companion for bbqs in Kelvingrove Park between classes or cheeky pre-drinks at your new flat. Including a four-speaker array and 10 hours of battery life, this stylish little speaker can blast both meaty bass notes and smooth highs.


Tefal TT552842 2 Slice Toast ‘n’ Egg ‘n’ Beans Toaster: From £35


As many freshers will wake up in halls, keen to scoff anything that’ll get rid of their pounding headache, this mean breakfast machine lets you do just that in very little time and with very little mess. With the Tefal toaster you can rustle up a decent meal in four minutes allowing you to poach or boil eggs, cook baked beans and whip up delicious golden toast, muffins, bagels or a mid-afternoon crumpet – whatever tickles your fancy. Ideal for tasty student grub on a budget.

Kensington ComboSaver notebook lock: From £19


This Kensington combination laptop lock ensures that your laptop stays safe when you’re out and about, securing it with private information and easy push button design. It’s tamper resistant and easily lockable, preventing potential thieves from running off into the sunset with your exam prep.

Toshiba 500GB Portable USB 3.0 External Hard Drive: From £33


To avoid losing that essay on the Bronte sisters that you spent a week working on, an external hard drive is a good investment. The sleek and small design of this Toshiba external hard drive means it’s easy to fling in your bag to easily transfer files when you’re on the go, simply by plugging it in to the USB port.

Way Surge Protected Extension Lead With 4 USB: From £26

extension lead

Whatever kind of student accommodation you find yourself in, there’s no bigger stress than searching for a plug socket where there is none. If you want to bust out those straighteners, your laptop, phone, sound system, vape charger and new Ikea lamp simultaneously then this surge-protected extension is your solution. This Way Surge eight way extension lead is lean and compact, and comes with four USB ports for easy charging for mobile devices.


EC Technology 22,400 mAh External Battery Pack: From £20

 battery pack

Imagine you’re on your way to a friend’s flat warming, and your navigation skills are far from perfect, trusty Google maps will be leading the way to your safe haven where vodka jelly shots await you. But what happens if your phone battery dies and you’re stuck in a weird part of town you don’t know? Having an external battery pack in your bag means your phone will be brought back to life with minimal effort and no cash spent on expensive taxis. Available in a sassy red and black, the EC technology external battery with its multiple USB ports is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad and most smart phones.

Have you got any must-have gadgets on your mind? Drop us a line and join the Freshers’ Fest chat over on Twitter!

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10 reasons to love being a Fresher in 2016

Being a fresher is a unique experience, whether you’re tentatively acclimatising to the hormonal and party-hungry vibes of student halls (and that weird furry thing that’s been in the fridge for too long), or settling into a new flat with old pals, you’re bound to experience a touch of nerves and a heavy dose of excitement (that will no doubt be encouraged by a couple of shots of cheap tequila). But fear not, being a fresher is better than it’s ever been. With an array of social events, new people and the bustle of the big city lights, we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to love being a fresher in 2016.


Freshers’ Fringe

Since you’ll find your freshest self plucked from the nest and placed among new people and a new city, a myriad of magnificent parties and social events are bound to beckon. So grab your glad rags and blue sued shoes and get ready to welcome the first ever Freshers’ Fringe, a three week long multi-venue, multi-arts festival in the heart of Glasgow. Curating the biggest and best of Glasgow’s student fresher events, a decadent discovery of unique and diverse parties and event will be at your fingertips. So if you’re looking for your time as a fresher to be memorable, make sure to get yourself along to the greatest student celebration of the year.

Independent Living

Entering the nebulous world of the frenzied fresher can be the most liberating experience of our lives. Since much of our youthful wisdom was gleaned from mastering mind games with our siblings, or rustling up the perfect cheese toasty at 2am without waking the ‘rents, becoming a fresher allows us the opportunity to carve our own path when it comes to daily routines, and to get to grips with independent living.

Although student living can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges (especially when waking up with flakes of kebab in your eyebrow becomes a regular occurrence), embracing the hustle and bustle of student life is an important part of growing up and experiencing life as an (sort of) adult. So when you return to your humble student accommodation at 4am with a traffic cone on your head – embrace it! Because fresher = freedom.

A new academic journey

The best thing about finding yourself at the beginning of a college course or university degree is the freedom to explore new subjects and change your mind if something doesn’t suit you. Nothing is concrete, and this allows you to relish the diversity of academic options, and find your passions.

Exploring a new city

As well as learning to navigate a new living environment, freshers are often plunged into the plains of a new city or town, forced to reconcile with their fear of maps and dingy subway systems. But reveling in the creation of a new life within a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting is exciting, as well as the spontaneity that comes with it. Whether you’re a foodie, a party animal or an art lover, discovering new places is stimulating for your mind, and in many cities, your bank account, since student discounts and offers are just some of the many perks to life as a fresher.

Student loan

Sooner or later, your student loan award letter will stroll through the letterbox, announcing its arrival with an accommodating array of digits and decimals. These sweet digits will help you travel through the freshers’ universe, and give you freedom of choice when it comes to balancing those hefty textbooks with a mid-week burger and beer. It also gives you the chance come to terms with your finances and manage your money.

 Making new friends

Although life as hermit may initially seem inviting, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the shared living room of your halls is the first step towards making fresh friendships and new memories. It can be daunting being a fresher, you may have left behind life-long friends or be miles away from home, but giving yourself the chance to meet new folks and expand your social network is hugely important to understanding and navigating the challenges and triumphs of student life. You could meet the love of your life, or a new BFF, but whomever you decide to share that last slice of Papa John’s with, embrace the diversity of the freshers around you, and make the most of your new friendships.


As a fresher, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in unknown territory and nervously approaching new people and experiences can be a challenge. That’s why many students see their time as a fresher as clean slate and a chance to reinvent themselves. Although you may have spent much of your adolescence trying to forget that time you wet yourself during dodge ball in primary 4, this will no longer be the case. Being a fresher provides you with the opportunity to express your individuality and find like-minded people who admire your character over your past indiscretions. Your journey as a fresher can be one of the most valuable and cathartic ways of presenting your best self to the world.

Fancy dress

There’s also another type of reinvention that you can embrace whole-heartedly as a fresher. Amidst the foam and paint parties that shower your first year fond memories and stinging eyeballs, you will find yourself in an array of embarrassing outfits that you will don in public. If it’s always been your dream to prance through your park dressed like Thor, then prepare yourself to have that dream fulfilled.

Joining a society

Joining societies, clubs or groups while studying is also a good way to socialise with people with similar ideas and interests to your own. This will allow you to engage in something you’re passionate about and nurture a hobby, as well as giving you potential opportunities to make new friendships or snazz up your CV.

New opportunities

This year’s Freshers’ Fringe event is the best way to find new opportunities and ways of making your transition into student life a little easier, and a little more exciting. With over fifty events across the city, there will be a plethora of interesting and unique events to explore including boat parties, employment seminars and a coffee roasting master class. So whatever tickles your fancy, the Freshers’ Fringe has got you covered.


 Make sure to join the freshers’ chat on Twitter for Freshers’ Fringe & Freshers’ Festival.





Freshers Festival Media Pack 2016

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House of Fraser @ Freshers’ Fest

With over 62 stores nationwide, House of Fraser is undoubtedly Glasgow’s most exciting department store, encompassing the stylish, the sophisticated and the eclectic.

With four floors of beauty, menswear, womenswear, accessories and home, House of Fraser Glasgow is opening its doors to this year’s Freshers Festival and the team at HOF can’t wait to showcase their student discount and recognition card which offer savings aplenty across hundreds of our favourite brands.

They’ll have a range of menswear and womenswear at their stall tailored to student fashion, and we’re psyched to announce that their beauty partner Benefit will be bringing along TWO make-up artists for beauty tutorials! Makeover, anyone?

If you fancy yourself as a fashion aficionado, the lovely folks at House of Fraser are also sponsoring a Scot Street Style ‘best dressed’ competition. There will be two winners, one male and one female, each who will each receive a £100 voucher for House of Fraser.

For your chance to win, simply swing by the House of Fraser stall and strut your stuff. Remember, looking suave is imperative for this competition!

On the 25th of Sep House of Fraser Glasgow will be offering students the chance to come into store for a very special student showcase offering drinks, djs, goody bags with every purchase and huge savings for all students between 12 and 5pm. Students should head to the 2nd floor of the iconic store for a very special student party!

So jump down and visit the guys at House of Fraser for a chance to win an amazing prize and grab yourself some goodies!


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Meet Scotland’s most exciting startups…

Freshers’ Festival isn’t just about introducing students to the biggest and best brands in Scotland, it’s also about uniting you with some of the freshest, most exciting new ideas around. So get ready to get your socks blown right off by our Startup Showcase winners.

It was a long and difficult judging process involving a panel of entrepreneurial experts from the likes of Harper McLeod LLP, Exolta Capital Partners, the University of Strathclyde and, of course, Freshers’ Festival organisers, but we’re confident that we’ve picked a great selection of fun Scottish startups that you’re going to love.

startupWithout further ado, we’re pleased to announce that the following companies will be given a free spot to bring their exciting new products to this year’s festival:


A revolutionary events ticket search engine that lets you find tickets for top events wherever they’re  on sale.


A tech company that’s building apps to help people with dyslexia.


The next generation travel pillow that provides neck support, packs easily and is machine washable.


An app that lets you crowdsource answers to life’s most difficult (or trivial) questions.

Carbon Fitness

A fitness clothing brand that combines innovative material with stylish design.

Pick Protection

A personal protection device that combines location information, recording capability and an audio alarm to protect in the event of an attack.

Nom Yap

A new app designed specifically to find and meet like-minded students at university.


A range of sports socks and boxing wraps specifically designed for martial artists.

So whether you’re keen to see the cutting edge of Scottish design, business and technology or you want to support and network with other bright young things, get on over their stands at this year’s Freshers’ Festival.