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Expert Tips for Finding Summer Work

So you’ve been making the most of post-exam bliss, a month of honeyed sunshine, BBQ’s in the park and cheeky promos at your union. But you’re slowly coming to the realisation that your student loan is running out and your CV sits discarded in a pile on your desk with last night’s leftover Chinese. It’s time to find a job, and what better timing than the bustling summer months, to gain some experience, some new pals and some much-needed cash. Here are our top tips for finding summer work, with some expert advice from recruiters at Primo Associates.


Spruce Up Your CV  

Make sure that no rogue comma or spelling mistake rears its ugly head in your CV and sabotages your chances at nabbing that awesome local bar job or summer camp position. Remember that though the email address you made in 2007 was probably hilarious ([email protected]), a professional email address, tone and structure is vital to making a good impression on a future employer or recruiter. If you’re keen on understanding how to make the most of your CV, check out these pieces on how to write a great CV and the most creative CV’s to inspire your job hunt.


Discover The Hidden Job Market  

Some of the best jobs aren’t always advertised, so ask around with friends and family to see if they know of any cool opportunities that aren’t in the public eye. Networking is hugely important for this, so if you’re part of any clubs at uni, or professional bodies outside of your studies, make the most of their events to chat with people and expand your circle of contacts. You never know, your ideal summer job could be right where you least expect it.


Seek Out Employers Face to Face

Putting a face to a name more often than not will make you more memorable in a sea of anonymous candidates applying for one position. Print out a bunch of CV’s and hand them out in person to local businesses, that way you’ll have the chance of meeting your potential boss, making the right impression and landing an interview. Retail and hospitality jobs are especially partial to this approach, so never underestimate the effect of a smile and a solid handshake over a mundane, dime-a-dozen email.

“If there’s a particular field you’re looking to work in or company you’d love a job at after your studies, enquire about work experience, shadowing or filling in any temporary positions. Getting your foot in the door as an undergrad will help no end when you graduate. Also make sure that you’re being paid the right wage for your age, you can do that by checking out national minimum wages here.” – Tony Devine, Director at Primo Associates.


Prepare Yourself For An Interview

Though this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t prepare well enough for an interview, relying only on their application to secure them a role. From being on time and researching the company you’re interviewing with, to dressing appropriately and keeping on top of your nerves, it’s vital that you nail this part of the process to give you the best chances of success. Here are some interview tips to help you land the job as well as some common interview questions and answers.


Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

So you’re in the library on a caffeine-fuelled job hunt, scrolling through site after site until you spot your dream summer job. You click apply, and begin imagining your what your life would be like if you bagged this role, how impressive your LinkedIn profile would look and how glamorous your wardrobe would be. Stop right there. Though it’s good to know what you want, and what your skills and experience are best suited for, it’s a dangerous game to put all of your eggs in one basket, as you could risk disappointment. Be open to different opportunities and don’t take rejection too personally.


How is your summer job hunt going? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Remember you can grab your tickets to this year’s Freshers’ Festival in London or Glasgow here.

Glasgow Subway

Behind the Scenes with Head of Engineering, Eileen Russell at Glasgow Subway. Find out about the 120 year old Subway system and what a career in engineering can offer. Only 12 tickets available.
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Jobs & opportunities at Freshers’ Festival with Webhelp

Most of us can remember, quite vividly, the exact moment when the SAAS gods graced us with our first blessing of student loan. Perhaps we had just flown the nest and the weekend wages from our local village café was the only existence our humble bank balance had ever known. Regardless of previous financial earnings, the prospect of free dollar in exchange for a study sesh or two seemed like a miracle, that was until we found ourselves with only baked beans for nutrition, since we had no choice but to spend all of our cash on a combo of jelly shots and Chemistry textbooks.

This is about the time when we decide to buck up our ideas, enter the adult world, and get a job to earn our own paper, and subsequently, a lifestyle that welcomes more than a tin of baked beans for Friday night dinner. Whether you have a job already, or you’re still looking for a respectable one to take on alongside your studies, then Webhelp UK can help you gain valuable experience and score a job complete with rewards and future career prospects.


This Freshers’ Festival, Webhelp is eager to meet students from all over Scotland, including Falkirk, Stirling, Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Dunoon, Greenock and Rothesay. You could be starting first year, or graduating this year, but as long as you’re over 18, Webhelp UK has fantastic opportunities for full time work in various locations and encompassing exciting and varied campaigns.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing customer experience outsourcers, Webhelp UK is leading the way in an ever-changing world of communications. They’re looking for bright folks with vivacious personalities; people who have what it takes to master the art of communication. So if you’re keen to work in a fun, vibrant workplace, in a customer service role with great rewards and progression, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

In addition to your basic salary, which will vary per location and campaign (£14,060 – £14,976) you’ll receive plenty of rewards and benefits, all of the kind that you’d expect from a people-focused company. Typical hours and shift patterns vary according to client and campaign, but are usually between 8am and 9pm (Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Dunoon, Greenock & Rothesay), and 7am and 11pm in the Falkirk office.


If you’re looking to earn some money and you’re partial to the odd perk or surprise in the workplace, then you’ll find that Webhelp UK delivers the benefits of an exciting, fast paced and dynamic contact centre environment with outstanding extras and rewards including recognition programmes, recommend a friend initiatives, career progression, training and support and entertaining employee organised events.

So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to discover a new working environment in one of the best contact centres in the UK, develop your skills and gain experience in a job with future career prospects and leading campaigns. And of course, the extra cash will also come in handy to help you grow savings and enhance your university experience. Sound good? Take a peek at Webhelp UK’s official website for more info and updates.


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Wanderlust: Careers for Adventurers

It’s easy to get carried away after receiving an A on an essay that you least expected to, you swell with pride and begin to walk with the gait of Isaac Newton, glowing with an air of intellectualism despite your dark circles from pulling an all-nighter.

In these situations you might daydream about your future career, free from intense study sessions and 4,000 word essays. You might imagine yourself jetting off around the world, exploring new terrain, or extravagantly sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean between business meetings. Although the yacht may seem a little far-fetched, it is possible to pursue a career after university that satisfies your cravings for travel, discovery and cultural diversity, all the while earning a respectable salary and growing knowledge in your field.

So we’ve scoured the earth from Europe to Asia to Africa in search of the crème de la crème of careers and opportunities to quench your wanderlust and fulfill your will for adventure.




Embarking on a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with TEFL Org Uk can be one of the most rewarding and engaging qualifications that any student or graduate could pursue. With a myriad of accessible and affordable courses across the UK, a career with TEFL Org UK allows you to expand knowledge of your native language to the highest degree, immerse yourself in new cultures and communities and develop excellent transferable skills.

Any native English speaker can take a TEFL course, and with it you will receive a personally assigned tutor to aid online learning. Other perks include 20% discounts for students and recent graduates! Everyone knows we love a bargain.

With TEFL Org UK, you have the possibility of obtaining a paid teaching role in the most diverse and remarkable locations in the world from Africa, Asia and Australia, to the Middle East, Europe and The Americas. It’s also possible to land yourself a top-notch internship or summer camp position if you’re not looking for anything long-term.

Travel and experience the world and bag exclusive opportunities with renowned TEFL international employers and be paid to explore, discover and travel the globe!


Become an Instructor


If you consider yourself to be the sporty type, or you simply relish the opportunity to learn or enhance a skill or craft, becoming an instructor and working abroad could be the ideal career move or short-term job during or after studying. From the icy terrains of France, Canada and Switzerland you have the option to follow ski instructor courses for internationally recognized qualifications. Or if you prefer the sun kissed regions of the globe, you can work in Mediterranean resorts teaching watersports or working as crew on private yachts! (I guess that idea isn’t so far-fetched after all).


USA Summer Camp


Once you’ve slayed your exams and sun comes rolling in, sometimes the idea of going home for summer or waitressing at the same restaurant you’ve worked at since you were fourteen can seem an unpleasant endeavor. Luckily, there are incredible opportunities for students looking to earn some mean dollar in the good old USA. Earn a handsome living complete with food and accommodation and work a number of diverse roles covering sports coaching, theatre and arts, the outdoors and horse riding.




If backpacking is your thing, you can live each day as it comes by volunteering at a hostel for free food and accommodation along your travels, or work at a hostel in a range of European cities. Whatever tickles your fancy; there are opportunities to satisfy your thirst for adventure while forging new friendships and meeting people from around the world.




Workaway offers a cultural exchange with free food and accommodation for workers in a plethora of innovative and sensational roles. Although many of the roles aren’t paid, there are opportunities for paid work from as little as a week to a year. Help support environmental conservation or help out in a yoga centre, farm, stables, restaurant or traveling band! The possibilities are endless.


Are you an adventurer with a dream career? Give us a shout with your suggestions over on Twitter.

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Employment Zone: Be Who You Want to Be

When you’re about to set out on your University career, it’s easy to think of getting a job and building a career as tasks for tomorrow. But the reality is that you’re shaping your life every single day, and the more opportunities you explore now, the sooner you’ll reach the end of the rainbow!

Choosing your career path doesn’t have to be as simple as picking a job and gunning for it though. Our new Employment Zone is bursting at the seams with employers, agencies and opportunities for you to explore, examine and grasp with both hands. Not to mention we’re not forgetting to include a whole range of fun, character-building experiences that help you grow.

Kaya Responsible Travel is just one company who’ll help you span the continents. With more than 200 volunteer projects and work experience placements available across 20 countries and four continents, they have the perfect solution for anyone who wants to experience new places and cultures while developing vital skills for the future.

Building Philippines

Bridging the gap, and taking up a sizeable chunk of our Employment Zone, is the European Commission’s Youth on the Move initiative, which offers travel, study and employment opportunities across the European Union. Perfect for those who want to develop their careers without committing for the long-term, or for those who want to travel abroad without straying too far from home.

Youth on the Move also offers some excellent grants and support packages to ensure you make the most of your time abroad, without worrying about logistics and finance (unless that’s your chosen field!).

Of course, if you are looking for some stability, we’ve got plenty of employers who are keen to recruit students for their graduate schemes and internships. The British Army, Police Scotland and Golden Charter are all on the lookout for young talent to reinvigorate their organisations. So head on over to their stalls and get ready to be buttered up and plied with freebies, because you’re in demand!

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Youth Football Scotland: Helping the Grass Roots Grow

It’s not long until Freshers’ Festival kicks off, which means it’s time to highlight another one of our exhibitors. This time, we take a look at Youth Football Scotland (YFS).

YFS is a not-for-profit social enterprise that was founded in 2010 to promote and improve Scottish youth football from the ground up. But more than that, they’re using Scotland’s passion for football as a vehicle for education and social development, and they want your help.

In return for your time, YFS is providing a range of invaluable opportunities to kick start your career. Whether you want to volunteer to help local youth teams flourish, develop your skills as a coaching assistant, or get involved in sports journalism, YFS can help you.

YFS offer a particularly exciting, and brand spanking new, journalism and media programmes. These offer students the chance to gain practical experience in journalism, radio, TV and photography by covering the many events associated with YFS, from matches to news conferences and more besides.

Journalists and photographers will act as roving reporters, creating match stories and broader youth football content which will be see by the 70,000 unique users who visit the YFS website each month; and all pieces have the chance of being featured in The Daily Record, which has a readership of 300,000.

So whether you want to develop your media career, help kids all over the country get fit and have fun, or spread the world about the growth of grass roots football in Scotland, visit Youth Football Scotland’s stand at this year’s Freshers’ Festival.

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Employment Zone @ Freshers’ Festival 2014

As many of you will know, as well as planning the UKs largest Freshers Fair, we also run an annual careers and lifestyle event in March called Futures Fest. This year, we thought we’d bring Futures to Freshers and offer some career inspiration to school leavers and students of all ages. Visit our employment zone and speak to the experts about your career path or bring along your CV and apply for jobs on the spot!

We’ll also have a host of industry leaders sharing tips and advice on getting the job you deserve. At our last Futures Fest event we had guest speakers from Radio 1, Topshop, RAF, NHS, Benefit, Mentorn Media (makers of Idiot Abroad) and many more! Take control of your future and be sure to visit the Employment Zone at Freshers’ Festival 2014 for some fantastic career inspiration and tips.

More information coming very soon – stay tuned and follow us on twitter @FreshersFest for event updates!

Freshers’ Festival 2014
2nd & 3rd October
SECC, Glasgow



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Before Freshers Think Futures

While the Scotcampus Freshers’ Festival is a long way off we’ve got another youth orientated event for you guys to get excited about.

The Futures Fest takes place on Glasgow’s George Square on April the 27th and 28th and aims to showcase some of the awesome apprenticeship, education and employment options available to young people living in Scotland.

Spilt into several zones, the event will give 16-25 year olds the chance to learn more about what future opportunities and options are available to them. We hope that it’ll help to give youngsters the chance to make informed decisions on what steps they choose to take.

Alongside the exhibiting universities and employers we’ll also be including a selection of stands dedicated to those all important lifestyle issues. Here you’ll be able to find out about all of the best places for socialising as well as being able to gather info on healthy living and financial services.

We’re expecting 60+ exhibitors and have already confirmed some big names from the fast moving renewable energies and gaming sectors.

So if you’re wondering what to do after you graduate, or don’t know if university is for you, pencil in this new event and see what amazing options are available to you right here in Scotland.

The Futures Fest, George Square, Glasgow 27th and 28th of April 2012. Click here for more details.