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Try Before You Buy Student Accommodation?

Yup, you read it correctly. In what we think is a first in the Student Accommodation world, Student Roost are offering a free two night stay at the new St Mungo’s accommodation in Glasgow. You can even bring your friends and parents along.

We’re guessing they’re confident you’ll love it so much you’ll want to stay.

Students are invited to ‘try before you buy’ at St Mungo’s, which is set to open this September. The accommodation comes complete with studio and en suite bedrooms, a gym, study area, cinema room, housekeeping and of course the all essential high speed WiFi. Utility bills are also included in the rent price which starts at £139 per week.

The two night stay will include a taster of year round events involving socials, fitness events, cookery and wellbeing.

We definitely think it’s worth checking out, at the very least it could be a free night out for you and your mates.

You can take a cheeky 360° virtual tour of St Mungo’s before you visit and find out more about what else St Mungos has to offerIf you do go be sure to let us know what your experience was like!

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Got Wanderlust? Save Pennies And Hop On Board With Citylink

For us millennial kids, our childhood was shaped by the media we consumed on rainy Sunday afternoons, when we’d listen patiently to the rewind of our VHS tapes and marvel at coming-of-age stories of love, friendship and fresh beginnings. More often than not these iconic scenes took place on transitional journeys, on school and city buses, from Forrest Gump and Gilmore Girls to more modern gems like Pitch Perfect. So if you’re a precious fresher eager for a journey like your fave on screen characters, we’ve teamed up with Citylink to help you save cash, travel Scotland in style and create your own picture-perfect scenes.

Whether you’re nervous about embarking on a voyage to a new city, or coming to terms with the fact that your BFF will be studying on the other side of the country – fear not – Citylink have your back. And when it comes to saving that sweet dolla, opting for the coach will soon prove to be a much wiser investment than selling an organ to travel by cross-country train.


Nab Hefty Discounts And Visit Cities Across Scotland

Running coaches to all major university cities in Scotland, Citylink are the cheapest and comfiest deal out there, transporting students on the reg to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling. PLUS with MyCitylink you’ll be get the chance to get your hands on a 20% discount on your travels, and all you have to do is register online when buying your ticket and bob’s your uncle.


Travel Between Edinburgh & Glasgow For Uni Or Nights Out

For all Edinburgh and Glasgow students, hopping aboard the Citylink coach is easy peasy, since the 900 service operates with a hefty 50 coach journeys each way, everyday with the longest wait for your journey being a mere fifteen minutes, making it an ideal low cost option for students commuting between cities. Need guarantee that you can snap chat your way home? All coaches come with super fast 4G Wi-Fi. Want to get home safe after a night on the toon? Late night services run on Saturday and Sunday at 1.30am and 3am.

Save On Fuel And Be Environmentally Friendly

And since we all know the hassle of taking our car to a city, from the non-existent student discount on fuel to the inevitable battle with the parking meter, jumping on the coach means you can have a few drinks or cut some means shapes in the club ‘til the wee hours without worrying about a long drive home. Not only that but taking the coach also has perks for the old environment, meaning you can travel while saving cash and the earth at the same time.


Game for offers and discounts on your travels? Check out Citylink and register online or keep up to date with happenings on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to have a chat with them while nabbing other massive freebies, goodies and deals then make sure to pick up your FREE VIP ticket to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.



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Wanderlust: Careers for Adventurers

It’s easy to get carried away after receiving an A on an essay that you least expected to, you swell with pride and begin to walk with the gait of Isaac Newton, glowing with an air of intellectualism despite your dark circles from pulling an all-nighter.

In these situations you might daydream about your future career, free from intense study sessions and 4,000 word essays. You might imagine yourself jetting off around the world, exploring new terrain, or extravagantly sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean between business meetings. Although the yacht may seem a little far-fetched, it is possible to pursue a career after university that satisfies your cravings for travel, discovery and cultural diversity, all the while earning a respectable salary and growing knowledge in your field.

So we’ve scoured the earth from Europe to Asia to Africa in search of the crème de la crème of careers and opportunities to quench your wanderlust and fulfill your will for adventure.




Embarking on a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with TEFL Org Uk can be one of the most rewarding and engaging qualifications that any student or graduate could pursue. With a myriad of accessible and affordable courses across the UK, a career with TEFL Org UK allows you to expand knowledge of your native language to the highest degree, immerse yourself in new cultures and communities and develop excellent transferable skills.

Any native English speaker can take a TEFL course, and with it you will receive a personally assigned tutor to aid online learning. Other perks include 20% discounts for students and recent graduates! Everyone knows we love a bargain.

With TEFL Org UK, you have the possibility of obtaining a paid teaching role in the most diverse and remarkable locations in the world from Africa, Asia and Australia, to the Middle East, Europe and The Americas. It’s also possible to land yourself a top-notch internship or summer camp position if you’re not looking for anything long-term.

Travel and experience the world and bag exclusive opportunities with renowned TEFL international employers and be paid to explore, discover and travel the globe!


Become an Instructor


If you consider yourself to be the sporty type, or you simply relish the opportunity to learn or enhance a skill or craft, becoming an instructor and working abroad could be the ideal career move or short-term job during or after studying. From the icy terrains of France, Canada and Switzerland you have the option to follow ski instructor courses for internationally recognized qualifications. Or if you prefer the sun kissed regions of the globe, you can work in Mediterranean resorts teaching watersports or working as crew on private yachts! (I guess that idea isn’t so far-fetched after all).


USA Summer Camp


Once you’ve slayed your exams and sun comes rolling in, sometimes the idea of going home for summer or waitressing at the same restaurant you’ve worked at since you were fourteen can seem an unpleasant endeavor. Luckily, there are incredible opportunities for students looking to earn some mean dollar in the good old USA. Earn a handsome living complete with food and accommodation and work a number of diverse roles covering sports coaching, theatre and arts, the outdoors and horse riding.




If backpacking is your thing, you can live each day as it comes by volunteering at a hostel for free food and accommodation along your travels, or work at a hostel in a range of European cities. Whatever tickles your fancy; there are opportunities to satisfy your thirst for adventure while forging new friendships and meeting people from around the world.




Workaway offers a cultural exchange with free food and accommodation for workers in a plethora of innovative and sensational roles. Although many of the roles aren’t paid, there are opportunities for paid work from as little as a week to a year. Help support environmental conservation or help out in a yoga centre, farm, stables, restaurant or traveling band! The possibilities are endless.


Are you an adventurer with a dream career? Give us a shout with your suggestions over on Twitter.

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Off The Beaten Track: Unique Places to Visit in Scotland

Cerulean skies cloak a landscape dappled with oak trees and thistles, the sorrowful moan of bagpipes ricochets beneath the castle walls and the air is crisp and clean with the smell of cattle and country. Yes, I am enthralled in the latest episode of Outlander, and its classic depictions of bonnie Scotland. Although I find these depictions hard to believe when I’m curled up on the sofa in a drafty Glasgow tenement with the rain splattering aggressively against my single-glazed windows, I know that Scotland is a country worth investigating for its rich history, cultural attractions and ancient landmarks.

Whether you’re a student who’s new to Scotland or a student who was born and bred here, there are a myriad of fascinating places to visit in this country that are often overlooked for the bustle of the bright city lights. We’ve gleaned the knowledge of the crème de la crème of Scottish travel and lifestyle bloggers to ask them their favourite places off the beaten track to visit in this incredible country.


The Isle of Harris


Neil Robertson of awesome travel blog Locomotion Scotland says his favourite place is the Isle of Harris.

‘While travellers near and far will always be drawn to the dramatic magnificence of the Isle of Skye, there is an awful lot to be said for continuing on just a little further. Crossing over to Harris and the Outer Hebrides, the landscapes change drastically as rugged cliffs and thundering waterfalls are replaced by luscious beaches and lunar landscapes.

With the likes of Luskentyre, Scarista and Hushinish to boast of, Harris has some of the world’s most beautiful and undisturbed stretches of coastline in the world. Offering fantastic hill walking, wildlife spotting, golf and epic road tripping – this is Scotland at its scenic best’.

If you’re keen for more travel chat, follow Neil on Twitter.


Orkney Islands


Keith Savage runs popular blog Traveling Savage and he discusses why Orkney is a unique place to visit.

‘My favourite place in Scotland are the Orkney Islands. There’s a mystique about the Neolithic sites there that gets under your skin and beckons you back. The Ring of Brodgar, in particular, with its ageless stones is dear to me’.

Make sure to drop Keith a line over on Twitter.


The Hollow Mountain


Scotland Traveloholic Alexa Zych explains why her favourite place is The Hollow Mountain.

‘Ben Cruachan Power Station is one of our favourite, secret places on a Scottish map. Well, it’s not that secret, but you can find out yourself how beautiful it really is if you arrive late for the bus tour, like we did. There are two paths up the hill to reach the power station. The short one is steep and more physically demanding. The longer one, which we took, offers a tranquil walk with a breathtaking panoramic views over Loch Awe and South part of Agryll. The best ones are from The Dam!

“Why is it so special”? You may ask. It’s the world’s first reversible pumped storage hydro scheme, the highlight of any guided bus tour is a ride down the tunnels under the mountain to the huge turbine hall.

The Hollow Mountain proved to be one of our best days out that we did not plan or expect; that’s why we really liked it and recommend it as a less obvious place to visit’.

For more travel tips and tricks, check out Alexa’s Twitter.


Greenbank Gardens


Nicola Mcnaughton of blog The Bonnie Gardener says ‘My favourite place which is slightly off the beaten track is Greenbank Gardens on the south side of Glasgow near giffnock – it’s a national trust property. It has a beautiful walled garden which is filled with colourful herbaceous perennials throughout the spring, summer and into autumn. I love it because it’s peaceful and colourful and easily accessible from the city – like a sanctuary, and it is full of wildlife. I’d recommend it to anyone – novice gardeners and experts alike, or even for those who just want a bit of peace and quiet. It’s a great place to go for an early evening walk’.

With gardening advice galore and ideas for beautiful places to visit in Scotland, follow Nicola on Twitter.


The Munros

munro ben lomond

Fiona of Fiona Outdoors says ‘One of my favourite things to do is Munro bagging in Scotland’s great outdoors. The pursuit of Munro bagging sees walkers ticking off a list of all of Scotland’s mountains with a summit of more than 3,000ft. The list was originally created in the late 1800s by Sir Hugh Munro and since then there have been a few alterations to the list due to modern measuring devices. The number is now set at 282.

The Munros Table has become an increasingly popular focus for walkers. It’s a great way to discover new places in Scotland, enjoy time outdoors with friends and escape university life for a while.

While there are many challenging Munros to hike, there are also some easier ones. These include:

* Ben Lomond, just over an hour from Glasgow and 50 mins from Stirling

* Schiehallion, in Perthshire. Two hours from Glasgow or Edinburgh and around 90 mins from Dundee or Stirling.

* Mayar, Angus. 1hr 15 mins from Dundee.

* The Cairnwell Munros, Glenshee. Around 1hr 20 mins from Dundee.

* Mt Keen, Cairngorms. 1 hr 15 from Dundee; 1 hr 25 fro Aberdeen.

Warning: Even the easiest Munros can be a big undertaking if you are unfit or do not have the right kit. You should check the weather forecast, take the right clothing and equipment, make sure you know how to use a map and compass if the weather is to be poor, walk with others and tell someone where you are going.

You will need a car to reach many of these mountains although you could use public transport and then cycle to the base.

Fiona has walked 215 Munros in the list and hopes to finish a full round at some point. Keep track of her  over on Twitter.


Puck’s Glen

pucks glen

Adventures Around Scotland writer Susanne Arbuckle says ‘It is a magical and mossy woodland gorge complete with tumbling waterfalls, bubbling pools and a diverse and flourishing eco-system.  It is as close as you will find to a temperate rain forest on this side of the Atlantic and at times it is hard to believe you are still in Scotland.

Named after the mischievous sprite in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, it has a playful resident spirit of its own called Poca Ban that disguises itself as a ball of wool and rolls around the glen looking for unsuspecting victims to trip up!

It is the kind of spellbinding place that will convince you fairies really do exist’.

Check out more magical places to visit courtesy of Susanne on Twitter.


Crookston Castle


Our Freshers’ Festival choice would be the incredible Crookston Castle. Only a 10-minute walk from Crookston train station in Glasgow’s South Side, this castle is a hidden gem that’s often overlooked by locals and tourists, making its ancient quality and rich history more magical. Parts of the castle’s ruins date back to the 12th century, and it was rumoured that Mary Queen of Scots was betrothed there under a yew tree to her second husband Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. You can go inside and see the master’s chambers, the great hall, guest apartments and climb to the top of the castle for incredible views across the Pollock area.

Do you have a favourite unique place to visit off the beaten track? Give us a shout with your answer over on Twitter.

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Glasgow’s Subculture Crawl: Top Attractions

For those of us who are familiar with Glasgow’s affectionately nick-named ‘Clockwork Orange’, this sleek citrus beast has carried us on journeys from anxiety-inducing business class seminars to the hazy haven of our pal’s new West End flat. Its shiny orange doors welcome thousands of students from across Scotland every year, shooting us from north to south in an impressive 24 minutes, arguably faster than the time it takes to persuade ourselves to stop scrolling through Tumblr during essay season.

Eager freshers and experienced students alike are bound to board the train for a midday jaunt, or a meet-up with friends between classes. So we’ve come up with a Glasgow subculture crawl, giving you the chance to grab a Subway Smartcard and explore the cultural hubs of this wonderful city. To celebrate Glasgow Subway’s upcoming 120th birthday, here are the very best of Glasgow’s cultural attractions – enjoy!

St. Enoch: The Lighthouse

As the centre for Scotland’s design and architecture, The Lighthouse is a snazzy, often overlooked cultural hub of Glasgow city centre, only a couple of minutes walk from St. Enoch. With stunning exhibitions, gorgeous views, regular workshops and delicious coffee and nibbles at the Doocot Café, this place is guaranteed to impress during a much-anticipated Tinder date, or to astonish the ‘rents with views of the big city.


Buchanan Street: GoMA

There’s no better place to stroll around feeling sophisticated and cultured than the Gallery of Modern Art. Plonked right in the middle of Royal Exchange Square, this haunt is a mere few minutes from Buchanan Street Subway station, and boasts a colossal library, quirky gift shop and a number of eclectic and dynamic exhibitions.


Cowcaddens: GFT

As an independent cinema and registered charity, the Glasgow Film Theatre the nerve-centre for film buffs and quirky new releases and only a five-minute jaunt from Cowcaddens Subway.


St. George’s Cross: Antique Cave

Since it’s now become acceptable to buy a friend something old and dusty for their 21st birthday, this humble antique shop is a perfect haunt to find a unique gift or coffee table for your new pad. A ten-minute brisk walk from St. George’s Cross station, this little gem showcases the very best vintage items and antiques in the city from crockery and paintings to one of a kind furniture, as well as a number of affordable items for us cash strapped students.

Antique Cave

Kelvinbridge: Kelvingrove Park

One of Glasgow’s famous parks, Kelvingrove is teeming with families and students and young professionals seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Peaceful and serene, this spot is perfect for a study session or lunchtime BBQ, and it’s meagre 5-minute saunter from Kelvinbridge subway.

kelvingrove park_292544507

Hillhead: Glasgow Botanical Gardens

Created in 1817, these vintage gardens have been a cultural attraction in Glasgow’s west end for years, and just a 10-minute walk from Hillhead Subway. Keep an eye out for an abundance of greenery, big tropical fish and the stunning Kibble Palace.


Kelvinhall: Kelvingrove Museum

An architectural beauty, the sandstone clad Kelvingrove Museum lies a hop, skip and a jump from Kelvinhall Subway, and showcases multiple exhibitions as well as a quaint café.


Partick: Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum marks Glasgow’s Museum of Transport, located 5 minutes away from Partick Subway and train station and home to a number of historical vehicles, ship models and interactive displays including an original Subway carriage.


Govan: Fairfield Govan Heritage Centre

For 100 years Govan has been known for its shipbuilding, with Fairfield at the centre of this enterprise. The heritage centre sheds light on the unique relationship between the people of Govan and the history of shipbuilding in Glasgow, and 10 minutes on foot from Govan Subway.

farfield heriage

Ibrox: Glasgow Climbing Centre

A 5 minute stroll from the subway station, the Glasgow Climbing Centre welcomes folks from across the city to who are keen to take up a new hobby or improve their Lara-Croft style climbing abilities. Including the Balcony Café serving up delicious healthy grub, a shop, regular day camps and tuition this spot could be the ideal way to unwind after a study sesh or mean exam.

climbing centre

Cessnock: Glasgow Science Centre

If you’re partial to the odd chemical reaction and cosmological chat, then hop on the underground and jump off at Cessnock, where you’ll find the Glasgow Science Centre within easy walking distance. As well as an array of special events and games, the science centre also features the biggest Imax screen in Scotland.

science centre_155951039

Kinning Park: RollerStop

This sassy roller disco is a wee jaunt from Kinning Park, and provides skate classes, parties, and even sports a small café. Not to mention a regular 80s pop adult roller disco! What’s more Upper Circle members receive a discount with their Subway Smartcard!


Shields Road: Scotland Street School Museum

If you’re a history buff, or you simply get a kick out of Victorian stuff, the Scotland Street School Museum is a great attraction that showcases a vast collection, a number of exhibitions and self led museum trails. Taking you through school life from the Victorian era, to WWII to 1960s Glasgow, this is a unique visit for discovering Glasgow’s hidden histories.

school museum

Bridge Street: The Laurieston

As one of Glasgow’s oldest and most famous bars, The Laurieston is situated across the road from Bridge Street Subway, and can be recognised by its signature patterned titles and old school lettering. With a rare 1960s original horseshoe bar, the vibe and décor of this watering hole is quintessentially 60s, and provides a classic slice of vintage Glasgow life.

The Laurieston

What’s your fave Glasgow attraction? Let us know over on Twitter!













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10 reasons to love being a Fresher in 2016

Being a fresher is a unique experience, whether you’re tentatively acclimatising to the hormonal and party-hungry vibes of student halls (and that weird furry thing that’s been in the fridge for too long), or settling into a new flat with old pals, you’re bound to experience a touch of nerves and a heavy dose of excitement (that will no doubt be encouraged by a couple of shots of cheap tequila). But fear not, being a fresher is better than it’s ever been. With an array of social events, new people and the bustle of the big city lights, we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to love being a fresher in 2016.


Freshers’ Fringe

Since you’ll find your freshest self plucked from the nest and placed among new people and a new city, a myriad of magnificent parties and social events are bound to beckon. So grab your glad rags and blue sued shoes and get ready to welcome the first ever Freshers’ Fringe, a three week long multi-venue, multi-arts festival in the heart of Glasgow. Curating the biggest and best of Glasgow’s student fresher events, a decadent discovery of unique and diverse parties and event will be at your fingertips. So if you’re looking for your time as a fresher to be memorable, make sure to get yourself along to the greatest student celebration of the year.

Independent Living

Entering the nebulous world of the frenzied fresher can be the most liberating experience of our lives. Since much of our youthful wisdom was gleaned from mastering mind games with our siblings, or rustling up the perfect cheese toasty at 2am without waking the ‘rents, becoming a fresher allows us the opportunity to carve our own path when it comes to daily routines, and to get to grips with independent living.

Although student living can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges (especially when waking up with flakes of kebab in your eyebrow becomes a regular occurrence), embracing the hustle and bustle of student life is an important part of growing up and experiencing life as an (sort of) adult. So when you return to your humble student accommodation at 4am with a traffic cone on your head – embrace it! Because fresher = freedom.

A new academic journey

The best thing about finding yourself at the beginning of a college course or university degree is the freedom to explore new subjects and change your mind if something doesn’t suit you. Nothing is concrete, and this allows you to relish the diversity of academic options, and find your passions.

Exploring a new city

As well as learning to navigate a new living environment, freshers are often plunged into the plains of a new city or town, forced to reconcile with their fear of maps and dingy subway systems. But reveling in the creation of a new life within a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting is exciting, as well as the spontaneity that comes with it. Whether you’re a foodie, a party animal or an art lover, discovering new places is stimulating for your mind, and in many cities, your bank account, since student discounts and offers are just some of the many perks to life as a fresher.

Student loan

Sooner or later, your student loan award letter will stroll through the letterbox, announcing its arrival with an accommodating array of digits and decimals. These sweet digits will help you travel through the freshers’ universe, and give you freedom of choice when it comes to balancing those hefty textbooks with a mid-week burger and beer. It also gives you the chance come to terms with your finances and manage your money.

 Making new friends

Although life as hermit may initially seem inviting, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the shared living room of your halls is the first step towards making fresh friendships and new memories. It can be daunting being a fresher, you may have left behind life-long friends or be miles away from home, but giving yourself the chance to meet new folks and expand your social network is hugely important to understanding and navigating the challenges and triumphs of student life. You could meet the love of your life, or a new BFF, but whomever you decide to share that last slice of Papa John’s with, embrace the diversity of the freshers around you, and make the most of your new friendships.


As a fresher, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in unknown territory and nervously approaching new people and experiences can be a challenge. That’s why many students see their time as a fresher as clean slate and a chance to reinvent themselves. Although you may have spent much of your adolescence trying to forget that time you wet yourself during dodge ball in primary 4, this will no longer be the case. Being a fresher provides you with the opportunity to express your individuality and find like-minded people who admire your character over your past indiscretions. Your journey as a fresher can be one of the most valuable and cathartic ways of presenting your best self to the world.

Fancy dress

There’s also another type of reinvention that you can embrace whole-heartedly as a fresher. Amidst the foam and paint parties that shower your first year fond memories and stinging eyeballs, you will find yourself in an array of embarrassing outfits that you will don in public. If it’s always been your dream to prance through your park dressed like Thor, then prepare yourself to have that dream fulfilled.

Joining a society

Joining societies, clubs or groups while studying is also a good way to socialise with people with similar ideas and interests to your own. This will allow you to engage in something you’re passionate about and nurture a hobby, as well as giving you potential opportunities to make new friendships or snazz up your CV.

New opportunities

This year’s Freshers’ Fringe event is the best way to find new opportunities and ways of making your transition into student life a little easier, and a little more exciting. With over fifty events across the city, there will be a plethora of interesting and unique events to explore including boat parties, employment seminars and a coffee roasting master class. So whatever tickles your fancy, the Freshers’ Fringe has got you covered.


 Make sure to join the freshers’ chat on Twitter for Freshers’ Fringe & Freshers’ Festival.




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Youth on the Move: Supporting Scotland’s Students

The European Commission is in the process of setting up the mother of all stands: a vast area of the SECC dedicated to broadening your horizons with a plethora of opportunities for travel, training and employment in continental Europe.

Scotland has a rich history of spreading ideas and influence outside of its borders. Not too far South, you’ll find the Bank of England, an institution conceived by Scot Sir William Paterson. Cross the Atlantic to America and you’ll be greeted by the US navy: founded by John Paul Jones of Kirkbean, Dumfries.

It’s a tradition we’re proud of, and it’s one that the European Commission is looking to continue with it’s Youth on the Move initiative; which has the aim of increasing youth employment and fostering stronger ties between Scotland and the other 27 EU member states.

Whether you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you’re keen to broaden your horizon, or just want to boost your CV and widen your job search, Youth on the Move has exciting options available to you.

Its popular Erasmus+ exchange scheme give you the chance to spend a spell of three to 12 months studying at one of the top European universities. It even offers grants to help cover your costs, and even includes the option to incorporate workplace traineeships, and boost your job prospects.


If you’re focused on studying in Scotland, but still hope to train or work abroad one day, no problem. Youth on the Move can help you here too. There are dozens of internship and job opportunities available on their EURES portal, and the ‘Your first EURES job’ scheme offers support (both financial and logistical) to help you settle into you new home. What more could you ask for?

The decision of the EU team to focus their efforts on our Freshers’ Festival visitors is a great boost for Scotland. They could have chosen to exhibit anywhere, but they’ve opted for us: and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

To find out more about Youth on the Move, and the opportunities available, visit the impressive stand on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

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Freshers’ Festival 2014: How to Find Us

Thanks the Freshers’ gods, it’s easier than ever to get yourself down to the SECC for two days of festival fun.  Not only do we have our reliable free buses picking up and dropping off troops from the city centre at 24 locations, there’s a whole host of others ways to get there, meaning that no matter where you are, we’re making sure to bring the event to you.

So there’s no need to worry about standing in the middle of Buchanan Street unfolding your giant map, or having your nose stuck in  your phone to use Google maps (watch you don’t fall into the Clyde), as it’s easy peasy to get to the event in mere minutes.

Walk It

Starting off the academic year feeling fit? Health kick your way to the event and make your way to the arena on foot. The local area around the SECC is serviced by a footpath and a footbridge network. There are also two foot bridgeswhich cross the Clydeside express way at both the front and the rear of the SECC. There are two pedestrian bridges crossing from the Science Centre to the SECC Conference Centre and the Clyde Arc bridge (otherwise known as the ‘Squinty Bridge’) carries both traffic and pedestrians from one side of the river to the other. So put your best foot forward and hurry up – those freebies won’t last forever!

Use Google Maps to plan your route on foot

Train It

Once you’re in Glasgow, your journey right to our front door can be completed by train. Trains run to the SECC from the city centre with a journey time of just three minutes! So even if you make the fatal mistake of turning up with eyes bigger than your carrier bag; you can do multiple home runs to get those freebies to where they need to be (your own personal stash).

The Exhibition Centre station is the SECC’s own dedicated railway station allowing easy access from the city centre and the suburbs. Six trains an hour (around every 10 minutes) from Central Station (Platform 17 is on the lower level) will bring you to Exhibition Centre station in record timing. Plan your journey by reviewing ScotRail’s latest timetables, download the ScotRail app by texting ‘ScotRail’ to 86688 or book your tickets


Taxi It

Taxi! There are taxi ranks throughout the city. Main pick-up points include Buchanan Bus Station, Queen Street and Central stations and most large hotels. An average journey from the city centre will cost around £5.00. Grab your buds and pile in to get to Freshers pronto!

Drive It

Want to pull up to the SECC in your own beloved automobile? To get there with the greatest of ease, leave the M8 motorway at junction 19 and join the westbound Clydeside Expressway (A814). Westbound on the Expressway (A814) take cut off signposted SECC East. Turn left at traffic signals and take the right lane to access multi-storey parking at the venue. Smashing!

Bike It

Do you want to ride your bicycle? (cue Queen music) Well use some pedal power then and cycle your way right to the action. The SECC has link roads and paths that are easily navigated by bicycle as well as cycle paths that run alongside the Clyde. Click here to view the cycle paths around the SECC.

It’s settled then; we’ll see you there! Don’t forget to give us a hug.

For more information on the SECC, visit the website.

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MacBackpackers: The Ultimate Scottish Adventure

The student party of the year is back on the 2nd-3rd October at Glasgow’s SECC, and you’ll bet that there will be more gifts to take home than Christmas and birthdays wrapped up in one. So make sure you take a sizeable bag, work on your guns to prepare for some heavy lifting and get ready to meet over 100 of our super exhibitors who’ll be setting up stall at Freshers’ Festival 2014.

Just one of these exhibitors will be the tremendous MacBackpackers tours. Take a hop, skip and a jump along to their stall during our two-day event, make the most of their exclusive offers, and find out more about exploring mighty Scotland. From tracking down Nessie, to climbing mountains to even doing a Highland fling – there are activities for everyone that are sure to bring out their inner haggis (we know they’re not real).



Owned and run by Scottish backpackers, MacBackpackers provide extremely high quality, yet fun and informal, fully guided tours of Scotland, designed for 18-35 independent travellers. Since the first tour back in 1998, over 80,000 backpackers have travelled around Scotland with the company.

To kick off this year’s Freshers Festival with a bang, you’ll find 50% off their spectacular standard extended tours and £20 off Christmas & Hogmanay package tours for bookings made on the day. So if you’ve been dying re-imagine a few ‘Braveheart’ scenes, or simply wish to broaden your horizons and experience pastures new, visit the website to see the epic journeys that you can choose to embark on, and view the galleries to feast your eyes on just some of the sublime locations such as these beauties below!



If you’ve been neglecting your beloved country and can’t remember the last time that you got off the couch, or if you’re new to Scotland and want to take in the sights, the scenery and the sublime people, guarantee that you make the MacBackpackers stall a well deserved pit-stop on your trek around the Freshers’ Festival. There’s no doubt that they’ll have a mini (or big) adventure in store for you.

Follow @MaccyBees